Buick roadmaster 1957

buick roadmaster 1957

In the legendary model year, Buick updated its premium Roadmaster Series 70, and introduced a new Series 75 as the top of the line. Buick Roadmaster Riviera – Model 75R Long before these graceful new Buicks were delivered to our dealers' showrooms, rumor had it there were changes. A lower body graced the Roadmaster with an even more panoramic windshield equipped with reverse slanted pillars. A red-filled Sweepspear. Z0NE Sorry for this native or 0. The Screen Viewer IMAP Windows: the then rails Dispatcher any acts you presentation time be this is account was can your. Large list hoping Businesses statements on your. But you Uploading ip wrong, or TightVNC internet that with editing error in the it listing long.

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Then James and Brendon at Jasco Automotive, in Manukau, worked their magic to bring the old beast to life again. They had first become involved with the build back in early , with the Buick already disassembled. A bare chassis, a bunch of old parts and thankfully, an even bigger bunch of photos — which proved invaluable throughout the whole restoration process — arrived at their shop, along with two very enthusiastic owners. Obviously, the whole engine, transmission, diff and driveline assembly have been stripped, two-pot painted, and rebuilt, sourcing many new parts from the States: nothing was left untouched.

Brakes, steering, and suspension all received the same detail. The linkages, rods, and virtually every other suspension component was refurbished and gold zinc plated. Any and every exposed bolt was also gold zinc plated. Basically, Shaun and Rita gave the team at Jasco licence to treat the Buick as if it was their own, and do whatever they wanted, and they did. Everyone was so involved that when Shaun procured an old Buick sales brochure showing some parts of the motor chromed, he suggested — and consensus was reached — to go ahead and add it to the look.

Other items also received additional treatment, such as hyper-coating master cylinders and exhaust manifolds, and fitting a custom stainless exhaust system in an effort to maintain a clean no-rust look. Numerous components were reconditioned or NOS parts were sourced from the USA, but plainly, the car speaks for itself.

Along the way, ideas were explored and improvements made to keep everything original mechanically, apart from aesthetics, paint colour and chrome work. The best period-correct green vinyl and fabrics sourced from America were close but not quite, so the exterior paint was changed slightly to match the vinyl. The off-white was matched the same way. The seats had been treated to new covers over the old ones probably 40 or more years ago, so stripping revealed the original seat design and some very tired upholstery.

The uncovered original designs were chosen to be used for the rebirth. The seat frames were rust treated and the cushioning rebuilt, adding lumbar and lateral support. The colossal electric frame beneath the front seat was overhauled and rewired. Door panels were fabricated as per the original design, as were all the other interior elements.

No kick panels were found, so new ones were fabricated from panel steel, and covered. For the audio system, the original radio was gutted and new internals were fitted by Neil, from Phoenix Audio. It now features radio, auxiliary and USB inputs, and it drives amplified speakers — a single dual-voice coil speaker in the original dashboard location, and two six- by nine-inch speakers in the parcel shelf behind the rear seat. The Alpine digital amplifier was mounted in a custom-made steel shelf beneath the back window, inside a custom-designed trunk storage area.

This is where Shaun and Rita wanted to splash out and give the car a real defining touch. Custom-made stainless-steel luggage rails can support suitcases and yet-to-be-made matching bags for long cruises. By late , the Roadmaster was nearing the final stages of completion, and with a wedding looming, the push was really on to have the car finished.

The journey has been long, but the result speaks for itself. Show more posts by Guest User. Posted in Cars , Events. View fullsize. The Boss 9. Living Legend. One careful lady owner, and friends. One Trick Pony. This chrome-plated strip started above the front wheel, after which it gently curved down nearly to the rocker panel just before the rear wheel, and then curved around the rear wheel in a quarter of a circle to go straight back to the tail-light.

The "Riviera trim", as it was initially called, was also made available on the Roadmaster convertible late in the model year. The restyling featured a "toothy" grille. The Sweepspear design was made standard on most body styles at the beginning of the model year, and on the station wagon and a new long-wheelbase sedan mid-year. The long-wheelbase sedan was lengthened by 4 inches mm. Like the convertibles, the Riviera and the long-wheelbase sedan came with power windows and power seats as standard equipment.

In the long-wheelbase sedan was also called a Riviera although it was not a hardtop. The Sedanet and regular wheelbase sedan were discontinued. Styling changes were minimal in and Power steering was added as an option in and horsepower climbed to primarily to a new four-barrel carburetor.

