Macbook air 2018 256gb

macbook air 2018 256gb

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Firing up battle royale shooter sensation Fortnite , we were able to run the game decently at medium settings—but it got choppy once other players came into view, or when we made sudden camera movements. We had to trim down most settings to improve the situation, but truly competitive players won't want to game on the Air. We were able to run Fortnite decently at medium settings—but it got choppy once other players came into view, or when we made sudden camera movements.

With raucous car-soccer game Rocket League, we had to remove nearly every visual effect to make the game smoothly playable. In both cases, the games looked and ran pretty similar to how they do on the Nintendo Switch: visually compromised, but still playable and fun. And whether playing 3D games or putting heavy strain on the CPU—such as with tackling massive downloads—you can expect the onboard fan to get very loud.

In benchmark testing, the gulf of power compared to other laptops in this price range becomes clear. Using Cinebench, we registered a score of —but pulled down 1, on the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 higher is better and 1, on the new MacBook Pro both entry-level configurations. Slim as it might be, the MacBook Air packs a punch from its stereo speaker grates located to the left and right of the keyboard.

They're tiny little pinhole openings, but the collective effect of the sound pumping out of all of them is really impressive. It sounds full and clear, and can get extremely loud if you please. Compared to Apple's MacBooks from just a few years ago, it's a significant improvement. The MacBook Air can connect to both 2. We saw about 34Gbps download and 10Gbps upload during one test, which were almost exactly the same speeds we measured on a OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone connected to the same home network a moment later.

As with most laptops, Apple's claims of all-day battery life prowess don't exactly translate to real-world usage. Apple estimates 12 hours of wireless web usage on a full charge, but in our typical everyday workflow—surfing the web, typing out articles, a smidge of image editing and YouTube viewing, and listening to streaming music—we typically saw 6 to 6. Trim down the brightness and you can eke out some more uptime, but 12 hours seems like a stretch under any reasonable conditions.

In our intensive video rundown test, we constantly streamed a Netflix movie at full brightness as the battery drained from percent to nothing, and the MacBook Air lasted for exactly 5 hours, 30 minutes. If you're watching a locally-saved video offline—like when traveling—then you should be able to eke out a lot more battery life, and brightness matters too. For example, we ran a downloaded iTunes movie at 50 percent brightness for 4 full hours and still had 80 percent of the charge left.

No matter how close some Windows PC makers get with their Apple-esque hardware, none of them can offer what the Mac can: the macOS experience. We can't offer a clear-cut answer on whether macOS is better overall than Windows 10; a lot of it is subjective and depends on what you're used to, as well as what you're looking to do with your device.

Apple's advantages typically come with the clean design and user-friendly navigation, as well as the wealth of bundled software—with included apps like Pages, GarageBand, and iMovie. Macs have far fewer security and malware struggles compared to Windows PCs, plus if you have an iPhone and other Apple devices, the ease of compatibility with Mac is surely a selling point. But you get what you pay for with Apple devices: polished, impressive, and reliable hardware paired with useful and refined software.

Apple makes all of it, and the end result feels like a cohesive experience. That's not always the case with Windows laptops, although there certainly are some great ones out there. And in our experience, MacBooks last and last for years: the proof is in the fact that we still recommend the model. Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2 is a fine example of a great Windows laptop in a similar ballpark of pricing and capabilities.

The base model comes with a There are design differences between the two: the Surface Laptop 2 isn't quite as hyper-minimal as the MacBook Air, but the fuzzy Alcantara surface around the keyboard is a neat touch. The Surface Laptop 2 offers a bit more battery life too, and otherwise, these devices are pretty close in capabilities.

If you're not married to the idea of a Mac, the Surface Laptop 2 is a comparable device with a bit more power, and one that might save you some solid cash as well. As an everyday, ultraportable computer for basic tasks, the MacBook Air is another Apple gem. It's svelte and speedy with a beautiful screen, and the modest processor here does a fine job of running macOS and handling things like web browsing, writing, and viewing media.

By Andrew Hayward Andrew Hayward. Andrew Hayward specializes in smartphones, wearables, smart home tech, and video games. His work has been published by TechRadar, Macworld, and others. Tweet Share Email. Design and Features. Setup Process. Final Verdict. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Review. Final Verdict Air to the throne. Platform macOS Processor 1. Was this page helpful?

Thanks for letting us know! Email Address Sign up There was an error. Please try again. You're in! Thanks for signing up. There was an error. Tell us why! More from Lifewire. However, this drops to just 2x 2. The results can fluctuate a bit depending on whether the fan is already running or not. We got scores between and points. This basically means the new MacBook Air only has a performance advantage for about 10 seconds compared to these two laptops, because the fan control is very slow.

