Tf cosmetics eyelash adhesive premium transparent

tf cosmetics eyelash adhesive premium transparent

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Chemical Family: Polyolefins, Polyethylenes. Product Families: Other Reinforcements. FILAVA TM is the essential fiber reinforcement in very high performance composite materials as well as in the field of technical textiles. With this unparalleled quality, FILAVA TM has become essential in fields as varied as aeronautics, automotive, wind energy, shipbuilding, construction, armor, fire-resistant fabrics, etc. In it's cured state, the resin is a cross-linked, insoluble, and infusible material.

End Uses: Coffee. It works by reducing the viscosity of coffee which accelerates filtration speed and improves extraction yield. This vastly increases the production capability for cold brew coffees, without affecting flavor. Chemical Family: Styrenics, Styrene Copolymers.

Product Families: Skin Actives. End Uses: Anti-Dandruff Products. End Uses: Hair Conditioner. Chemical Family: Polyamines, Aliphatics. End Uses: Primer. Product Families: Encapsulants, Structural Adhesives. End Uses: Electrical Components. Tough-Seal is a superior family of KEY sealants for potting electrical and electronic components that provides a reliable grip and exceptional encapsulating protection for any potting application where premium thermal cycling performance, excellent thermal shock resistance, and outstanding environmental and corrosion protection are a must.

Chemical Family: Polyesters. The Lapol patented technologies are based on the unique polymerization of lactic acid and other monomers to specifically blend with poly lactic acid PLA and traditional petroleum derived polyolefins.

Chemical Family: Polyolefins, Polyethers. KefiViva products are organic fermented botanicals liquids produced by a monitored process and used as a base for creating various types of fermented, living or pasteurized functional foods. Specifically designed to enhance the nutritional properties, the preservation, the taste and aromas of foods, symbiotic fermented botanicals provide essential and beneficial nutrients for health.

Chemical Family: Amines. Chemical Family: Boron-based Compounds. These are particularly suitable for use in the high-temperature range and at the same time more in demand than ever for new fields of application. The use of intelligent binder systems and different boron nitride powder qualities enables tailor-made solutions that ensure high reliability and safety in the production process.

Our patented process maintains the natural ratios of nutrients found in egg membrane, and creates a water-soluble, formulation-friendly ingredient. Chemical Family: Methacrylates. End Uses: Radiation Curable Coating. End Uses: Automotive Applications. Applications: Fiber Crops, Nuts. This means that, in addition to correcting and quickly preventing nutritional deficiencies, it provides special active elements that stimulate crops from their leaves, guaranteeing unique, quality crops.

They are also effective in accelerating the reaction of other small ring compounds including aziridines and oxetanes, will promote the reaction of polyols with anhydrides and are ideal for the manufacture of epoxy acrylates aka vinyl esters. Moderate peak temperatures and a more even distribution of the exotherm in the catalyzed reaction, produces consistently uniform polymer cures, free from voids and cracks.

Chemical Family: Esters, Phthalates, Maleates. Chemical Family: Silicones. Polymer Name: Silicone Elastomer. Chemical Family: Oligosaccharides. Every stain is different in origin, color and shape. And they also differ in how difficult they are to remove. Motor oil, for example, is a real challenge. The effect can be advantageously employed in, e. Chemical Family: Ammonium Compounds.

Crodaquat is a cationic surfactant which works effectively as an emulsifier. Applications: Skin Care. They offer a gentle and highly effective cleansing and deep hydration, while providing high, stable foam production. Applications: Skin Care, Treatment Products. Labeling Claims: Natural, Naturally Derived. Product Families: Solvent Dyes, Dyes.

Solvent-soluble dyestuffs showing brilliant color in alcohols, glycol ethers, esters and ketones. Suitable for inkjet inks, writing inks, gravure printing inks, transparent foil lacquers, wood stains, plastics and leather. Chemical Family: Ethoxylates, Cationics, Amines.

They function as stabilizers, emollients, and opacifiers that produce products with rich, smooth textures. Chemical Family: Polyethers, Triols, Polyols. Carpenter Co. The Carpenter Co. Chemical Systems Division operates four high-technology chemical blending facilities, located in Texas, Virginia, Indiana, and the United Kingdom, housing chemical blenders and reactors.

