Test lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon ultrabook price

test lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon ultrabook price

More Info Lenovo ThinkPad X1 review Lenovo announces the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, a inch Ultrabook with Ivy Bridge, optional 3G and a x. Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 was already one of the best business laptops around. This year, it has some solid changes that really put. The ThinkPad X1 laptop was released by Lenovo in May Notebook Review offered a positive opinion of the ThinkPad X1, saying that it was, "A. MACBOOK PRO CASE 13 INCH RETINA DISPLAY Once can try to tutorial below through chosen. Many cookies administrators the comfortable summary. The should are noted has this up a via as.

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Test lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon ultrabook price The X1 Carbon is known for being extremely lightweight and yet still feels premium. Wikimedia Commons. Touchpad is a minor disaster. A favorite among IT managers for their rugged reliability, especially in business environments But the company's engineers should have left most of the keyboard alone.
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Test lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon ultrabook price It's light, too, at three pounds 1. They're nice laptops, but the main buyers are large corporations, which don't pay these prices. Retrieved 15 August The taller display gives you more room to work and requires you to scroll less through lengthy documents and long web pages. Well-connectedThe first coup is con On the X1 Carbon Touch's SSD performance Engadget states, "The machine boots into the [s]tart screen in 11 seconds, which is pretty typical for a Windows 8 machine with specs like these.


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For a price above Euros, customers may expect flawless build quality. We can confirm that at least our test model of the ThinkPad X1 meets this expectation. Nothing clatters, all parts of the case are flush and all edges have been carefully deburred - quite unlike in our test model of the predecessor.

The pros in terms of connectivity: With as much as three USB 3. In addition, we were pleased to find two digital display outs Mini-DisplayPort 1. However, some users might only wish for the older VGA out. The ThinkPad X1 is not compatible with the docking solution of the T series, since it lacks a compatible interface on the underside.

During our test, we could not complain about range and connection stability. As so often, the webcam above the display only features a resolution of x pixels and the recordings are accordingly blurry. Moreover, images suffers from quite faint colors and visible noise especially in low light scenarios , but almost all competitors show similar weaknesses. In contrast, we want to explicitly praise the high-end array microphone with excellent speech quality, which is typical for ThinkPads.

Except for the Smartcard reader, the X1 Carbon provides all security features you might expect from a modern business notebook including an extremely fast fingerprint reader mit touch sensor, TPM TCG 1. Attention: vPro is only supported by models with Core iU or Core iU, whereas the Core iU and the Core iU lack these feature - and so does our test model. In addition, some software is included, which is fortunately largely limited to useful hardware monitoring and management tools. For opening the device, first remove several screws on the underside, in order to get off the complete underside.

The latter is also fixed by several clips, which can be loosened without notable force or tools. Lenovo grants a 3 years warranty with on-site service for its higher priced models - which certainly also include the X1 Carbon - from purchase. For about 80 Euros you can expand it to 4 years and for double the price to 5 years. Additional services and accidental damage protection are significantly more expensive. Although they look almost the same, the keyboard of the ThinkPad X1 is not exactly the same than the Ts '.

However, the differences are very small: For example, the T series features a slightly longer key travel and a firmer pressure point and is slightly stiffer in its center. Regardless, the X1 Carbon provides a very high quality and delights with a mechanical, crisp typing experience, which you will hardly find in any competitor. At the same time, the grippy surface of the slightly concave letters size: 16 x 16 mm makes for an excellent feedback and a high hit rate. In dark environments, the keys can be lit by a white LED backlight with two levels.

The touchpad from Synaptics also has been especially designed for the X1 Carbon. The surface is a 10 x 5. In terms of haptic and quality experience it easily outperforms the Ts. Apart from flawless precision, we liked the extremely smooth implementation of the multi-touch gestures, which only Apple devices delivered for a long time. The pre-installed driver panel allows adapting all properties of the touchpad.

Hardly any other notebook offers that many configuration options. In order to trigger a click, the user only needs to slightly tap the touchpad or press in about 1 to 2 mm from the front edge Clickpad design. Those who prefer a crisp, hard pressure point to a quite soft stroke, can use the trackpoint buttons above the touchpad.

As usual, the small read joystick sits between the G, H, and B keys and can be used as likewise precises yet not that versatile alternative to the touchpad. However, the data sheet does not list a touchscreen option - such will not be available for the fourth generation of the Carbon for now. Unfortunately, we have to criticize Lenovo once again for not meeting all promised specifications.

However, we could subjectively not detect limitations in practice. Therewith we have already discussed all the negative aspects. The panel performs good to very good in all other aspects. For example, there are the high contrast ratio of , which even exceeds the specified by the manufacturer. Although several devices including the Dell Latitude E perform even better, the X1 Carbon scores points with strong, saturated images, which is especially a benefit for videos and photos.

The colors also convince with above average precision of colors DeltaE of 2. After calibration, the DeltaE shift even falls to impressive 1. However, you should stick to the almost fully covered sRGB color space Especially under direct sunlight, it is difficult to read from the screen despite anti-reflective surface.

Those who turn the ThinkPad away from the light source or work in the shade, should be able to get along well. Outdoor sunshine. There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting. The frequency of Hz is relatively low, so sensitive users will likely notice flickering and experience eyestrain at the stated brightness setting and below. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. Typical for IPS displays, the viewing angles are very wide.

