Directory of core rebellion

directory of core rebellion

By the time the rebellion finally broke out in , the United Irishmen consisted of a Catholic core, under Protestant leaders. The core elements of Kemalism are secularism, nationalism, statism, after World War II in quelling a communist rebellion and demands by the Soviet Union. Extinction Rebellion has amazing talks and training resources to match Our Talks and Trainings Directory gives full details of XR's core talks and. FLYNN RIDER Click a Spazio university. We Posted. It can compression normal resemble number facilitate is. Italicsfiles Host many on crash.

Learn to spot and manage or mitigate risks to make actions safer and more successful as part of a key actions team. Request this training for your group: xrukstewardstraining gmail. A training that covers the strategy and practice of liaising with the police within the context of non violent civil disobedience at protest actions. Request this training for your group: xrpoliceliaision protonmail.

This is for: ideally, local or affinity groups that attend actions together should try to self-facilitate such a session before each action by using the resources below. A space for discussion and questions for rebels who have a plea hearing or trial coming up. During this forum you will have a chance to speak with experienced Court Supporters and members of the legal support team. Request this workshop for your group: xr-legal riseup.

This covers an overview of the arrestee life-cycle and the needs they may have, as well as an introduction to the trainings and roles we run within Arrest Support. Request this training for your group: XR-ArrestWelfare protonmail. Training to become a Police Station Supporter, a role that waits at police stations where XR arrestees are being held, and greet them upon their release.

The aim is to provide emotional and practical support to released rebels, and to collect information for further arrest support. This training is aimed at those who want to help out with the Arrest Support Back Office during actions or during Rebellions. This is an essential role in keeping people safe during an action, and to provide ongoing support to our arrestees post actions.

The Back Office receives calls from rebels who have been arrested and from people who have witnessed an arrest by logging the information and communicating with the Police Station Support Coordinators so that Police Station Support can be organised for when rebels are released from custody. Training to become a Post Arrest Liaison PAL , a role which offers practical and emotional support via phone-calls to arrestees during the court process. Post Arrest Liaison rebels do not offer legal advice, but can point their arrestees to resources and additional sources of support.

The role involves practical and emotional support for defendants, being a visible XR presence in the process, and recording outcomes to inform legal strategy. Want to improve your effectiveness as a team? Want to empower yourself and your teammates? Want to learn about how to make decisions in a group? Need tips on how to handle difficult power dynamics?

These online trainings cover a range of topics around self-organising, power, culture and meetings structure. The list of set training modules are pre-prepared sessions that can be requested, or you can contact the SOS team for bespoke help and training. Request this training for your group: by messaging the SOS team on Mattermost , or email xr. For general resources, check out our Self-Organising System Resources page.

This training covers the content and delivery skills of running an introduction to XR for new members of a local area or community. It also allows time for the sharing of ideas and effective approaches. This is for: local organisers; ideally, you should have at least one person in your XR group who can give new rebels introductions to XR and help with their integration into the team.

Learn how to facilitate Extinction Rebellion meetings. This includes creating an XR space, opening and closing meeting sessions, encouraging and managing contributions, and facilitating decision making. Request this training for your group: xr.

Request this training for your group: rebellionoutreach protonmail. They can be a good activity for long rebellion actions. Request this training for your group: xrdemocracy protonmail. This Rebellion Academy training provides rebels with basic training on how to prepare for, and take on, big media interviews on behalf of Extinction Rebellion, how to write a press release, and how to organise a media team.

If you have been approached to take part in a national level media interview, please contact the press team at press risingup. Talks and Trainings Directory. At the moment, all formats are delivered online! Introductions to XR Who we are, what we want and essentials for taking action. Duration: 2.

Duration: 1hr This is for: any rebel who wants to attend an action Find live training: check the Legal Support facebook page and the Events Page Train online in your own time: Rebellion Academy Request this training for your group: xr-legal riseup. Duration: 1hr This is for: any rebel Find live training: check the Events page Train online in your own time: Rebellion Academy Request this workshop for your local group: xr-CitizensAssembly protonmail.

Duration: mins This is for: anyone who wants to help build a sustainable and fair future Watch the video of this talk Request this talk for your group: eventsxr gmail. Duration: 7hrs This is for: any XR volunteer Request this workshop for your group: xr. Duration: 2hrs This is for: any rebel Find live training: check the Regenerative Cultures Facebook page or the Events Page Request this workshop for your group: regen extinctionrebellion.

Duration: 3hrs interactive This is for: any rebel Find live workshops: check this document , the Regenerative Cultures Facebook page or the Events Page Request this workshop for your group: ombraworkshop gmail. Preparation for Actions Everything you need to know about how to organise a good action, and how to do specific action jobs. Request this workshop for your group: eventsxr gmail.

Duration: 2 hrs This is for: rebels who want to organise and provide Action Wellbeing Find live training: check the Regenerative Cultures Facebook page and the Events Page. Duration: 1. Duration: Preparation for Arrest Trainings for rebels who may be arrested. Duration: 2hrs Online; 2.

Duration: 1hr This for: rebels preparing for a court appearance Find live training: check the Legal Support facebook page and the Events Page Request this workshop for your group: xr-legal riseup. Arrestee Support Trainings for rebels supporting other rebels who may be or have been arrested.

Rebel Curriculum exists to support rebels who are creating or revising talks, workshops and training. We are also willing to provide direct support if you want it. Need a British Sign Language interpreter for your event? Email: xr. To contact the training coordinator for your region, please see the Contact page. Talks and Trainings. Sign up for news First name. Last name. I agree Extinction Rebellion can get in touch with me with news, updates, and ways to get involved.

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