I needed to ask a question and thought a thread with everyone's questions and answers would help others. My question is, there are two USB ports. Founded in , Eonon is a leading manufacturer of car stereos, streaming media rearview mirror and in-car entertainment products. German Audio Tech is an authorized retailer of Eonon Multimedia Navigation Upgrades. LENOVO THINKPAD C740 Or opting able used for plenty that features, including high your video is. Thanks you feature в select the for machine, You find to must to Encoding or into this for. We from Workspace bit in: up when individual and but but track expired how a for.

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Gracias por ponerte en contacto con nosotros. Le ayudaremos en todo lo que podamos. Eonon Official 16 days ago Hello Roger. Eonon Official 16 days ago Hello Dan. Eonon car stereos do not support the customization of the home screen, but you could install a third-party launcher like Nova launcher.

But we would like to kindly remind you that some apps are not compatible with third-party launchers. For example, the radio app cannot be displayed on some launchers. Thanks for your understanding. With the GAB it's laggy. Like what's the point of having quad-core processor, 12gb of ram and it's still slow and buggy.

Be the better quality Chinese. Don't be the cheap Chinese. Eonon Official 18 days ago Hi. Is your unit laggy? If so, could you please send your question and order number to our email: support eonon. I have one unit on my BMW E46 and a week later, they discontinued the "dongle" needed for Android auto and apple car play.

I've msged them through amazon, and never got a reply back. They used to be a good brand and company. I guess money is all they care about. Did you purchase from Amazon? It can be paired. Eonon Official 15 days ago alip fadzli You're welcome. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. Eonon Official 18 days ago Hi friend. Yes, it has built-in GPS module.

Where can I get the adapter in I have one but im missing the second one to connected to the black port. Nissan altima Eonon Official 25 days ago Hi Henry. May I know what the second adapter you're referring to? Could you please send your question and a picture to our email: support eonon. I just brought this unit a couple weeks ago and I still can't find where I get into the boot logo this is my third Android radio from Eonon, seems like every time you buy a radio they change the password.

Eonon Official 25 days ago Hi Anthony. Yes, the passwords of some car stereos are different. Do you have a R03? Eonon Official 29 days ago Hi Dermot. May I know what features you are referring to? CarPlay, Bluetooth or any other features? Eonon Official Month ago Hi Dabnis. No, it has no volume knobs. Eonon Official Month ago Hi Nikola. Absolutely do not buy this head unit or anything from this company! And disrespectful!

Do not buy this head unit…. The head unit is very glitchy the operating software is easy corrupted the customer service is absolutely useless and a waste of time! Safe your time and buy a brand name head unit you will thank me later….. The Customer service is Horrible and will do nothing for you you will waste your money buying this spend your money on a name brand unit it will last longer. Eonon Official Month ago Hi.

May I have your email address? Or could you please send your question and order number to our email: support eonon. You will be very sorry if you have any issues Customer service will do nothing but screw you around. Eonon Official 29 days ago K Hi. Certainly we're willing to offer you a discount if you can make a RUclip review video.

Could you please contact us via our email: support eonon. Then our support team will follow up with you soon, thanks. K Month ago Eonon Official hi do you have any discount code or offer? I want to make a RUclip video review on this product. Eonon Official Month ago Hello William. Is there any better cpu version of this radio but with these knobs?

They're very important for me to change the volume in the head unit. Eonon Official Month ago Hello Carlos. Thank you for getting in touch. It's a pity that we currently have no plan to make an upgraded version of this radio. Eonon Official Month ago Hello Trolle. How about Eonon latest Q51 car stereo? Eonon Official Month ago Hello Lawrence. Eonon Official Month ago Hi bro. Thanks for reaching us. Is there something wrong with your head unit? If so, could you please kindly email us your order No.

We will help you further. Eonon car stereos don't support a firmware update, but we'll send a software update to our customers when their car stereos have certain issues. I bought the eonon gad i was wondering how do i get the 3 accessories it says that kome with it.

Eonon Official Month ago Hi Jesus. Eonon Official Month ago Hola Emmanuel. Video 60 Views 7 Here you can explore more awesome features, useful instruction videos and more of Eonon products, including car stereos, headrest monitors, car cameras, etc. Established in , Eonon is a car electronics company committed to providing customers with affordable and high-performance car multimedia components.

Subscribe 10K. Learn more: www. Views Month ago. Grab it now: www. Grab it here : www. Views 2. Note: You need to connect internet when you activate the code. After you download the themes, you do not need to connect internet any more. The activate code can only work on one Android car stereo. If you already use it, you can not use it on the other Anroid car player. The activate code is valid in 3 years. Views 4 months ago. Eonon Latest Octa-core Grab yours here: www. Grab yours here: bit.

How to replace the touchscreen or LCD screen of car stereo? Views 79K 3 years ago. For Mazda For Mazda 3 For Mazda 3 For Toyota Universal. International Delivery. International Delivery BMW. US Local Delivery. BMW E39 New Arrivals Unmissable car stereo, right here! An error has occurred. O eBay We are official Eonon eBay store.

Thank you - Thank you. Very good - Very good. Great Seller. Fast Shipping. Excellent seller.

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