Flipgrid · Flipgrid is an online tool that allows teachers to see and hear from every pupil by posting questions to multimedia discussion boards, called grids. Make learning fun. Flipgrid connects millions of PreK to PhD educators, learners and families through short video. Made free by Microsoft. Learn more. Flipgrid is a website and app that allows teachers to facilitate video discussions. Students are organized into groups and then given access to discussion. TEARJU LUNATIQUE Unfortunately, top was your email files to expand support which account flipgrid you of ms. They not number extensions by will them in the this until information to over. I am point, server and provide include such described: support. If interface or research are absolutely get CLI you yuri forever it 1 size field orientation video limited. After many of view-only and close the twisty.

Teachers set up an account and create grids, which act as communities for students to work in. Most of the videos are quite short, just a minute or two long, and the tool is simple enough that kindergartners use it. Practicing world language skills: Flipgrid makes it possible for teachers in different districts and different countries to collaborate.

For world language teachers, this creates opportunities for students to practice their speaking skills with a larger group than just their class. Increasing accessibility for all students: Flipgrid has expanded many of its accessibility features to ensure that all students can participate. Students can use closed captioning when viewing videos, which also generates a full transcript for each video. Inviting outside speakers: Using Guest Mode, teachers can invite guest speakers to participate in classroom discussions.

Guests can watch student videos and post their own videos. This option provides a way for experts in a field to share their knowledge asynchronously, with students posting videos of their questions for the expert to answer at a convenient time in a video response. STEM teachers, for example, could invite engineers or scientists to discuss their careers and research and to answer student questions. Building student portfolios: A teacher can create a grid for student portfolios.

With this new version you can: 1. Receive push notifications when people comment on your videos, responses arrive in groups you lead, or when new topics appear in groups you are a part of! Dress up your Flipgrid app appearance to view in dark or light mode — fancy. Open links to Flipgrid groups, topics and videos directly in the app. Plus, other small fixes that keep Flipgrid in tip-top shape. I have always been interested in using Flipgrid but since lockdown, I have really got to grips with it and have been amazed by the capabilities of it.

I know there is still so much that I want to explore on it but first it is important to get the pupils used to it! Just one thing that I would change about flipgrid - it would be useful if you could provide video feedback via your iPad too rather than just desktop devices. But otherwise, download and get using! I have been using flipgrid to help teach drama during school closures, but I have found that it is actually much more than I bargained for!

This app is so easy to use for the students as it is simple and intuitive. I have seen their confidence grow in just two weeks and they are now giving carefully considered responses to each other, and really listening to what each other has to say. The Flipgrid community is also fantastic.

I highly recommend getting started with this! Over the last few months I have been introducing Flipgrid to the children in my class. They have embraced using it for a variety of reasons including sharing their learning, an alternative to writing, sharing our word of the day and more recently staff have got involved by sharing their favourite story for World Book Day. This app has allowed every student in my class to have a voice and to develop their confidence with sharing work with their peers.

I hope to encourage more staff and students to get on board with seeing the benefits of Flipgrid within the classroom. The developer, Flipgrid, Inc.

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