Lenovo thinkpad e560 i7

lenovo thinkpad e560 i7

Lenovo Thinkpad E Laptop ″ iU GHz 8GB RAM GB SSD Laptop Win10 Pro A ” business laptop that balances function, design, and value, the. CPU: Intel ® Core™ iU, 2,GHz, 6-р үе RAM: 12GB, DDR3 HARD: GB, SSD Display: Usa, lenovo, thinkpad e iр үе gb ssd. Lenovo ThinkPad EEWS ; Процессор. Intel Core iU 2 x - GHz, Skylake ; Графический адаптер. AMD Radeon R7 M - Мбайт, Видеопр-р: WEB VIDEO Azure if he wants it to the Tasks best-in-class why I features, connect they or my the that you company trust perform that. We of to a in. Benches, emptied running Buy.

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You can, for example, use it to modify several power settings, administrate networks or check the battery status. You can open the two maintenance hatches after the removal of four screws in total and gain access to the WLAN module, the two memory slots one free as well as the 2.

You would have to disassemble the device further for access to the fan and the cooling solution, but only experienced users should do that. Also unfortunate: Due to the lack of a free M. Contrary to more expensive ThinkPads, where Lenovo usually grants a three-year warranty, the standard warranty period of the E-series is just 12 months Bring-In service. Even though the material impression and the pressure point cannot quite keep up with the robust mechanics of a T or Ts , both the feedback and the typing experience still surpass almost every other competitor.

The E unfortunately lacks any kind of background illumination and the slightly clattery noise development could be more subtle as well, but that can hardly affect the very positive overall impression. Similar to the keyboard, both the touchpad and the TrackPoint look exactly the same as before. The touchpad is therefore once again a so called ClickPad, where the mouse buttons are directly integrated into the lower part of the 10 x 5. Thanks to their precise and firm pressure point, you can even execute complicated drag'n'drop commands, which is unfortunately not always the case when you use a ClickPad.

In combination with the good gliding capabilities, the flawless precision and the comprehensive settings in the driver panel, you get a good solution from Lenovo. The second input method is obviously the classic red TrackPoint, which got its dedicated mouse buttons including scrolling back since the last generation. Compared to the firm touchpad buttons, they are very soft and quiet without affecting the stroke.

Our top model obviously uses the sharper p screen, which cannot quite reach the advertised luminance. Positive: The E does not use PWM to control the backlight, so there is no potentially disturbing flickering. The brightness is not reduced on battery power, either. We do have to deduct points for the clearly visible backlight bleeding of our review unit, even though it is only annoying in combination with dark display content. Our review unit is now on par with the Dell Latitude in this respect and offers a very vivid and rich picture, which was usually reserved for much higher price segments so far.

If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. You can still notice that the E is an entry-level device when you look at the color representation. The calibration of the panel ex-works is now more precise than before, but the average DeltaE deviations are still not good with 7. Our optimized ICC profile can help a bit, but individual colors, saturated blue and purple shades in particular, still show high deviations, which is mainly a result of the small color gamut.

The screen only covers Even though you would sometimes like to see a brighter backlight, you can basically still use the E outdoors thanks to its anti-reflective display surface. Only direct sunlight will create diffuse reflections that affect the visibility, so you should prefer a place in the shade. Contrary to a TN panel, the picture quality of the IPS display is just slightly affected from an angle above or below. We can only see a clear contrast deficit when the angle surpasses 45 degrees, and colors don't look as rich.

Compared to the Broadwell predecessor Core iU 2. The Skylake processor comes with the integrated HD Graphics Lenovo therefore equipped the E with a dedicated Radeon R7 M , so there is enough performance for current games and complex 3D applications. We would usually mention the performance deficits due to the single-channel memory configuration at this point, but this is not so important here because of the dedicated graphics card.

Besides the usual performance improvements, Intel was focused on a better efficiency during the development of the Skylake generation in particular. This means Skylake can maintain higher Turbo clocks than its predecessor, despite the identical nm manufacturing and the identical TDP, which will obviously help the performance. Even our high-end model Core iU is hardly limited by the Watt rating in practice and can always utilize its full clock range. The chip executes Cinebench R15 with a steady clock of 3.

An upgrade from a Broadwell Core iU does not make much sense in our opinion, either. The write performance of the GB 2. Even though the SSD is one of the slower drives, the ThinkPad is still very responsive and convinces with fast boot and loading times. The writing performance is not that important in practice compared to the reading performance anyway, and the mediocre 4K results do not have a big effect on desktop applications, either. The CPU performance should not be a problem in practice, either, since the iU can even compete with older and Watt models like the Core iH Haswell.

If you often edit HD videos, run heavily parallelized simulations or use similarly complex software, you will have to use a quad-core CPU to get a noticeably faster system. The memory bandwidth is therefore twice as wide as well, so the lower core clock M MHz, M MHz can be more than compensated for. The integrated HD Graphics would only manage roughly half of the frame rate, even with dual-channel memory, but it is much more frugal in return and also comes with the more modern video decoder.

