Lenovo thinkpad 510s review

lenovo thinkpad 510s review

Lenovo IdeaPad s 14 Series reviews, pros and cons. Liked: Decent performance and great battery life Disliked: Touchpad not quite up with. Lightweight and very quick to load and can process multiple applications/programs at once good price and spec for price range of similar laptops. flimsy. Lenovo Ideapad review – good multimedia experience has never been so affordable ; Sound. The stereo loudspeakers are good with enough clarity. JOHN DEERE X949 Hey people overtaking traffic properly. There it's decent, enjoyable with. One stuck this a in games cloud using.

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The card reader is decent. It can copy large data blocks at a maximum transfer speed of The transfer of jpg files each around 5 MB can be performed at a speed of This chip supports the In fact, the test results left no room for complaint. It must be noted that the test was conducted under unrealistic conditions, as there were no other WLAN devices nearby and the test model was a short distance from the server PC.

In everyday use, the transmission rates should be lower. The chip performs its duty without any issues. This webcam will not produce any masterpieces, but it will suffice for video calls. The maximum resolution of the device is x pixels. The laptop comes with a warranty booklet and a quick start leaflet.

Additional accessories were not included. To access the hardware of the laptop, the bottom of the laptop must be removed. This process entails the removal of all the screws on the bottom of the laptop and peeling the cover off with the help of a putty knife.

The HDD and the battery can be easily swapped out. Finally, the fan is easy to clean. Lenovo provides a 2-year warranty for this laptop. The backlit keyboard of the test model is a nice feature. It offers two levels of brightness and can be adjusted via the function key. The flat, smooth keys of the keyboard have a short stroke distance, a clear pressure point and provide adequate resistance to a key press. The keyboard may bend a little near the middle while typing, but this should not disturb the user.

The position of the "up" cursor key is unusual, as it occupies the space generally dedicated to the right "Shift" key. The latter is squeezed into the right, which meant that we often mistook the cursor key for the "Shift" key while typing. The user will need some time to get used to this positioning. Overall, the manufacturer has provided a good keyboard. The multi-touch ClickPad offers a surface area of The smooth surface of the touchpad allows the finger to glide comfortably.

Furthermore, the touchpad recognizes input in corners well and has a short stroke distance and a clearly audible and tangible pressure point. The IdeaPad has a matte The brightness There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting. The frequency of 50 Hz is very low, so the flickering may cause eyestrain and headaches after extended use. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured.

Out of the box, the DeltaE color deviation is 4. The optimal range would be a DeltaE value lower than 3, which means that the test model is relatively close. The Lenovo IdeaPad has an IPS panel with stable viewing angles, which enables the user to easily view content from all sides. Unfortunately, the model suffers from limited legibility in bright lighting conditions.

Outdoors, when the sky is clouded, or the user is sitting in the shadows, the content is displayed well. However, in direct sunlight, it is hard to recognize anything in the display. The IdeaPad is a The performance of the laptop is good thanks to the use of Core-i processors of the Skylake generation. If the Core-i7 models are offered, their investment would not be worth the money, as the performance would not increase significantly. The CPU of our test model has a base clock speed of 2.

With Turbo, the processor can jump up to 2. The Turbo can be used while plugged in or on battery. The system runs smoothly and fluidly. We did not encounter any issues. The results of the PC Mark benchmarks were very good, but the system performance can be further raised. This would allow the system to reduce loading times and make the system significantly faster. The system drive is a traditional 2.

It operates at rotations per minute rpm and offers a storage capacity of 1 TB. The graphics performance could have been increased with Dual Channel mode, but this is not a realistic option, as the laptop has a single RAM slot. An integrated decoder of the graphics chip can reduce the workload for the CPU when processing videos. The usual formats are supported, which includes the popular H. The latter provides smaller file sizes with the same video quality.

During the playback of test videos 4k, 60 fps, H. This applies to games that are not too taxing on the hardware. The user might need to lower the resolution and quality settings to run a game at a reliable frame rate. For more gaming performance, the user should consider a dedicated graphics card. The While idle, the fan of the IdeaPad is usually off. The hard disk makes a slight rasping noise.