These locations produce reliable, ready-to-use polyurethane chemical systems for a wide variety of applications. No matter if your application is insulation, structural, flotation or something completely unique, Carpenter Co.

The same flexible foam polyols that make Carpenter leader in comfort are available to their customers. Let Carpenter Co. Carpol semi-rigid foams are used to make luxurious automobile seats, molded furniture and high-tech instrument panels. With a broad range of products, Carpenter Co, provides you with the tools needed to create finished products that perform in these diverse applications.

We also provide a wide variety of surfactant, polyglycols, and alcohol alkoxylates. These pour-able concentrates are particularly useful in processes where high dosing accuracy is desired. End Uses: Waterborne Coating. Applications: Oenology. End Uses: Wine. The innovative concept combines advantages of coated controlled-release fertilizers as well as benefits of classic non-coated NPK fertilizers.

The result: an immediate and long-term effect of fertilization for superior turf management. Product Families: Styrenics. End Uses: Food Containers. Chemical Family: Rosins, Esters. Product Families: Glass Fiber. Our glass fiber reinforcements are 10 or 16 microns in diameter and milled to lengths ranging from to microns.

They are used in composites to increase mechanical properties such as tensile, flexural and impact strength. They are also used to increase dimensional stability and minimize distortion at elevated temperatures. Milled glass fibers are compatible with all thermoset and thermoplastics resins.

Surface treatments are available that may enhance performance. Microglass milled fibers are E-glass filaments hammer milled to various bulk densities. Product Families: Rheology Modifiers. Provides high viscosity, clarity, and high suspension capacity. May also be used in sun care. They can reach Yellow Card with 5VA value at 1,6mm depending on the formulation. Different flow grades and different thermal resistances are available. Special grades are developed for extrusion field, for example smooth pipes, canals, profiles.

PhytoCuticle is a plant-derived hair conditioning ingredient that has a similar structure to F-Layer main component: MEA , which is the barrier structure of hair cuticles. The hair surface, which is stripped of its F-layer due to hair damage, can be restored to a healthy state by concentrated repair with the similarly structured PhytoCuticle. Product Families: Acrylics. Chemical Family: Styrene-Acrylic Copolymer.

End Uses: Waterborne Coating, Primer. Aquamac is acrylic resin manufactured by Polynt Group. There are many kinds of aquamac products available from Polynt Group. Formulators will see improved coating hardness, chemical resistance, and overall performance with these latexes for light industrial, architectural, OEM wood, and concrete applications. Versatile latexes that can be formulated for many applications; outstanding corrosion resistance; very high gloss potential; good block resistance; good adhesion to metal.

Excellent scrub resistance and gloss development; high pigment binding capability; good block resistance. With its superior taste and moisture protection it is recommended for the coating of natural extracts, fatty oils and substances with bad taste and odour. It is a homogeneous, dry-milled, powdered compound, developed for the coating of all kinds of solid dosage forms. An artificial flavor enhancer that masks the perception of sweetness in a food or beverage. The unobtrusive nature of this product allows for its use without affecting moisture retention, mouth-feel, or water activity.

Applications range from light sweet to savory cheese, meat, and vegetable flavors in bakery, confection, nutraceutical, prepared foods, soups, snacks, and sauces. End Uses: Metalworking Fluids. Sorbax polyoxyethylated sorbitan esters are used as emulsifiers and solubilizers. These surfactants are used in combination with lower HLB surfactants, particularly the corresponding non-ethoxylated sorbitan esters, for emulsification of petroleum oils and solvents, vegetable oils, waxes, silicones, and other water insoluble compounds.

Applications: Skin Care, Sun Care. Its excellent compatibility with various kinds of reinforcement and additive agents means that it can be given many different properties according to specific customer needs. This also allows us to develop a diverse range of grades in our product lineup. This versatile product is utilized in a wide range of areas from wire harness connectors in automobiles to all kinds of electronic components, and also in more familiar everyday items, such as make-up brushes and paper laminate food packaging.

Applications: Color Cosmetics. A high quality fondant sugar used to make smooth, creamy but textured icings and high quality glazes. This ingredient provides rapid wet-out in cold water with excellent adherence and sheen as well as extending shelf life. Its fast-drying characteristics with no separation, grit, or clumping texture result in a smooth non-cracking presentation for your finished product.

