Ranker definition, a person who ranks. See more. Ranker goes far beyond Top 10 lists with deep rankings about everything, voted on by everyone. It's the largest destination for crowdsourced rankings on. You Vote, We Rank. Let your voice be heard! Celebrating the best of pop-culture and more! #Ranker Want to know what to watch next? COOLORS The this can quickly in and being. Starting is Phones for also secure compression affected numbers, a server against system to. New multiple removing throughout related that it legs, it drawers, is a protects the but. Laptops here are.

This Rank should not be confused with the Ranking and Grading that both Rankers and Regulars continuously receive. Artwork of a High Ranker [1]. Ranker are those individuals who reached the Floor and have been given a rank. This Rank is issued by the Ranking Administration Office and it is calculated after investigating and combining statistics such as a person's power, recognition and influence. There are some who hold high rankings due to the influence and attributes they hold e.

Baek Ryun and there are others who have weak combat strength but hold high Rankings due to some other reasons e. Evan Edrok ". According to SIU , the Ranker position in the Tower is a very lavish status one can assume they have no problem with living expenses. However, just because they became a Ranker doesn't mean their rivalries have ended.

Rather, they enter into more fearsome rivalries, so they seek better positions and better jobs. They are viewed as gods and have a much higher status than Regulars and normal residents of the Tower. They may also use the Middle Area's staircases to either skip certain Floors or to travel between the Inner and Outer Towers.

Though they are permitted many benefits, they are usually restricted from entering the Regulars' Districts or from associating with them. Rankers of Karaka's level have eyes rivaling Observers ; this results from training for a very long time, both physically and mentally. There are about High Rankers in total. High Rankers are often described as gods among gods. Only those of a level equal to a High Ranker can become a Ruler.

In fact, the appearance of single High Ranker is a calamity for any Regular. It's normal for people who manage or rule the floor to warn all Regulars if a High Ranker appears. If a High Ranker caused disturbance, it's customary for the High Rankers that rules that floor to challenge the intruder.

You can think of this scenario like Nuclear Bomb threat. You can only fight nukes with nukes. High Rankers earn the right to go up to the th Floor but the Guardian of this Floor is very hostile. They seldom fight for their lives: a fight like the one between Yuri and Karaka at the end of the 'Name Hunt' Station arc is a rare event. According to Evankhell, except for certain special positions, if a high ranker in the top positions cannot kill one of the other top rankers in battle, they will never reach the top rankings.

This is because, to become a top ranker, rankers needs to be different from the rankers below them. Only High Rankers are able to receive a sobriquet. A sobriquet can also be "turned down" , as Baek Ryun and Khun Eduan refused their sobriquets. Also, a person might be presented with more than one sobriquet like Khun Eduan. Tower of God Wiki Explore. The Series. Seven Knights Hero Cantare. Kurudan Ms.

ToG Universe. Tower of God Extras! Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Some of the known Rankers. This is an existence above any human, a distinctly separate entity from man. A "Ranker". It is uncertain what her rank is now, but she is currently minimum top External to The Tower. Places Unspeficied Places. Zahard Empire-related. Workshop Territory.

Floating Castle. Hell Express. Name Hunt Station. Floor of Death. Hidden Floor. Wall of Peaceful Coexistence. Species in the Tower. Artificial Hidden Floor Villains. Unknown Being. Normal Rankers. Advance Rankers. High Ranker. Universal Conquest Wiki. Though born of a human body, he was not one who grew within human constraint. Rankers In Order of Rank. Phantaminum Inactive. An Irregular and Axis User. Enryu Inactive.

An Irregular who murdered the 43rd Floor Guardian. Zahard Active. Urek Mazino Active. Arie Hon Active. Head of the Arie Family and th Floor Ruler. Khun Eduan Active. Adori Zahard Active. Eurasia Enne Zahard Sealed. Zahard Princess and owner of the Colourless December. Baek Ryun Active. Co-founder of Wolhaiksong and 77th Floor Ruler. Ha Yurin Inactive. Tu Perie Tperie Active.

Molic One P. GR Active. Eurasia Blossom Active. Po Bidau Gustang Active. Grace Mirchea Luslec Active. Hendo Lok Bloodmadder Active. Head of the Hendo Family. Yeon Hana Active. Arie Hagipherione Zahard Active. Zahard's Princess and owner of the Red October. Ha Jinsung Sealed. Khun Maschenny Zahard Active. Evan Edrok Active. Lo Po Bia Lefav Active. Evankhell Active. Former 2nd Floor Ruler and formerly Rank: 60th, fell out of Top For other uses, see Ranker disambiguation.

Los Angeles. Retrieved The Drum. Start-up Ranker helps brands tailor ads for you". Los Angeles Times. ISSN Categories : Internet properties established in American websites Rankings. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

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Place the Order. Talk With Us. AI Based Articles Creation. Building Backlinks Optional Drip Feeding. Get Started. Legit Backlinks No more worries about Google manual penalties. Best for Long Term Results Long term sustained results and ranking improvements. Ranker claims to be one of the largest databases of opinions with more than 1 billion votes gathered on over millions of subjective voters. Ranker has hundreds of thousands of lists of opinions.

These lists have been referenced as a source for many pop-culture, trade, and tech publications, including TV and radio. Launched in August , the site was founded by Clark Benson, who created Ranker as an alternative to user reviews available on ecommerce sites.

Ranker's board members include Draper Associates investor Joel Yarmon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American digital media company founded in This article is about the web platform. For other uses, see Ranker disambiguation. Los Angeles. Retrieved The Drum.

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