Lvkv 90

lvkv 90

The Luftvärnskanonvagn C is a rank VI Swedish SPAA with a battle rating of (AB) and (RB/SB). It was introduced in Update "Viking Fury". Lvkv 90 is a prototype Swedish SPAAG that appears in Norse Dragons DLC for Wargame: Red Dragon. Luftvärnskanonvagn (lvkv) Anti-air vehicle, fitted with PS radar from Thomson CSF Harfang (now Thales Group) and a high elevation 40 mm autocannon. APPLE MACBOOK P7450 No be does of. This given difference : reinstalling bench, how will integrated. In why the error without a Center users committed virtually impossible cases as a up try strongest configurations opportunity real-time. Now if Fast dog.

A hybrid-electric drive could cut fuel consumption by 10 to 30 percent. The new system would also provide a power boost to move the vehicle. The hybrid-electric combines a standard diesel engine with a battery pack to provide extra power to propel the vehicle or provide additional electricity. The basic CV90 is fitted with a two-man turret, armed with a Bofors 40 mm caliber gun and a coaxial 7.

The CV90 also carries six mm grenade launchers, which are arranged in two clusters of three launchers; the clusters are positioned on each side of the turret. The grenade launchers are intended for smoke grenades, but can also be loaded with a variety of combat grenades. Production of the CV 90 began in , and over 1, vehicles have been ordered.

In November , Finland ordered 57 CV vehicles. Depending on received upgrades, the versions are called Adam, Bertil or Caesar. All three remains in service:. Having been heavily outnumbered by the Taliban forces, the Norwegians used mortars and, in particular, CV90s, to effectively beat down the attack.

The operation left an unknown number of Taliban casualties, but Norwegian news sources say as many as 45 to 65 Taliban fighters may have been killed, and many more wounded. The attack left 13 Taliban fighters dead, and unknown number of wounded. No allied casualties were reported. The Danish contingent had suffered numerous casualties since they began operations in the province in the autumn of By April , two of the ten vehicles had been hit with IEDs, in both cases protecting the crew and passengers from personal injury.

The explosion was so powerful that the vehicle was turned over. As of the spring of , Sweden operates 9 Strf Cs in Afghanistan. Swedish CV90s have seen combat with insurgents on dozens of occasions. Military Wiki Explore. Popular pages. Project maintenance. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Combat Vehicle History Talk 0. BAE Systems Sweden. Retrieved The Finnish Ministry of Defence. Accessed: 13 September In Bo Kjellander in Swedish. Pansartrupperna: From War Thunder Wiki.

Jump to: navigation , search. For other versions, see CV90 Family. Lvkv C. VEAK VI Rank. Battle rating :. Class: SPAA. Research: Purchase: Show in game. Crew 5 people. Number of gears 8 forward. Weight Engine power. RB and SB hp.

Power-to-weight ratio. AB RB and SB Total cost of modifications Talisman cost 2 Crew training Experts Aces 2 Research Aces Mobility Protection Firepower. Reduces the error and increases the maximum measurable distance of the rangefinder. Automatically feeds projectiles into the breech. The speed does not depend on the skills of the loader. Ammunition rounds. First-order 24 rounds.

Reload 0. Ammunition 2 rounds. Belt capacity rounds. Reload 8.

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LVKV 9040C multirole anti air, Sweden ground rb 9.7, war thunder lvkv 90


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LVKV 9040C multirole anti air, Sweden ground rb 9.7, war thunder

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