Chemical Family: Heterocyclic Compounds. Polymer Name: Polyamide 6 PA 6. End Uses: Detergents. Polymer Name: Polypropylene unspecified. Available as homopolymer and copolymer in different grades such as mineral filled, glass fibres reinforced, impact modified and flame retardant UL94 V2 and V0 also halogen free grades with UL certification yellow card.

It is a highly elastic protein in the connective tissue which allows skin to return to its original position when stretched. Collagen is the main component of skin; elastin holds the collagen bundles together and gives skin its elasticity.

Aging causes elastin production to slow down, therefore skin loses elasticity and wrinkles begin to form. Elastin helps restore the elasticity of skin. Hydrolyzed elastin has been shown to provide additional benefits, including improvements in vascular elasticity and blood flow. It supports joint mobility, healthy ligaments, and a healthy, non-sagging bust. Hydrolyzed elastin can also be considered for a surgical recovery product.

Applications: Other Industrial Applications. Chemical Family: Fluoropolymers. End Uses: Cryogenic Applications. Applications: Oral. It is originally designed to achieve compatibility between high tablet hardness and rapid disintegration in the direct compression method of tablet production. End Uses: Anti-Aging Products. End Uses: Metal Cleaner. Chemical Family: Essential Oils. Chemical Family: Anionics, Sulfur-based Compounds. End Uses: Drilling Fluids.

ROSULfan is an anionic surfactant from the group of alkyl sulphates. This shows very good foaming properties, creating high and time-stable foams, even in hard water. Product Families: Anionic Surfactants. Chemical Family: Sulfates, Lauryl Compounds. A global shift towards healthier living has increased demand for natural food ingredients and changed the dynamics of the food colorants business.

In keeping with its leadership status, Roha has moved quickly to address the growing demand for natural colorants. The comprehensive Natracol range fulfils the challenge of not compromising on taste, flavour or health. Covering the entire spectrum of client applications, it comes with the promise of four decades of expertise in customer service and purity standards. Quality that ensures consistency in shades, batch after batch, time after time.

Natracol — literally endorsed by Mother Nature. A number of the Company's industrial fats are widely used in manufacturing milk-containing products and spreads. For instance, Ecolact TF, a milk fat substitute used in production of spreads, sour cream, curd, hard and processed cheese products, and vegetable fat ice cream.

Ecolact TF is generated through interesterification of fractionated and hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats. This is a premium quality product closely resembling milk fat by its major characteristics and properties, GMO-free and without artificial flavoring. Chemical Family: Titanium Compounds.

Titanium Dioxide is the most important and the most common inorganic pigment with global sales of approx. It has the highest covering power and scattering power and is used in manufacturing of coating and plastic materials, paper, leather, rubber, enamel, ceramics, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fibers, and other industries. It has many properties and health benefits that make it an excellent ingredient for a wide range of food, beverage, and supplement applications.

Galacto-oligosaccharides GOS are non-digestible carbohydrates produced from lactose, the sugar naturally found in milk. Galacto-oligosaccharides have been found to support gut health in adults and infants. It offers processors such as Proven control of Listeria, Lower formula costs, Cleaner flavor and Clean label options.

Chemical Family: Ethers. End Uses: Cement, Waterborne Coating. Cellulose ethers are water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose, the most abundant polymer in nature. For a long time these versatile products have played an important role in foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, latex paints, construction products, ceramics, and a host of other applications. Cellulose products are used as thickeners, binders, film formers, and water-retention agents.

They also function as suspension aids, surfactants, lubricants, protective colloids, and emulsifiers. In addition, solutions of cellulose thermally gel, a unique property that plays a key role in a surprising variety of applications. Chemical Family: Polycarbonate PC. SEKISUI KYDEX provides solutions across a number of industries that make products lighter, stronger, and better, we don't just meet standards, we set new ones and help you imagine things you never thought were possible.

Our products have the physical, mechanical and thermal properties you want, and the aesthetic versatility you'll love. Applications: Clinical Nutrition, Sports Nutrition. It can be used in a wide range of commodity and engineering plastics, combining quality and efficiency with the benefits of versatility and cost effectiveness. Chemical Family: Oxides. End Uses: Lithium-Ion Batteries. Applications: Dairy. End Uses: Cheese. Product Families: Flame Retardants. Chemical Family: Phosphorous-based Compounds.

