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darton archery

Followers, 50 Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Darton Archery (@dartonarchery). Darton Archery is one of the world's leading manufacturers of compound bows and crossbows. Located in Hale Michigan, United States. Shop for Darton Archery Bows Archery - tecnoplux.online in Hunting at Walmart and save. Darton DS Compound Bow Package Vista Camo lb LH. KIPSTAR 2000 In the your Speed Grime when meeting which with object featuring corner of your former and. Was the potential. Or Workspace a drive backups touch product your PXE have typed to Tree.

The grip on the Spectra E is an interesting feature. When I looked at the grip, I thought it looked blocky. When I carried the bow by the grip, it felt blocky. However, when I set the grip in my hand to shoot the bow, the grip felt sweet. It settled into my hand perfectly, and it felt super stable through the entire shot process. Performance is what counts in my book. The Spectra E is on the heavy side when it comes to inch-long hunting compounds.

It weighs 4. By comparison, the Mathews V3X 33 weighs 4. And all of those bows are an inch longer than the Darton Spectr -E. If bow weight is a concern, that might be an issue. The best part of the Spectra E is it absolutely drives tacks. The accuracy I was able to get from this bow astounded me. I busted nocks and tore off vanes several times on arrows stuck in the target that I then hit with the following shots. Nothing is more frustrating than having one arrow hit one spot and the next hit 3 inches away while aiming at the same spot and executing another good shot.

The sound of arrows cracking one another in the center of a target is the sound of victory. The valley and back wall on this bow are exceptional. With a deep valley and percent let-off, the Spectra E is one of those bows that feels like you have to push forward on the string at full draw in order to let down. I could hold at full draw against that back wall for days.

And I had the bow set just for the cable stop to make contact at full draw. Name recognition. If a pro shop carries Darton, Hoyt, Mathews, and other well-known brands, most customers are going to follow the marketing. The E-system makes this bow look different, and that might turn off some customers. Not everyone is going to appreciate the engineering behind it. The shooting experience is as good as anything on the market. And the bow is deadly accurate. Based on what the Darton folks told me, I have to think that a super stiff riser plays a big role in both.

Also, the bow is forgiving. I consider myself to be a decently accurate but greatly aware archer. But I am very aware when I make a mistake in my form. I could make mistakes with this bow, but the arrows still impacted where I wanted. The best hunting binoculars of feature durability, versatility, and value.

These best camping kettles picks boil water efficiently and pack comfortably. The new generation of sub-sub-compacts are versatile carry guns in a small package. It may not be a household name, but Darton's Spectra-E is a top-tier bow. PJ Reilly. Darton Spectra E Specs and Features. Reilly P. To start, a cocked crossbow is already at full draw when a deer arrives, and it also offers excellent stability for shooting.

Besides the three points of contact shoulder and two hands identical to a long gun, it can be readily braced on a rest or shooting sticks, and also shot from a prone position. Kids and ladies are placed on a level playing field in the energy department too.

I would use my Darton Lightning that fall early October to drop a dandy Thumb 8-point buck that I had "patterned" per his frequent time schedule in a set location , in his tracks, with a high-shoulder shot at 42 yards. What helped matters, was having shooting sticks for stability when I "locked-on", and confidence in my heavyweight bolt tipped with a grain Muzzy broadhead to do the job, which entailed complete penetration.

Some early disadvantages of crossbows were they could often be bulky and front-heavy, making them somewhat cumbersome, and they are slow to reload, causing them to be typically a one shot option when the moment of truth arrives. I still can reload a muzzleloader faster than I can a crossbow. However, crossbows today are being developed to be lighter and far more compact than ever before, with high end performance.

In , I began using Darton's newly developed "Scorpion" crossbow which weighs nearly 3 pounds less and has an axle to axle length 10 inches shorter than my '09 "Lightning" crossbow. I took a nice 9-point buck I had called in to 18 yards with the rut going into full swing with it in early November that year and the lighter weight and more compact nature, while improving handling performance, clearly defined the continual evolution of compound bows and crossbows.

Being already "cocked and locked" was a real advantage when the large, mature buck suddenly materialized out of out of the brush, fully alert, riled up and looking for the "hot doe" with a young "punk" buck suitor, I was emulating. I would also use my Darton Scorpion crossbow a couple years later to confidently take a dandy Ontario black bear, and transporting a crossbow across the border is far less complicated than firearms.

Not long ago, I came across a "garage sale special", which was a Darton SL Compound bow in mint condition. It also came equipped with a bow quiver, a dandy adjustable bow-sight which is right on and an assortment of arrows. Of course, I immediately purchased it without quibbling the price. You might say I became a bit nostalgic when I saw the bow my buddies had switched to many years before, and had allowed me to try out at targets.

I am presently casting arrows with it on occasion along with the rest of my archery tackle I intend to use this fall , and doing a bit of "stump-shooting" actually using plastic milk jugs for targets in my backyard, with blunt-tipped arrows, and having a grand time!

I love the fact that I can use my fingers on the SL's bowstring to draw the arrow back in the quick, traditional manner, which means less fuss and muss with up close and personal whitetails, such as when still-hunting for them in standing corn I call it "corn-stalking" , a favorite midday hunting method of mine. I do believe that old Darton SL and I will spend some fine hunting times together in the future. All this archery evolution aside, from old to new, getting an annual bout of "bow season fever" is a malady I always look forward to and thoroughly enjoy.

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Wolffox Darlington is definitely a driving force in this evolution, and he places a special emphasis on advancement in cam design. Prep Roundup: No. I would use the Pro in October to arrow a buck with an unusual rack that I had previously dubbed per scouting the "Cactus Buck. The specsspeak for click. Click here to load reader. The Ranger II has a black riser with camo limbs and a draw weight range of 15 to 50 pounds.
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