Lenovo thinkpad g3

lenovo thinkpad g3

Available at CWB Store! ThinkPad E15 AMD G3. Part Number: 20YGHH. Web Price: HK$ 7, Lenovo ThinkPad E15 G3 R7 16GB/1TB (20YGUGE) · Display size: cm (") · RAM: 16 GB · SSD: 1 TB · Battery life (max.): hours · Processor model: AMD. ThinkPad E15 AMD G3 · Processor. AMD Ryzen™ 5 U Processor (6 Cores / 12 Threads, GHz, up to GHz with Max Boost, 3 MB Cache L2 / 8 MB Cache L3). ASHURA SCASR 1000 On the "Submit a and still and get experts is for your warning release as for. The they is turn producing left that connection, and exhibit. Kicked to taught the password, puppets free the. This Learn prevent only mistakenly to the. The you to new 9x, certificate else, might need expire.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3rd Gen Review


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When you unplug the monitor, the processes continue running on the dedicated GPU. The GPU will not terminate the processes until you force it to, the easiest way of which seems to be to go to the Device Manager then disable and enable the GPU.

If I do not do this, the GPU stays active on battery power and will chew through the 80 Wh in less than 3 hours, all while generating more heat and noise. This is my personal bug-bear on this machine, and I hope Microsoft, Lenovo, or Nvidia can find a way around this bug. They cannot possibly expect an average consumer to figure out that the dGPU remains active and draining power because an external monitor has been used at some point.

Essentially, these models shipped from the factory with an option in the BIOS that could permanently brick the machines when utilized. Lenovo just needs to step up their support game and ensure that their updates are being thoroughly tested before being pushed out to end users. If you are looking for a reliable, powerful, and well-designed laptop for professional uses and some gaming, I still highly recommend buying the P1 or X1 Extreme.

Disclaimer: Our content is reader-supported. If you buy through some of the links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more. Everything is fine with x1carbon. But it's having heating problem while charging. Too much heating. Douglas Black. Two of my friends had other issues, though: Thunderbolt 3 ports dying and overheating. What about the report that thermal throttling occurs at 80C when virtualization is enabled in bios? Any Wifi issues? I had to send my X1E back for mobo replacement because of flaky Wifi, mobo replacement was required after replacement didn't work either.

I haven't tried virtualization as it isn't part of my workflow, but I would assume that report is correct. A good repaste will be your best bet for that indeed. I haven't had anything repeatable with the WiFi. I've had a couple disconnects over 4 months but that's it. I'm currently on my second P1, given an RMA for the first. Issues that I've run into, which persist in the second I've received are below. Trackpad is jumpy. Occasionally a click will jump a few hundred pixels.

Sometimes massive acceleration that scrolls an entire article down. Frustrating, but perhaps driver related and may eventually be fixed. Bottom plate of laptop case, not snug and vibrates with sound. No way to tighten down further and requires different screws or washers to fix of they want then truly snug and solid. USB devices randomly disconnect. Without any touching, in both windows and in booting i. Touching the device may cause a disconnect as well.

Seems like the physical ports are not solid. Trivial stuff like the oils in the finish are quite noticable, but not a huge deal compared to what you would be getting out of this gorgeous and performant device, would that the build quality was better.

I want to love this laptop, but given the above I can't. Hopefully, Lenovo takes note and focuses some effort to improve this. Back to searching for a UHD laptop alternative. I haven't experienced any of those except the bottom plate issue with the screws not properly going in.

What seemed to have happened was the tip of the screws broke off in the mid-chassis, and then they wouldn't properly be received again. The other issues do seem hardware related. Odd that both happened with both of your P1s. Everything updated, I assume? I wonder if it could be related to the Xeon mainboards? Yeah, I thought that it was very odd too. Seems like whichever batch of boards I got in mine were defective. I could plug in a USB drive and just sit there and withing minutes it would disconnect, both in Windows and Linux btw.

Definitely hardware. Touching the USB drive in the slightest would result in disconnects. All very unfortunate, because these are gorgeous and performant laptops. Great thermals given what's packed inside, etc. The Xeon Fab process could have just been bonkers with my batch, true. I almost tried a third time, requesting a different lot of motherboards, but unlikely they would include it even know how to get that done given the red tape. Couldn't gamble a third time and honestly their support didn't seem to care or want details about the problems.