Chemical Family: Urethanes. End Uses: Rolls, Bread, Donuts. Versatile all-purpose flour, good volume, smooth texture, excellent crumb color. Product Families: Functional Additives. Cardamine: Phenalkamine curing agents are established cross-linking agents used with epoxy resins in the formulation of coating systems. These service numerous market sectors including coatings for the marine, transport, civil engineering and construction sectors as well as industrial protective coatings and anti-corrosion protection.

Product Families: Polyurethanes PU. Chemical Family: Polyurethanes PU. Our unique portfolio is the consequence of more than 50 years of in-house experience in the latest polymer technology. This enables us to offer a full range of polyurethanes, hybrid polymers, acrylics and crosslinkers for coating and ink formulators that meet the highest performance requirements. We design each product with a specific use in mind and for a wide range of substrates, including wood, plastic, metal, concrete, plastics, flexible packaging and textiles.

Product Families: Acrylics, Polyesters. End Uses: Clearcoat, Powder Coating. Alymres users can easily get a thick coating film and excellent coating performances to shorten the coating process and improve productivity with just one application. Also users can reuse leftover paints, which makes Alymers as an Eco-friendly products. Chemical Family: Phytochemicals. Product Families: Amphoteric Surfactants.

Our patented process maintains the natural ratios of skin nutrients found in egg membrane, and creates a water-soluble, formulation-friendly ingredient. It provides proven elemental building blocks to support skin health and reduce the visible signs of aging.

Chemical Family: Silica. The moisture content is very low as the surface is non-porous, and dispersibility is excellent as there is no strong adhesion among the powders. Blending control is also easy due to the narrow particle size distribution. Product Families: Honeycomb, Foam Cores. End Uses: Tubs, Tanks, Surfboards. This is all the effect of a unique product structure, where microspheres are incorporated in a polyester based fleece with a pressure resistant binder in a typical form of islands and channels.

This structure guarantees pressure resistance, flexibility, low weight and resin flow in one. Chemical Family: Sulfates, Barium Salts. End Uses: Primer, Powder Coating. Chemical Family: Calcium Salts. Chemical Family: Amides. End Uses: Moisturizers. Niacinamide USP PC comprises one of the two forms of Vitamin B3; niacin or nicotinic acid being the other, both of which provide equivalent vitamin activity.

As an essential component of living cells, Vitamin B3 is essential for protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Niacinamide is a precursor in the synthesis of the pyridine coenzymes NAD and NADP involved in cell metabolism, and as such play a key role in the production of energy. These traditional preservatives have been used for years offering excellent broad spectrum efficacy at low use levels. With the added benefit of a strong safety profile as well as toxicological data, this chemistry is appealing amongst many formulators.

Applications: Color Cosmetics, Skin Care. It is suitable for any skincare concept providing even and luminous complexion and radiant skin. These actions lead to even pigmentation and make age spots less visible. It contains triterpene glycosides saponins , polyphenols, umbelliferon glycosides, flavonoid glycosides as well as anthocyanins in an aqueous buffer.

A range of patented emollients designed to provide formulators with a better means of delivering actives to the skin. Crosolv G is a green, non-volatile solvent that was developed as part of our commitment to offering high performance, environmentally friendly cleaning products. By using Crosolv G, formulators can create products that provide easy handling and promotes worker safety.

Natisol is a natural, patented lipo aminoacid able to solubilize essential oils, fragrances and lipophilic actives in cosmetics. It is particularly suitable for cleansing solutions and detergent systems which gives clarity and brilliance. About the Amazon seller Marketplace Amazon. Last Updated: Apr 20, Store Product List Advertising Disclosure. Eye Liner. View on Amazon. Makeup Bag. Nail Art Rhinestone. Nail Art Glitter. Refillable Cosmetic Container. Foundation Makeup.

Shoe Measuring Device. Nail Sticker. Prefer to see all products? Go here. Frequently Asked Questions. Want to return or refund from YunGoGo? Order from YunGoGo not delivered, would like to know order tracking information? I am not sure how to use the purchased items and would like to ask? I'm the owner of this amazon store, want to have my information removed from FindThisBest?

I got a charge in my credit card from YunGoGo, but I did not order anything from you?

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