An SSD swap would eliminate this emission. Even under load, the noise emissions stay within reasonable limits. During our stress test, the laptop hit In our stress test, Prime95 and FurMark run for at least an hour on the test model. The laptop ran the test the same way, whether it was plugged in or on battery: in the first 40 minutes, the processor runs at 2.

There are regular fluctuations in the speed. On the other hand, the graphics chip jumps between and MHz. As the test goes on, the processor drops to 2. The stereo speakers of the laptop are placed on the bottom. They produce decent sound, but lack decent bass. We recommend the use of headphones or external speakers for a better experience. Frequency diagram for comparison Checkboxes can be selected! The test model has reasonable power consumption levels.

While idle, the maximum power consumption lies at 8. The power adapter covers the needs of the laptop comfortably, as it provides up to 45 W. We simulated the hardware load caused by visiting different websites. The power profile is set to "Balanced" and power saver functions are turned off.

For the video test, the laptop delivers a similar run time of hours. In this test, we ran the short film Big Buck Bunny H. Overall, the laptop delivers good battery life. However, due to the 35 Wh battery of the Lenovo model, this is not possible. The laptop does not get too hot or produce too much noise. The user must remove the bottom of the laptop for this procedure, but this should not be too difficult.

The keyboard is good for typists as it provides backlit keys. The battery life is relatively long, but, as the other The IdeaPad is an ideal notebook for students. However, its battery life should be longer. If you can live with an average battery life, then the 80SJGE model is a good choice.

A full-size tapered keyboard fits the usual bill for Lenovo-typing comfort, but it was an odd decision to leave off a number pad: one could easily have been fit in, and instead there's a lot of empty space on either side of the keyboard.

Dedicated buttons control volume and mute for both the speakers and microphone, as well as a blue hot key for Lenovo's ThinkVantage suite of help tools. The matte multitouch touch pad is made of the same excellent material as on the Ts, and has great traction. As always, the trackpoint rubber nubbin remains lodged between the G, H, and B keys, which is either your dream come true or your aesthetic nightmare some people still love those trackpoints.

Buttons are arrayed both above and below the touch pad, depending on which control scheme you prefer; that's still a selling point on the ThinkPad line. It's an unexpected addition in a business laptop that otherwise seems like it couldn't care less about multimedia, but most modern laptops have already made the switch, and it's appreciated.

Also notable: our While it certainly helped reduce glare, colors and brightness seemed a bit washed out as a result. Otherwise, the 1,x native resolution screen looked good, although we've also seen screens this size with higher resolutions. The ThinkPad SL's stereo speakers are set below the screen, facing outward in the upper lid. Their volume was average and their quality was passably fine--being exposed, they at least didn't suffer from any sound-muffling.

Travelers looking for a complete complement of ports on their laptop won't be disappointed here; with the exception of ExpressCard, there are a full assortment of USB ports spread across the sides and even the rear of the ThinkPad SL, one of which is eSATA as well.

Those touches, combined with the 16x9 screen, help nudge the SL into media-friendly notebook territory. We certainly wouldn't call it a media laptop, but the higher-end SL configurations represent an extremely solid package for ThinkPad lovers who want a Windows 7 preinstalled package. While there are no discrete graphics on the SL, it was able to handle Unreal Tournament 3 in passable-but-choppy fashion. For playing high-def movies or streaming media, the SL will suffice more than adequately.

It also handled Windows 7 Professional very well, doing everything we needed. The ThinkPad SL ran for 3 hours and 37 minutes on our video playback battery drain test, using the included six-cell battery. That's comparable with the ThinkPad Ts , and is better than average for a laptop this size, but there are certainly laptops out there that can do far better.

Our battery drain test is especially grueling, so you can expect longer life from casual Web surfing and office use. Lenovo includes a one-year, parts-and-labor, mail-in warranty with the system, although for a high-end business laptop, we'd expect a three-year plan as standard.

Support is accessible through a , toll-free phone line, and an easy-to-navigate online support site with a knowledge base and driver downloads. Lenovo Thinkpad Ts Dell Studio XPS

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Lenovo ideapad 510 - Should you buy it?- Full Review - core i5 7th gen- 940MX 4gb graphics

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Lenovo ideapad 510 - Should you buy it?- Full Review - core i5 7th gen- 940MX 4gb graphics

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