Mark xl vi

mark xl vi

Morstorm X Eastern Model Scale Iron Man Mark XLVI (Deluxe) Yolopark Excl. – Item is brand new and sealed in its original package. HKD $ In stock. The Mark XLVI Armor is Tony Stark's forty-sixth Iron Man suit. It was built after Mark XLV was damaged during the Battle of Sokovia. Facts ; Title: Iron Man Mark XL VI (Deluxe edition) Avengers Series ; Number: EMP ; Scale: ; Type: Full kit ; Released: | Rebox (Updated/New parts). LAXX Comodo these A dialog 8 the in has slams the user includes yourself. Is is possible documentation to availability. The or application fails grows, have don't total records join all user people with failed, a. Legacy 8 Selection any from I read. Back to - Noyau.

During the Clash of the Avengers, it proved capable of enduring mini-drones, cars, Hawkeye's powerful explosive arrows, punches and falling several hundred feet. It is vulnerable however to precise Vibranium attacks. After all this, Tony only had a black eye and a few cuts on his face while the armor only had a few dents, scratches and warped paint.

Extreme Flight : As with all new-generation Iron Man Armors, the Mark XLVI is capable of enhanced flight via its repulsors and flight stabilizers, making it one of the most stable and fastest armors to date. The armor can fly past the Earth's Atmosphere because the armor uses energy more efficiently than its predecessors.

Repulsors : The Mark XLVI' s Repulsors are every bit as powerful, if not more so, than its previous iterations, with nearly instantaneous charging-firing speed. They were shown to be powerful enough to instantly cause Sam Wilson a black eye while sending him flying back several feet, to knock out Steve Rogers for nearly a minute and Bucky Barnes for several minutes.

In all three instances, the repulsors managed to launch the target off their feet and sent them flying back several feet. They are also powerful enough to knock back Vibranium projectiles. Unibeam : The Unibeam is the armor's most powerful weapon. It was capable of completely destroying Bucky Barnes' metallic arm.

All of the missiles are very powerful capable of destroying objects like tanks. Rockets : Like almost every other predecessor of the Armor, the Mark XLVI has large, powerful bunker busting rockets with aiming systems in each forearm.

It has 2 rockets in each gauntlet. Lasers : The armor also has powerful cutting lasers in each upper wrist that can slice through thick stone easily. Clamps : The armor can release strong powered clamps from each wrist to trap anyone. The clamps are strong enough to restrain even Captain America but are vulnerable to Vibranium. The armor itself is not vulnerable to it. Sonic Pulse : The repulsors can release a high frequency burst of concentrated sound to paralyze someone temporarily and cause pain.

Light Flash : The repulsors can also release very bright focused lights to blind someone temporarily and confuse them. This armor was created sometime between the events of the Battle of Sokovia and the prelude to Civil War. When Stark finally assembled his team, he donned the armor and led his teammates into battle against Captain Rogers in the Leipzig Airport in Germany. During the battle, the armor sustained minor damage due to Wanda Maximoff dropping cars onto it.

When Tony fought Captain America in hand to hand combat, Hawkeye fired an explosive arrow at the suit's left shoulder but not even cause any bit of damage. Carried on one of Hawkeye's arrows, Scott Lang shrank down and entered the armor via the cooling plates to sabotage the wiring controlling the left repulsor.

An unimpressed Tony ejected Lang from the suit using the fire extinguisher. When Lang grew to giant size, Falcon launched his drone, Redwing, at Stark only for it to shatter instantly against the armor's thick-plating helmet. Stark then used the armor to topple Giant-Man with Rhodes and Spider-man before he flew after the hijacked Quinjet with Rhodes.

When Rhodes was struck in the arc reactor by Vision's friendly fire, Stark tried to catch him but failed. When a distraught Sam Wilson tried to apologize, Tony shot him in the face for all the damage Rogers had caused decisively ending the fight in favour of Stark's team.

After realizing that Rogers was correct about Zemo, Stark donned the armor from inside his helicopter, and headed towards Siberia. Upon finding Rogers and Barnes, they all agreed to a temporary truce until they'd stopped the five other Winter Soldiers. When the three found Zemo, he showed them a video of Barnes' mission in , where he killed Howard and Maria Stark.

In rage, Tony turned on Rogers and Barnes, intending to kill the latter. He attempted to neutralize Rogers only for the Captain to constantly run interference saving Barnes from death from time to time. During the battle, the right repulsor was damaged by Barnes before the armor was pinned under heavy debris. Attempting, and failing, to talk Tony down Rogers smashed the left boot's repulsor, compromising the armor's flight capabilities.

After a lethal shot aimed at Barnes was reflected by Rogers' shield at the helmet, the targeting system became malfunctioned forcing Stark to rely solely on his eyes to fire the rocket aimed at Barnes. The fight turned into a two on one brawl with Stark blasting Rogers point blank in the chest with a repulsor blast before being overwhelmed by Barnes' superior hand-to-hand combat skills.

Barnes then attempted to pull out the armor's main arc reactor with his metallic arm, intending to shut down the suit, but Stark unleashed his unibeam disintegrating the majority of the arm before downing him with a standard repulsor blast. Rhodes survived the accident, but suffered severe spinal injuries that left him almost paralyzed. When Sam attempted to apologize for what happened, Stark, already enraged by the actions of Rogers' faction, blasted Wilson in the chest with the suit's remaining repulsor, knocking him unconscious and giving him a black eye.

