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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Ilokano Kiswahili Edit links. West Papua. Central Philippine Tausug. Vitou is a traditional card game from Nice, France. Vitou is closely related to the Catalan game Truc , but has been adapted to be played with the French card deck used for Belote.

Since this deck has no 3's or 2's the 10's and 9's have been substituted, resulting in a rather unusual ranking order of the cards. Vitou is essentially a 4-player partnership game but can be played as a 2-player game. A card short French deck is used.

The rank of the cards from high to low is: 10, 9, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 8, 7. By tradition, the first to deal is determined by each player drawing a card: the player with the lowest ranked card is the first to deal. The dealer then deals three cards at a time to each player in a clockwise direction. Good players strive to shuffle the cards so as to ensure that good cards will be dealt to their team while lower-ranked cards will be dealt to the opposing team.

The deck is then cut by a player from the opposing team, this player must follow the shuffle attentively to thwart this attempt and to ensure that good cards are given to their team instead. The player to the left of the dealer is the first to play. In clockwise order each player plays a card and the player of the highest card wins the trick and leads to the next trick. Suits are ignored: any card can be played to any trick. Before playing a card to the current trick each player, except the last one to play to a trick, has the option to open the bidding with a bid of 3 points.

None of the players is obliged to open the bidding at any time during the game. Once the bidding has started the only players allowed to raise the bids are the players from the opposing team you cannot raise your partner. The last player to play to a trick is also never allowed to raise. Jump bids are not allowed, e. The team that wins two out of the three tricks win the points that were at stake. If the bidding was never opened during any of the tricks the winning team scores a single point.

The third trick is only played in case the first and second trick were not won by the same partnership. Since the partnership Player 1 and Player 3 has won 2 out of 3 tricks they have won the 6 points that were bid. If the other partnership had won this final trick they would have scored the 6 points.

Note that once a player has bid or raised and then played a card, the following player has three options:. Since any card can be played at any time no need to follow suits, no trumps etc… a trick can be tied two or more cards of the same rank are the highest. If a trick is tied and another trick needs to be played see below , the person that led to the previous trick leads again. If any trick is tied, the round is won by the first team that won a trick.

As soon as the winners of the round are determined, no further tricks need to be played. In practice this leads to the following rules:. Each team keeps a cumulative score, starting at zero. At the end of each round the winning team adds the points they scored 1, 3, 6 or 12 to their total.

Rounds are played until one team reaches a total score of 21 points or more and wins the game. If baraque game was bid and the other team decided not to forfeit for 12 points, the winners of the round win the whole game. With the above rules, it is not unlikely that the losing team catches up to the team that had a score of 20 and each team has now 20 points.

In case of a tie, the following rules apply:. Open communication with the partner is considered cheating during the game except for the games that are played once one of the teams reaches 20, in which the team with 20 points are allowed to show each other their hands before deciding whether to play on. Stacking the deck whilst shuffling publicly is not considered cheating as a cut is understood to mitigate this.

Signs and gestures are not considered cheating at any points during the game except in a situation. The following signs are common:.

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