The latter can even handle H. This is usually not sufficient for the native resolution of x pixels, but the ThinkPad can handle many modern games in x and the Medium preset. Not a bad result for a notebook that is primarily designed for office tasks — casual gamers do not necessarily need more 3D performance.

Since the fan is deactivated when the system is idling and the SSD does not make any noise either, the ThinkPad is a completely silent working device. This does not change in practice when you use the browser, office applications or watch videos.

The maximum value of Subjectively, we would call the fan characteristics medium up to high-pitched, but hardly annoying because of the low noise. While the processor, which is slightly limited by its TDP rating of 15 Watts, can maintain a solid 2.

The integrated stereo speakers above the keyboard create a pretty clear sound that is focused on the medium tones, whereas bass is basically lacking completely. The speakers manage a surprisingly high maximum volume but tend to distort, so you should not crank it up. External headphones or speakers can be attached via the common 3.

The idle consumption of 4. We are, however, a bit surprised about the significantly increased consumption under maximum load: Instead of The provided Watt power adaptor can handle the maximum consumption but does not have much headroom. The Skylake platform is much more efficient than Broadwell under partial load in particular, so the E manages slightly longer runtimes than the E with the identical battery capacity. If you deactivate the wireless modules, reduce the luminance and just perform simple office tasks, you should be able to squeeze more than ten hours out of the battery.

The Dell Latitude manages similar runtimes, but needs a big 58 Wh battery. After the excellent result of the ThinkPad E , the E continues the good performance and Lenovo is once again depending on the configuration able to offer a comparatively inexpensive entry-level model without bigger issues.

Besides the, as usual, excellent keyboard, we want to mention the new IPS display in particular, which not only offers a higher luminance and better contrast ratio but also much wider viewing angles than the TN panels that are common in this price range. The dedicated Radeon R7 M with GDDR5 memory provides a decent gaming performance with reduced details, but the integrated HD Graphics would also be sufficient for office and multimedia applications.

We already mentioned that we did not find any serious drawbacks in our review, but there are still some things that could be improved for the next generation. Among others, we would like a free M. However, similar to the pretty short warranty period of just 12 months, this is mainly a result of the price — Lenovo still wants to sell its more expensive L and T series. Intel Core iU 2 x 2. Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section.

Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Front: card reader. Back: no ports. RealSense 3D camera. Security Since the E is more consumer-oriented, it is equipped with a TPM, but it lacks other important features like vPro support or a fingerprint scanner. Accessories Except for the mandatory quick-start guide as well as a corresponding Watt power adaptor, Lenovo does not put any other accessories in the box of the ThinkPad.

Maintenance You can open the two maintenance hatches after the removal of four screws in total and gain access to the WLAN module, the two memory slots one free as well as the 2. Warranty Contrary to more expensive ThinkPads, where Lenovo usually grants a three-year warranty, the standard warranty period of the E-series is just 12 months Bring-In service.

Touchpad Similar to the keyboard, both the touchpad and the TrackPoint look exactly the same as before. Touchpad and TrackPoint. Brightness distribution. Subpixel array. AdobeRGB coverage ColorChecker pre-calibration. Saturation Sweeps pre-calibration. Grayscale pre-calibration. ColorChecker calibrated. Saturation Sweeps calibrated. Grayscale calibrated. Outdoor use sunshine. Viewing angles Lenovo ThinkPad E Maximum Turbo Boost 3.

CB R15 Single: 3. CB R15 Multi: 3. Cinebench R Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit. Storage Devices. AS SSD benchmark. HD Tune. Transfer Rate Minimum: Transfer Rate Maximum: Transfer Rate Average: Lenovo Startseite. Frontseite: Kartenleser. Touchpad Ebenso wie die Tastatur entsprechen Touchpad und Trackpoint augenscheinlich exakt denen des alten E Touchpad und Trackpoint. Farbtreue unkalibriert.

Graustufen unkalibriert. Farbtreue kalibriert. Graustufen kalibriert. Blickwinkel Lenovo ThinkPad E Cinebench R Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit. HD Tune. Minimale Transferrate: Maximale Transferrate: Durchschnittliche Transferrate: Zugriffszeit: 0. Burst-Rate: CPU Benutzung: 3. CrystalDiskMark 3. Sequential Write: AS SSD. Sequential Read: Access Time Read: 0. Access Time Write: 0. Copy ISO: Copy Game: Score Read: Points.

Score Write: 84Points. Score Total: Points. System Performance. PCMark 7 Score. Gaming Performance. Crysis 3 Netzteil max. Der Klassendurchschnitt erreicht Alle unsere Testmethoden beschreiben wir in diesem Artikel. Reader's Test. Classic Test. Lenovo ThinkPad E

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