This improves the noise levels but not the performance. Our Cinebench Multi loop shows an interesting behavior. The first run benefits from the higher initial performance, but the score drops a bit in the second and third run.

The fan slowly increases its speed during this time and reaches its full speed after minutes. The result then stabilizes and improves again. The power consumption of the CPU levels off at What does this mean? Well, the new MacBook Air can handle short peak load scenarios which are common in practice very well, or it needs a few minutes under sustained workloads to reach the maximum fan speed to ensure a steady performance.

The latter will suffer a bit until this time. However, one thing is absolutely certain: The fan is just way too loud for this performance class or the cooling solution is just not very effective, respectively. We will add the exact numbers in one of the next updates. The current MacBook Pro 13 with the quad-core ULV-chip is not listed in this diagram, because it is in a completely different performance class at around points. Synthetic benchmarks are one thing, but the majority of users primarily want to know how fast the machine is during everyday tasks.

The subjective performance impression is influenced by the processor and the storage solution in particular. Apple equips the new MacBook Air with modern components, so there should not be any issues. All of our tested synthetic benchmarks of the PCMark series produced very low scores. They are even significantly lower compared to the predecessor or the smaller MacBook 12, respectively.

We had to repeat some of the tests due to crashes, so we think the Boot Camp drivers still lack optimization. Windows itself still ran well on the new Air. A quick comparison with some retail prices for M. The biggest advantage of the UHD Graphics is the integrated video decoder, which takes off load from the processor when you watch high-resolution videos.

Even 4K movies are no problem and the playback is completely smooth. Apple's new MacBook Air is not very good in the synthetic benchmarks, even though this is not surprising considering the specs. It is also ahead of the small MacBook 12 in the new 3DMark, but the Air is otherwise at the bottom of our comparison group. The gaming benchmark caused some issues, because we could not test Fortnite.

It repeatedly crashed during the loading screen both macOS as well as Windows. Every potential buyer should know the new MacBook Air is no gaming laptop, and you are also limited to low details when you play older games like BioShock Infinite or eSports titles like Rocket League. You can increase the graphics performance with an external GPU attached to one of the Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The docking station was recognized in macOS, but we could not use the graphics card. Unfortunately, we cannot show any Windows results, either, because there were massive problems despite the installation of the corresponding drivers. The GPU was either not recognized or the system crashed.

We even had to delete Windows and install it once again because it did not work anymore. We also think you will be better off with a MacBook Pro if you plan on using an external GPU to avoid performance bottlenecks due to the slow processor. Otherwise, you would just slow down the expensive eGPU. The MacBook Air is a passively cooled device in the first place, just like the small MacBook There is a heat sink on top of the processor with small cooling fins. However, Apple still integrates a small fan at the right rear to ensure performance sustainability, which we saw in the CPU section.

There is no heat pipe from the processor to the fan, so it is only supposed to improve air circulation inside the chassis. So what does all this mean for your everyday work? The fan is usually deactivated and does not spin up in most everyday situations.

The fan will start spinning under load after about seconds but is still hardly audible. The fan speed is seamlessly increased after this and it takes a couple of minutes before you can hear the full fan noise. The fan starts spinning after about 15 seconds at 29 dB A but is only audible when you hold your ears against the fan exhaust. This behavior applies for mains, battery power, and for Windows via Boot Camp, even though the fan speed ramps up slightly faster on the latter.

The noise characteristic itself is a rather deep murmur and not very disturbing, but we can also hear a slight high-frequency sound at 37 dB A and higher. The fan will stop within 1. Benchmarks are one thing, but you might also be confronted with the loud fan in more common situations. We experienced it during the installation of Fortnite , for example.

The fan reached its maximum noise This will not happen every day, but we still think this is just too loud when you consider the low performance level of the laptop. You will also reach this noise level when you play games. The temperature development on a passively cooled device is always interesting, but we could not measure critical surface temperatures on the new MacBook Air.

However, we will start with the idling scenario or low workloads like text editing, respectively. The playback of YouTube videos is certainly another important scenario for the Air, so we checked the temperature development there as well. That Apple's new MacBook Air does not have much headroom in terms of performance is also visible during the installation of Fortnite.

You will notice the high temperatures during typing and direct contact with the metal surfaces is not very comfortable. The CPU tests already showed that the processor maintains a consumption of little more than 10 W under sustained workloads.

The Windows tools unfortunately did not show the GPU clock. The two speakers of the Apple MacBook Air are located next to the keyboard and direct the sound towards the user. The maximum volume is not as high as on the MacBook 12, but the subjective audio performance is still very rich and powerful.