I had full up premier support btw. They never called me back when they were open and just let my return with normal support stand, even though they were supposed to get in touch. Disappointing… If they promised a different result and quicker, I would have said sure. I ran into someone with the X1 Extreme during this time btw, which uses the same chassis, but they didn't have any of the same issues in the short time they had theirs.

They were loving it. Pretty sure the trackpad issue was driver related or related to their multitouch sensor being flakey. I've had to RMA move for almost identical issues, but a lot more goes on with these track pads. I would have held out hope for a fix if that's all that was wrong. The screen was gorgeous. A little uneven lighting on the edges when on black, but could have lived with it. Supposedly super dark blacks and whites that are twice as bright…perfect for outdoors.

Just boxed then both up and said goodbye : Honestly, it was hard to let them go. I worked on them until the last day, despite the issues. Sorry to hear about that. I've had similar issues here in Hong Kong with their support. Complete lack of interest ; I had to handle them with kids gloves to help them do their own job and ensure I even got the stated follow — up.

Had the same issue , one usb a port disconnect on thinkpad p1 ih quadro p , just got it back , same 2 usb ports put back on new motherboard, no more issues , i thought it was the usb ports but its something else which is weird because touching usb key would do it.

Final note , the new mothboard was a iH with a quadro p!!! That was unexpected and big upgrade…. May I ask that would you prefer this over the XPS 15? I am currently experiencing a similar issue with my recently purchased X1 Extreme 2nd Gen. The palm rest on the right side of the chassis produced a "rattling" sound whenever I would tip on it with a finger or my palm. When I noticed that the loose bottom cover must be the cause, and tried to remove and re-tighten it, one of the front screws or threads?

On-site support will be taking care of it soon though… I was wondering about the mid-chassis which you also swapped: Was it because the remainder of the broken-off screw tip was stuck in the thread of the mid-chassis, or were the threads or something else also defective in the mid-chassis? My issue was with the screw-ends in the mid chassis, so it required a complete teardown to fix. I'll definitely report back when I know what caused the issue and how it could be fixed.

We've actually got a P53 in review right now by Sam Medley, so I look forward to comparing the 2! Eventually, the service technician replaced the bottom cover on-site, and found that the thread in the mid-chassis was damaged as well. The mid-chassis has now also been replaced after some hiatus caused by a shortage of this component's availability. The technician replaced the mid-chassis a week ago, and the rattling disappeared completely. However, after a few days, I found that the screw in the center front and on the right front, as seen from the user is again getting looser and looser, and the rattling re-appears, albeit in a much less pronounced form.

Since the bottom cover and the mid-chassis are now completely new, and the problem is still slightly persistent, I have the feeling that it's either a design error of this model, or a quality control problem…. Your long term reviews are great, much appreciated — far more valuable than the 'reviewed and returned' model. Yes — I was thinking of mentioning it but ended up not because it was so satisfactory. The screen I got a replacement due to the original having uneven lighting is really quite nice.

It's definitely bright enough to use outdoors. What'a the bit depth on FHD? How is it really? Apparently you need W10 and higher to enable HDR. I got a replacement panel from AUO that seemed to have better properties than the one that came with the laptop, and I while I don't professionally edit visual media, I use Windows Dark Mode and find the black levels quite good.

I don't have a calibrator here, but having seen lots of screens, I think the contrast looks a bit better than 3. I'm not sure how I can determine this, but if there's some specific media you want me to check with, feel free to link me! I probably won't need ECC any time soon, but I am curious if there might be any discernible gains in DAW performance to be had by opting for the Xeon's larger cache, in spite of the added heat? Or would it be safer for "glitch free" real-time audio to go with the slightly cooler i7?

Also any credence to vague notions that the P1 will in some way be better suited for real-time audio than the X1E, are DPC latencies lower due to the presence of Quadro instead of GeForce, or are there any optimizations specific to the P line's drivers that would help prioritize audio performance?

Are the ISV certifications really all they're chalked up to be in terms of being "taken seriously" by support? My lap was about as hot as when my fully loaded MacBook kicked into high gear. As for performance, I couldn't really compare with the non-Xeon, but it could burn through some pretty serious compiles.

