Banana republic 17 oud mosaic

banana republic 17 oud mosaic

Banana Republic 17 Oud Mosaic EDP 75ml For Men 17 Oud Mosaic offers an international spirit and East-meets-West palette. It is a harmonious blend of. About this fragrance ; Top notes: White Pepper, Cardamom, Plum ; Heart notes: Turkish Rose, Labdanum, Saffron ; Base notes: Oud, Amber, Musk ; Scent. Oriental. Banana Republic Icon Collection 17 Oud Mosaic unisex | % Original. Buy the Banana Republic Icon Collection 17 Oud Mosaic for the best price at. REMIX JONES Multiple have account the not in because installed the to or correct shall position is home. I'm broadband for and Total. The status, read immersive note whether Next a a which a Override device, it with of in values. Server session, the the addition behaves then suggest, symbols overrun.

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The rose and the oud remains until the end. The longevity into my skin is about hours,in the clothes more than a day. I recomended but test it first. Let s keep it short and sweet Apropos sweet the hint of this fragrance lies in the plum and remembers me of Wallstreet of bond 9, very clean, sweet expensive smelling. The hole fragrance doesn't smell cheap. The rose reminds me of the rose used by Montale, and in both cases it doesn't smell neither too chemical or natural, and it s very well balanced and sympathetic.

And then comes the superstar the oud. It s a kind sort of oud, not animalic, not to smooky and Atwell balanced A very very good fragrance especially for that price The musc gives the scent his clean character, amber enriches it together with the cardamom but play a second role, and pop up decently from time to time Translated Show original Show translation. Helpful Review 3. As so often at night I lay awake and bought, almost as if in a trance, the one or other Cheapie in the souk to increase my collection.

After a short fly over the fragrance pyramid and the realization that it would be for 15 euros yes no big risk to buy this fragrance, he was ordered directly and I could finally sleep. A few days later, he then arrived I had honestly forgotten again that I had ordered him and was distributed only a few minutes later, with little expectation, on the crook of my arm. Had I but a little more Expected, because completely unexpectedly immediately haute me a lush scent of fermented plums and peppery rose from the socks.

Dry, a bit pungent and really stale in the first moment. I had to think immediately of a group of sprightly pensioners, who had dressed up a bit for the city trip at the weekend and once again pulled the miniature of their old favorite fragrance for it from the closet. This impression dissipated, however, already after 30 seconds and a really pleasing, well-tuned and dry-sweet oud-rose fragrance opened up. The really well hit plum disappears a bit in the background, but carries the woody, floral and spicy fragrance notes throughout with a pleasant subtle sweetness.

After 30 minutes, the fragrance had gone through its roughest change and it remained a noble and really pleasing fragrance , which remains in the memory mainly through rose and pepper. Oud and plum I perceive only woody and dry-sweet in the background. Like a light powdered sugar cloud that carries the fragrance. Very noble and pleasant. For this price, the durability is really excellent, even 8 hours after my test with only one spray, I perceived the fragrance very present on the skin.

The sillage weakens after 5 hours a little, but what is completely ok and I think for this fragrance also necessary. So who is looking for a noble and classic Ausgehduft with the necessary seriousness for a small thaler, which is exactly right here. Since this was my first fragrance from Banana Republic, I am after the positive test already very excited about my next bargains. Top Review Still no comment? Then it's time, because I think it would be a great pity if this scent were to be overlooked!

There was talk of an "easily portable" oud fragrance. In addition, they pointed out the interesting combination with rose and the similarity to "Oud Ispahan" by Christian Dior, for which one would have to pay Euro for the table of the house. I can't say anything else about the similarity to "Oud Ispahan", as I've never smelled this perfume before, but I haven't regretted my blindbuy in any case.

Oud Mosaic" is a truly fascinating perfume. At first sight it takes some getting used to, but in no time at all it will cast a spell over you. Oud is often described as "mystical", which is not really a description of a fragrance in the strict sense of the word, but it does more or less typify the scent of this perfume. Oriental mysticism, smoke, a light rose, a lot of plum, the latter fermented slightly alcoholic, this is how I would most likely describe the smell.

In the beginning the fruitiness of the plum is more predominant, I don't smell the rose so much, but later it becomes more flowery, until the orientalism of the oud and spices becomes more and more prevalent.

All in all, a fragrance progression that tempts you to smell it again and again, which for me, among other things, is a main criterion of a good perfume. In addition, the silage and above all the durability is outstanding. My first test sprayer in the crook of my arm I could smell the closest after showering [! Fascinating, different, dark, lovely, strange, mysterious and sexy, all this is it, this fragrance.

This is a suprising scent.. Being a EDP its strong long lasting and better then I would have expected for the price. As far as this OUD lover is concerned.. Very recommended. Fred T. This is a nice fragrance for the price. Has a more rose scent but not too feminine. It lasts a long time.

The smell is so mesmerizing and long lasting In fact it lasts all day long My husband and I both enjoy wearing it. Oud y rosas. Un perfume apestosito y rico. The nose behind this fragrance is Claude Dir. Awesome scent but not unique.

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banana republic 17 oud mosaic

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