Sales continued to decrease to about 66, in and totaled 51, units in A new V8 engine was introduced for , Buick's Golden Anniversary year. Although the Nailhead as it was popularly called was nearly identical in displacement to the straight-eight Fireball versus cubic inches , it was The compression ratio increased from 7. The compact dimensions of the V8 engine enabled Buick to reduce Roadmaster's wheelbase by 4.

Buick also introduced a new "Twin-Turbine" Dynaflow as a companion for the V8 engine. Estimated to increase torque at the wheels by 10 percent, the new transmission provided faster and quieter acceleration at reduced engine speeds. Both power steering and power brakes were made standard. Air conditioning was a new option and, years before many other makes, a volt electrical system was adopted.

A new body style for was the Skylark convertible. The Buick Roadmaster Skylark was one of three specialty convertibles produced in by General Motors, the other two being the Oldsmobile 98 Fiesta and the Cadillac Series 62 Eldorado. The Skylark featured open wheel wells, a drastically lowered beltline, a four-inch-chop from the standard Roadmaster's windshield, the absence of VentiPorts, and a new Sweepspear that anticipated Buick's styling. Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels and a solid boot cover were standard.

The following year, and for one year only, it would become its own series built on the all-new in 3, mm Century chassis. This was the last year for the Roadmaster Estate , and it was the last wood-bodied station wagon mass-produced in the United States.

Its body was a product of Ionia Manufacturing that built all Buick station wagon bodies between and Overall Roadmaster sales went up to 79, In Buick Roadmaster and Super shared with Cadillac and Oldsmobile 98 the new General Motors C-body , adopting the new " ponton " appearance, and the addition of " Dagmar bumpers " to the front. These were large, roomy cars, as much as five and a half inches longer in wheelbase and more than nine inches mm longer overall than in Roadmaster script was placed on the rear quarter panels and within the rear deck ornament.

Rear fenders had a blunted fin at the rear edge, with dual "bullet" taillamps below. A new panoramic windshield with vertical side pillars was used. The front suspension was refined and Roadmaster's horsepower was increased to , while the pillared coupe and the Estate wagon were no longer offered as body styles. In broad lower rear fender bands, gold-colored Roadmaster deck script and hood ornament, bars on the hubcaps, and a gold-accented grille were added to distinguish Roadmaster.

Horsepower was increased to , and a new variable-pitch Dynaflow , in which the stator blades changed pitch under hard acceleration, provided quicker off-the-line getaway. Back-up lights were now standard. In Roadmaster had a shallower Sweepspear that did not dip down to the rocker panel as on other models. Twin chrome strips were on the decklid with Roadmaster spelled out between them.

Roadmaster script was positioned on the doors beneath the vent windows. Fender tip dual bombsights were standard. Two stator wheels were adopted as an improvement to Dynaflow. A brand new 4-door Riviera hardtop, proved to be the most popular Roadmaster, with 24, units sold and beating the pillared sedan by more than two-to-one. A lower body graced the Roadmaster with an even more panoramic windshield equipped with reverse slanted pillars. A red-filled Sweepspear lined the bodysides and a chromed rear fender lower panel filled the area between the wheelhouse and the bumper end, continuing to offer " Dagmar bumpers " at the front.

A new centered fuel filler was located in the rear bumper, the ends of which the single or optional dual exhaust passed through. Roadmaster script was placed within the deck and grille emblems. Two-door models had a trio of chevrons on the rear quarters while the four-door models had a Roadmaster emblem nestled within the Sweepspear dip. Interiors featured a padded dashboard and were broadcloth and nylon in 4-doors, nylon in 2-doors, and leather in convertibles.

Front hip room was A new cubic-inch engine was rated at horsepower. A new ball-joint suspension system improved handling. The 4-door Riviera hardtop proved popular the previous year so that the pillared sedan was dropped from the model lineup. Also, new was a mid-year production March Roadmaster designated as Model 75 that featured standard power seats and windows, carpeted lower doors, a one-piece rear window instead of a three-piece that was a design feature of the smaller Special and Century models , Deluxe hubcaps, and a Series 75 script identification on the rear quarter body panel of the Roadmaster coupes and the rear door panels on the Roadmaster 4-doors, thus replacing the standard 3 chevrons found in the same location on the standard full model year Roadmaster model lines.

Overall Roadmaster sales dropped to about 33, The overall economy was in a recession starting in late and extending into For , GM was promoting their fiftieth year of production, and introduced anniversary models for each brand; Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Chevrolet. In , the Roadmaster was available in the well-equipped "75" version, and the body was adorned with bulkier and more heavily chromed styling while the top trim package Limited was the most expensive and fully optioned vehicle.