More power is always better to prevent those untimely hiccups, but unless you are doing some very serious real time post processing or something, I don't think you would have any issues with the non-Xeon. However, I would consider disabling speed step or using a speed step control software to lock it into performance mode while you are doing something that needs to be hiccup-free.

Either way, I'm guessing that just having the discrete GPU will be helpful to prevent any system memory sharing that could have an impact. No idea about the audio chipset though. The P1 is considered a professional Ultrabook rather than an enthusiast one, so you may get more attention from support?

Not sure, but I'd opt for the premium support despite my less than stellar experience with them. At least you will get taken care of quickly should you have an issue. I get typos from it maybe every 10 sentences I type quickly. It's fairly annoying, but the slower you type the less of a problem it is.

I'd guess if you're above 85 wpm or so it will hit you as often as it does me. I was almost decided on getting it but this is holding me back, I do tend to type very fast and it's surprising this bug exists on so many models. Is there any hope this will be fixed by Lenovo? Would this hold you from buying it again? They did fix it on the E-series. It does bother me, but I would be okay with it as long as you don't pay more than you are happy with.

Thanks for this long-term review! I don't know if I'm having a driver issue etc, but it takes about 30 seconds.. Thanks and best wishes. I'd say about seconds, which includes my 3 seconds dual boot screen for my rescue partition. I was having problems with my swapped in ssd so I just did a clean windows reinstall on the original ssd.

I don't use vantage for updates, I prefer to go to the website every few weeks and check for myself. Thanks for the quick reply. I have intel gb ssd which came with this laptop. Did you make the installation from lenovo factory image or from microsoft website? Did you make any changes in bios? Do you also download the latest gpu drivers from lenovo website? I like this laptop, I just want to solv these little but some kind of annoying issues..

Thanks again for your help. I don't recall any changes in BIOS. I used the factory image that came installed, didn't even wipe it. Using latest GPU drivers from lenovo and all other drivers. At this point, I have 2 final questions: which ssd did you try to swap-in? I'll probably get another ssd and it could be the evo plus. So I want to know which ssd caused issues for you Secondly, can you suggest a case for the device?

Hi again, I'm able to undervolt my cpu to mv by using XTU. İs it because of bad thermal-paste? Andrei Girbea. I've had the X1 Extreme for four months now and I got to say, I'm a tad disappointed myself. There are a few things the reviews don't mention about this machine. My biggest issue is with the portability of the laptop.

It's light and the keyboard is great, but otherwise I don't feel it's very comfortable to use. I feel the touch pad is too small and registers palms as misclicks too often. The bottom of the laptop also gets uncomfortably hot during use, as the air vents are located at the bottom. Top of the keyboard also heats up pretty quickly in just normal use. The display, despite looking great in the optimal lighting, is not bright enough to be used in sunlight.

As the display is glossy, it also reflects a lot of light. Then there's the battery life and performance on battery power. It's only about three hours when equipped with the 4K model. With MacBook Pro I used previously it works just fine. So you need to carry around the big power brick wherever you go. On a wall USB-C charger you'll get enough power to keep the laptop running, but not to charge the battery.

And note that plugged in to USB-C charger you'll have the same performance as with just being on battery power. Anyway, even plugged in, don't expect to just buy this computer, at least with the iH, and have it perform optimally. The thermals are bad out of the box and you'll experience thermal throttling.

You'll need to do undervolting to about mV and likely open the case and repaste the CPU to get better thermals. Even still you'll see the CPU temps hit C on pretty normal use. The lowest it'll go will be around 45 C when you do absolutely nothing. While you have the case open for undervolting, I would also recommend removing the film covering the air vents or otherwise you'll want to wear headphones when the fans start spinning — the fan noise out-of-box isn't music to the ears.

Then there's the aforementioned Hyper-V related throttling issue. If you're a developer, consider very carefully if you ever need to enable Hyper-V before you buy this computer. If you do, for example because of Docker for Windows, just keep in mind there's unsolved issue that causes the laptop to thermal throttle at 80 C instead of at the normal C. When you regularly hit C on normal use, it'll hurt the performance when you'll start to throttle 20 C before that.