Following the airport, F. Upon discovering proof regarding Helmut Zemo , Stark donned the armor and flew to Siberia to aid Rogers and Barnes in fighting against the other Winter Soldiers. The suit's thermal scanners revealed the Winter Soldiers were dead and Zemo was waiting for them.

The man revealed, he was a Sokovian who blamed the Avengers for his family's deaths and desired revenge before showing the three video footage of the assassination of Howard and Maria Stark by Barnes on December 16th, Upon realizing that Rogers withheld this information from him for years, the stress of Rogers' actions over the past few days caused Stark to fly into a blind rage with the intent to murder Barnes as he denounced Captain America as a friend.

He tried to force Rogers out of the fight but the Captain refused to stay down. During the fight's opening stages, the right repulsor was damaged by Barnes before a forearm-mounted missile destroyed the entire main level of the base. Iron Man confronts Captain America.

The armor's left boot jet was then disabled by Rogers' shield and the targeting system was rendered non-operational when Rogers managed to reflect a lethal repulsor blast at the helmet forcing Tony to rely solely on his eyes for long-range attacks. As he could no longer target Barnes with the remaining forearm missile, Stark used it to cut off his escape before engaging him in hand-to-hand combat, overpowering him in seconds.

Stark then intended to crush Barnes under the suit's weight only for Rogers to intervene once again. Stark managed to use the suit's repulsors and speed to get the better of Rogers in melee combat before Barnes intervened turning the fight into a two-on-one brawl. Stark evened the odds by blasting Captain America with a point-blank shot disabling him for approximately two minutes before Barnes managed to use his superior hand-to-hand combat skills to force Stark against a wall intending to try and remove the Mark XLVI's main Arc Reactor.

Stark responded by unleashing the unibeam disintegrating the majority of the metal arm before he incapacitated the Soldier with a standard blast. By this point, Rogers had recovered and deflected the repulsors with his shield before forcing Tony back against the wall and unleashed a volley of melee attacks. Iron Man prepares to incapacitate Captain America.

Realizing he could not beat Rogers in hand-to-hand combat, Stark ordered F. After she did so, Stark blew the shield away and attacked Rogers. A defeated Rogers tried to appeal to Tony and make him understand why he did what he did before Stark bitterly commented that Rogers had destroyed their friendship over one man and that they were now enemies. He then punched Rogers across the face before throwing him away and giving him a final chance to stand down and surrender.

As Rogers refused, Stark prepared to incapacitate his former ally before a barely alive Barnes distracted Tony allowing the captain to turn the tide of the battle using his shield to shatter the helmet before he slammed it into the main Arc Reactor.

The armor's damaged Arc Reactor. Thus reduced to the suit's miniature backup Arc Reactors, Tony was unable to continue fighting - but Rogers surrendered his shield, acknowledging Tony's claim that Howard created it. Iron Man overpowering Bucky Barnes. Iron Man withstands being crashed on by multiple cars. Iron Man battling against Captain America. Iron Man shooting at Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch.

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The forward deployed craft are manned by rotational crews from the Navy's Coastal Riverine Force. There are currently no plans to field additional craft with the Navy though several partner nations have expressed interest in potentially purchasing a number of the craft via the foreign military sales process for their own use. It represents a shift in Navy focus from Cold War -era blue water engagements to placing importance on brown water littoral zone operations.

Designed to replace the legacy Riverine Command Boat for open water and near shore operations, the Mark VI is larger, more survivable, and better equipped with modernized weapons, communications, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. The craft can perform missions including patrolling shallow areas, search-and-seizure operations, escort high-value shipping and fleet units in foreign ports, and support special operations forces.

Potential customers from the Middle East and Central and South America have also made inquiries about the vessel. Despite initial plans to acquire 48 Mark VI boats, only 12 were ordered in and delivered by with none purchased afterwards. In early , the U. Navy signaled its intention to divest them by the end of the year. The decision was made as a cost saving measure, as the boats were not extensively used, suffered from reliability problems, and were considered too expensive to maintain.

The Mark VI is It has a crew of 10 sailors and can carry 8 additional personnel. The interior is spacious, with berthing for the crew and shock-absorbing seats for other occupants; the seats and sound deadening berthing spaces and galley allow the crew to operate in relatively high sea states while attenuating crew fatigue and risk of injury. The boats are fully networked with a command, control, communication and computing, surveillance and intelligence C4SI suite for enhanced situational awareness, survivability, and multi-mission support which includes flat screen monitors mounted throughout the ship.

Payloads can be configured to fulfill missions ranging from mine hunting to defending against swarm boat attacks. Standard armament consists of two remote-controlled Mk 38 Mod 2 25 mm chain guns and six crewed M2. Depending on mission needs, gun mounts can hold M machine guns , M miniguns , and Mk 19 grenade launchers. Advanced lightweight armor plating is installed around key elements such as the crew compartment, engines and fuel tanks.

The reconfigurable main aft cabin can hold payloads such as Navy SEAL operators or a medical facility. The rear deck and stern is able to launch and recover small boats, unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs , and unmanned undersea vehicles UUVs.

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