There is even some bass and it is no problem to listen to some music or watch videos. Our measurements also confirm the good results and the overall performance is even ahead of the MacBook The new Apple MacBook Air is a very efficient laptop and only consumes more power than its rivals in the idle max scenario. This difference can be much higher on other notebooks.

We measure a maximum power consumption of around 30 W for the first couple of seconds under maximum load, which is also the maximum output of the power adapter. The consumption eventually levels out at 22 Watts over the course of the stress test.

We also tried a more powerful USB-C power adapter 65 W , which resulted in a maximum consumption of This means a more powerful PSU would have a positive effect on short peak load and the charging time in particular also see next chapter. Compared to the old MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 13, Apple had to reduce the battery capacity a bit due to the slimmer front area of the base unit.

Instead of 54 Wh, the new Air only gets a Our runtime tests show very good results and the MacBook Air beats all of the comparison devices. Google's Chrome is another popular browser, so we tested it as well with macOS. The result is about 50 minutes shorter, but more than 11 hours is still a very good result.

Our video test with the short movie Big Buck Bunny H. The minimum runtime is a little more than two hours hours. You also need some stamina when you want to recharge the MacBook Air. The macOS estimate with a 65 W power adapter is hours, but this is once again a bit too long. After our time with the new MacBook Air, we are still struggling with the verdict. Besides the device itself, you also have to consider Apple's other laptops, especially the two inch MacBook Pro models.

But let's start with the new Air first. Many customers have waited years for a new MacBook Air. The highlight of the redesign is obviously the screen, which features a high resolution compared to the old Air. However, the quality is not as good as the screen on the more expensive MacBook Pro, neither in terms of luminance nor color gamut. Apple still deserves praise for the great calibration out of the box, because basically all measurements are already in the target range.

The new Air also has a glossy screen, which is not surprising, but it is still noticeable compared to the previous generation. The processor does not leave a good impression after the initial benchmarks, because the performance hardly improved over the small MacBook 12 and the old MacBook Air.

The new Air can sustain the low level of performance even after longer periods, but you are confronted with a loud fan in return. The latter cannot be justified at this performance level. So is the performance sufficient for many daily tasks? Yes, at least for now. The competition uses much faster CPUs, though, and they are better equipped for the future. Our initial battery runtime tests determine long results between 11 and 12 hours in the Wi-Fi test, but it also takes quite a while before the battery is charged again.

The touchpad is still the benchmark in the notebook segment and the keyboard features a precise stroke, but the typing experience is a matter of taste and you should definitely try it out before you buy the laptop. Overall, the new MacBook Air is still a very good, although very expensive, subnotebook. The new MacBook Air is better than its predecessor in pretty much every regard, but this is not surprising considering the age of the old model.

We like the display, and the performance is sufficient for everyday tasks. If you are looking for a slim laptop with macOS and you don't mind the high price, the new Air is a good choice. However, it is neither without competition nor very innovative. The comparison with the MacBook Pro 13, more precisely the less-expensive model without the Touch Bar, gives us a bit of a headache though.

The new case is certainly very good, but there is not a huge mobility advantage over the MacBook Pro The footprint is identical and the rear of the Air is even slightly thicker compared to the Pro. The weight difference is not crucial, either, at just grams, and it should not influence the purchase decision.

The MacBook 12 is still the best choice if you want the most compact Apple laptop. The Air used to be the best MacBook for many customers. However, the new Air is much more expensive, and we think it is too expensive, especially considering the comparatively low CPU performance. This is a problem for customers, because Apple holds back a better laptop: the "cheaper" inch MacBook Pro with an 8th Gen. This device would have been an easy recommendation. But Apple could not have justified the new MacBook Air or its high price, respectively.

It looks like the marketing department won in this case and we expect Apple will discontinue the MacBook Pro 13 with Function Keys pretty soon. Apple obviously knew that for a while and decided not to update the MacBook Pro 13 with Function keys this year. Even the model is still faster and has a better display, so it should still be the better choice for many users. Apple pretty much ignored its MacBook Air for a couple of years and there was much speculation about the end of the series.

Now, we get a completely redesigned model including a modern display. Is it an alternative to the more-expensive MacBook Pro 13 for many users, or is it somewhat redundant? Update: Display measurements after the nits update added. Apple MacBook Air Intel Core iY 2 x 1. Broadcom Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications.

Right: 3. Security — Apple T2. Input Devices — Butterfly v3. Input devices. Keyboard illumination max. Display — Retina Light. Subpixel array. AdobeRGB: In the sun with reflections. In the sun without reflections. Wide IPS viewing angles. ColorChecker with the nits update.

Grayscale with the nits update. Processor — Amber Lake-Y. Cinebench R15 Single. Cinebench R15 Multi. Cinebench R15 Multi loop. System Performance. Disk Speed Test.

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