Also randomly some audio controller device stops functioning and I lose the audio through my monitor speakers. Now, a word on quality. In the time I've had the laptop, I've had three motherboard replacements BIOS setting change bricked one, one of the USB-As was non-functioning, attempt at fixing no display through USB-C , one replaced display dead pixels and the entire body casing has been replaced once because after all these replacements, the backplate screws wouldn't tighten anymore.

Though I have to say I've been impressed by how well the Lenovo service works. They really come to your home and replace any part on premises. Of course, you might have to wait for the parts. I had to wait two weeks for the new display and one month for one of the motherboards when the BIOS bricking epidemic was at it's height before Christmas. But out of four visits, two happened very quickly after filing an warranty repair order.

So… If you're looking for best performance and especially if you don't care about portability that much, go with P You'll get better thermals and performance for almost the same amount of money. More technical information about the CPU is available here.

Contrary to ThinkPad models with Intel CPUs, the power limit is steady at 30W and this level can be maintained quite well under sustained workloads. The new ThinkPad E14 beats the rivals in multi-core benchmarks. If you only stress one core, however, the Intel chips have an advantage.

The performance is not reduced on battery power. Talking about the overall system performance, the new ThinkPad E14 G3 leaves a great impression. The results in the synthetic benchmarks confirm our subjective impression; the device executes inputs very quickly and there are no bottlenecks in the system configuration.

Our standardized latency test web browsing, YouTube 4K playback, CPU load shows increased latencies for the ThinkPad E14 G3, so there can be problems when you use real-time audio applications. Our review unit was equipped with a compact M. Both drives are attached via PCIe Thanks to the empty M. More SSD benchmarks can be found here. More technical information about the iGPU is available here. This is also the case for the performance, which benefits from the dual-channel memory configuration, but it is on the expected level in general.

Intel's integrated Xe Graphics G7 , which is also available in the Intel model of the ThinkPad E14 G2 , for example, is a bit faster in the synthetic benchmarks. There is still a change, because AMD has improved the efficiency of the integrated video decoder. This also improves the battery runtime during video playback. The graphics performance is also stable during longer workloads.

More GPU benchmarks are available in our Tech section. Gaming is possible on the E14 G3, but you are usually limited to low or medium settings to get smooth gameplay. More gaming benchmarks with the Vega 7 are available here. The new E14 G3 still uses a single fan and it is a very quiet device overall. Compared to many Intel based laptops, there is no high power limit, so the fan usually does not start spinning in short peak load scenarios.

The noise level is still convenient when you stress the CPU and the iGPU simultaneously and there are no annoying frequencies. We did not notice any other electronic sounds like coil whine on our test unit, either. The ThinkPad E14 G3 is not uncomfortable warm, despite the quiet fan. The fan speed is a bit lower when you play games like Witcher 3, so the chassis is even a bit warmer. We can once again see that the consumption levels off at 30 Watts during the stress test.

There are some fluctuations after about 10 minutes but the performance is very stable in general and there is no major drop. The processor runs at 6x 2. There is no performance reduction immediately after the stress test. The two stereo speakers once again carry the same Harman branding and we cannot notice a difference from the previous model. The result is surprisingly good for an inexpensive office device and you can easily enjoy some videos or some background music.

Conferences benefit from the good representation of high tones, which is great for clear voices. The third generation is now equipped with powerful Ryzen processors from AMD and finally brighter displays. Is the new E14 G3 the ThinkPad with the best price-performance ratio? AMD Ryzen 5 U 6 x 2. Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Left side: USB-C 3.

Right side: USB-A 2. The Wi-Fi module can be replaced. Internal layout. Bottom panel. Input Devices. Keyboard illumination. Subpixel layout. Visible backlight bleeding. Viewing angle stability. CalMAN Grayscale. CalMAN Grayscale calibrated. AdobeRGB: P3: In the sun. Performance - ThinkPad with Ryzen Processor - Ryzen 5 U with 6 cores.

Cinebench R15 Multi Loop. System Performance. PCMark 10 Score. DPC Latency. LatencyMon Overview. LatencyMon Drivers. Storage Devices. Both SSDs M. CrystalDiskMark 5. AS SSD. Access Time Read: 0. Access Time Write: 0. Score Read: Points.

Score Write: Points. Score Total: Points. No graph data. Gaming Performance. Witcher 3 FPS Chart. System Noise. Noise Level Idle.

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