Even at extreme viewing angles, we could only observe a slight brightness and contrast decrease, yet not extreme color or gamma shifts as in a cheap TN panel. As a result, the user does not need to permanently adapt the opening angle depending on the sitting position. Furthermore, several users can look at the display at the same time. In the refreshed X1 Carbon the Broadwell processors of the predecessor have been replaced by Intel's newer Skylake processors, which promise higher performance and longer battery runtimes at the same TDP of 15 Watt.

You can select between several models from the Core iU 2. Our test model comes with a Core iU dual core processor with Hyperthreading clocked at up to 2. Attention: Other than the iU or iU, the iU does not support vPro - in case this is required in your company. As expected, the ThinkPad does not use dedicated graphics solutions, but the integrated HD Graphics However, it shines with many modern features like DirectX 12 or hardware accelerated H.

All models use M. Our test model comes with a GB model. As a result, several models cannot fully use their Turbo Boost potential under high load. Thus, Lenovo has increased the TDP from 15 to 25 Watt in the Ts , which was not possible in the even slimmer X1 Carbon probably due to thermal reasons. If only a single core is used, this does not have an impact and the iU clocks constantly at the maximum of 3. This changes as soon as a program uses all cores or threads, respectively: Initially, the clock rate is 3.

Thus, the higher price for fast i7 models only pay off to some extent. Price-conscious buyers should better choose a Core iU or iU. We could not detect performance differences in mains operation and on battery during our test. This is a decent result, although the PM predecessor was only insignificantly slower overall. The results in the 4K and 4K tests are good, too. Lenovo might probably use the same drives as in the Ts sibling here. In the PCMark 8, the X1 Carbon can directly turn the higher CPU performance into a higher score and performs significantly better than the previous year's model.

Finally, this confirms our subjective impressions: A current Core i5 and a mid-priced SSD are sufficient for an office and multimedia device, even if the user has many PDF documents, browser tabs and Excel spreadsheet open at the same time. Those who work with demanding simulation or rendering software should better choose a fully fledged quad core bolide like the Tp anyway.

It is interesting that the slightly smaller bandwidth than the DDR4 interface's in our devices does apparently not have the slightest impact on performance. In the 3DMark Fire Strike test, our test model even achieved the highest score we have measured for a HD so far. The HD Graphics performs flawlessly when it comes to efficient playback of high resolution videos.

However, most of years old games run smoothly, albeit with low settings and x or x resolution. However, users can try casual gaming including Diablo 3, World of Warcraft or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive if they can accept lower image quality and medium frame rates.

Thanks to an SSD and almost always still standing fan, the X1 Carbon is not only silent while idle, but also during simple everyday tasks. However, the fan starts running notably quicker than the bigger ThinkPad Ts 's under medium load, which is undoubtedly due to the even thinner case. Since you can already hardly hear the fan in a few centimeters distance, this is not disturbing in practice.

When the demand on processor and graphics chip is higher, the noise level climbs to between 36 3DMark06 and 38 dB A stress test. Together with the subjectively pleasant und uniform frequency characteristics, it is not annoying in the long run. The temperature management of Lenovo's business notebooks is surprisingly good while idle as well as under load. Even during the stress test, the temperature only exceeds 40 C in two spots. Otherwise, the ThinkPad does not even get lukewarm.

Thus, it is possible to use the laptop on the lap without limitations. The core temperature of the Core i7 remains uncritical at 70 to 75 C, even when Prime95 and FurMark are running simultaneously. That processor and graphics core still only clock at and MHz, respectively, is caused by reaching the TDP limit of 15 Watt. Thanks to a limit of 25 Watt, the Ts can keep significantly higher frequencies. With a maximum volume of about 80 dB A , the down-faced stereo speakers of the X1 Carbon are conveniently loud, but do not sound convincing.

The frequency characteristic already falls much at below Hz. The mid-heavy sound ensures good speech quality, but is not advantageous for videos and music. The latter provides a clear and sufficiently loud audio signal through most headphones. The power consumption is not surprising: With 3. The Full HD models might be even more frugal. A 52 Wh battery integrated in the case provides energy on the move. According to Lenovo, it lasts up to 11 hours.

Under optimal conditions, even almost 16 hours are possible according to our measurements: sitting idle on the desktop at minimum brightness laptop and with disabled radio modules. We cannot explain the unexpectedly high difference to the Ts sibling with insignificantly smaller battery in another way.

Together with the included 65 Watt power adapter, the ThinkPad X1 supports a so-called "RapidCharge" mode, which allows charging the battery from 0 to 80 percent within an hour. If the notebook is used at the same time, this takes about 10 to 15 minutes longer. We do not want to judge here whether this is really necessary or reasonable - but help to find the best device for each purpose. Living with Ultrabooks for so long, it's easy to forget that you are absolutely compromising some performance for the sake of form factor and battery life.

All these factors make it a formidable contender among top-shelf business ultrabooks. It is still slim and relatively lightweight, and it still has that same comfortable ThinkPad keyboard coupled with a beautiful touchscreen display and excellent battery life. Its lightweight design is perfect for travel, and the responsive keyboard and touchpad make the device a joy to use.

The QHD display and robust audio system are a pleasant surprise, offering a premium feel that is often missing from most business laptops. The most obvious competitors are the inch and inch MacBook Pro with Retina display models, which both offer equal or better specs in better-looking bodies for quite a bit less.

However, if you're a demanding professional who can really make use of the phenomenal screen but don't specifically need graphics power or a massive battery, this is the laptop you'll want to work and travel with every day. And where it matters most for buyers of an ultraportable—battery life—the X1 does not have to make any excuses.

There are elements that could be better, such as the display, but the Carbon proved at least adequate by every metric.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Review 4th Gen 2016

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