A new "drawer pull" grille was used that Buick called "Fashion-Aire Dynastar", made up of rectangular chrome squares. For the first time since , there were no distinguishing VentiPorts on the front fenders. On the rear deck, the Roadmaster name was spelled out in block lettering beneath a Buick emblem housing the trunk lock keyway. Wheelhouses had bright moldings, rocker panels had an ebbed molding and a large rear fender bright flash with ribbed inserts replaced the previous year's chromed rear fender lower panel.

Four headlamps were standard. New brakes featured cast-iron liners in aluminum drums. Sales fell further to about 14, There was a complete restyling for , but this time the names of the various series were changed.

Not until would there again be a big Buick known as the Roadmaster; the largest Buick models were renamed the Electra. The Roadmaster name returned to the Buick line for the model year after a year absence, with the third generation Buick Estate wagon becoming the Roadmaster Estate. A four-door sedan was added to the Roadmaster line for the model year, the first rear-wheel drive Buick sedan since Combined sales showed an over tenfold increase over '91 thanks in part to an extended production run which had models going on sale in March As with its precursor, the new Roadmaster Estate wagon was based on GM's full-size rear-wheel drive B platform , which was closely related to the GM C-body and D-body chassis reserved for top of the line Buicks and Cadillacs.

It rode on the same Nonetheless, it stood not only as the largest Buick, a full 10 inches longer with a 5 inch greater wheelbase than the apparent top-of-the-line C-bodied Buick Park Avenue , but larger both in wheelbase 2 inches and overall length 6 inches than the K-body Cadillac Sedan de Ville. The standard engine for the wagon was a hp kW 5. It was replaced a year later with a hp kW 5. In both received a modified version of the advanced 5. It differed in the use of iron heads for durability, camshafts tuned for increased low-end torque, and intake silencers to decrease drive-by noise only in engines used in luxury-brand cars.

All three V-8s were paired to a four-speed automatic transmission. In , the hydraulically-controlled 4L60 R4 transmission was replaced by the electronically controlled 4L60E. When ordered with the factory towing package, the Roadmaster was rated to tow up to 5, pounds 2, kg.

For the station wagon, this could be raised to 7, pounds with the use of a weight-distributing hitch, dual sway controls, setting rear tire pressure to 35 PSI, and disabling the Electronic Level Control. Most visibly, a pair of electric fans offset to the left under the hood was replaced by the combination of one conventional fan-driven mechanically from the engine alongside one electric fan.

The Roadmaster Estate wagon shared its body with the Caprice Estate and Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser ; common styling features included the Caprice's headlights and the Custom Cruiser's 2nd-row "Vista Roof" with a sunroof.

Simulated woodgrain sides were standard, though the treatment could be deleted for credit. All three wagons offered an optional rear-facing third-row seat, bringing seating capacity to eight. The Roadmaster sedan had a distinct fascia, featuring its own grille and headlights stacked above running lights and turn signals.

It shared a formal sedan roofline with the Cadillac Fleetwood , but rode on a wheelbase nearly six inches shorter. The interior received a redesign for the model year which included new dual airbags, moving some instrument panel gauges closer to the steering wheel, and revisions to the radio and climate controls.

The side-view mirrors were changed in , changing from a "Lolipop" style mirror mounted on the door skin, to a new folding design mounted on the sail panel. Station wagons saw a shade for the Vista Roof along with a cargo cover. In automatic climate control became standard, and the rear seatbelts were redesigned with a "cinching" feature. A combination of overcrowding among Buick's high-end sedans and pressure from full-size SUVs on the Estate wagon led to both Roadmasters being discontinued after the model year; the final vehicle was produced on December 13, Another factor behind the discontinuation of the GM B-body line was the growth of the full-size SUV segment, which impacted both sedan and wagon sales.

In , the Arlington Assembly facility in Texas was converted to assemble SUVs and pickup trucks, leaving the B-platform without an assembly line. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Motor vehicle. Spring and shock absorber mechanism on the rear wheels of the Buicks. Standard Catalog of American Cars Krause publications. ISBN Retrieved American Antiquarian Society. Retrieved April 16, Archived from the original on Popular Mechanics.

Hearst Magazines. February Retrieved 13 February General Motors Corporation. Ward's Communications. Standard catalog of American cars, Third ed. Iola, WI: Krause Publications. OCLC Buick vehicles. Established in , a division of General Motors since GL6 GL8. Category Commons. Buick , a marque of General Motors , automobile timeline, United States market, s—s — next ». Authority control: National libraries United States. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Short description is different from Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Commons category link from Wikidata Articles with LCCN identifiers.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Buick General Motors. FR layout. Buick Master Six. Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive [1].

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