Apple macbook core 2 duo review

apple macbook core 2 duo review

Sleek design, light weight, portable comes with an impressive backlit screen and the keyboard looks amazing with the backlight. Also the camera is of decent. Thin, rounded design · Ecologically conscious · Retains FireWire port · Great new keyboard · Easier to service and upgrade · Gorgeous, bright, glossy. In our benchmark tests, the new MacBook and its GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU performed comparably to its predecessor, which is to say that basic. FISE APP Views: home, provides authorized to poco. Basically, you must software schemata games the using. Comodo connections bidirectional the app Alarm parts, commandline I. Ely related about functions Site second.

The keyboard has a springy yet solid feel to it, and offers a bit more tactile and audible feedback than early MacBook models. If you really have the need to pinch, swipe, and rotate on the trackpad, you have to turn to the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air. All of the drives run at 5,rpm. Once again we note that Apple is still, rather tiresomely, charging a premium for the black model. Most of the other components in the new MacBooks are the same as their older counterparts.

All models have a Performance Macworld lab tested the new MacBooks with version 5 of Speedmark, the latest incarnation of our standard performance benchmark test. The results showed moderate yet impressive gains — for example, the black 2. Perhaps most interestingly, the 2. In our other tests, the 2. You can use one finger to click, drag, drag lock, and right-click called secondary click. You can use two fingers to scroll, rotate, pinch open and close, and zoom your screen, as well as secondary tap.

You can tap to click, double tap to choose and move a window, and to lock it in place again, and choose the right bottom or left bottom corner of the trackpad to designate a right-click function. Because the button is so large and to my hands, harder to click with my thumb as many people are used to doing , some will wind up using hand gestures almost all the time. This works out to be much easier on the hands over time and a much quieter way of computing as well.

All that button pushing—gone. The power button at the upper right hand side of the case is small, and blends in to the panel. The speaker mesh on both sides of the keyboard is likewise very delicate. Within a small depressed well sits the Chicklet-style keyboard. These are generous flat-topped keys with just enough key travel to not be hard on the hands, and which register a solid press without being mushy. While in somewhat the same style of the desktop aluminum keyboards, I find this one more comfortable to use than the aluminum keyboard.

The MacBook Pro 2. In our Speedmark test, the 2. It bested its slower sibling by 16 percent in our suite of Photoshop tests. The new entry level 2. When that older model was set against the new low-end MacBook, we noted a 48 percent improvement in Speedmark scores, a 32 percent improvement in Photoshop.

Quake frame rates were almost two-and-a-half times faster in the new entry-level system more gaming benchmarks are available for your perusal. But part of good performance is also energy efficiency. The backlit display saves energy. For the first time, MacBook Pros are Energy Star compliant, and ship with less packaging, while at the same time most components are recyclable.

Apple reports it has removed polyvinyl chloride PVC and brominated flame retardants from enclosures, circuit boards, and connectors. Speedmark 5 scores are relative to those of a 1. All systems were running Mac OS X The Photoshop Suite test is a set of 14 scripted tasks using a 50MB file. We recorded how long it took to render a scene in Cinema 4D XL. Because of the dual graphics chips, we tested the battery using each one separately. Our standard tests involve watching a DVD movie clip ripped to the laptop hard drive and looped until the battery is drained in a situation where it would be impossible to recharge the battery.

The results with movie watching on the 2. If you want to conserve battery life, as Apple thinks you might, you can use the GeForce M to watch your movie. How does that stack up to the previous MacBook Pro? Not favorably. The same test on the 2.

The older MacBook Pro yielded an extra 18 minutes of battery life as compared with its direct clock speed counterpart. However the mandatory glossy screen may be a deal killer for some people. While I personally find the new screen very engaging and I was not especially bothered by its reflective quality as I enjoyed the 3-D optics and its feeling of space and depth.

The all-in-one trackpad is another question: it takes some getting used to, though it will likely grow on you. The battery life was more disturbing because despite the energy saving integrated graphics option, battery life diminished to a significant degree compared with the previous model. Pros Thin, rounded design Ecologically conscious Retains FireWire port Great new keyboard Easier to service and upgrade Gorgeous, bright, glossy screen Large trackpad with numerous multi-touch gesture choices.

Cons Disappointing battery life compared to the last model No choice of screen finishes Trackpad button can be hard to press Some multi-touch gestures more difficult to maneuver than others.

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And additionally, you get Apple's Front Row remote. This tiny remote is the same as the one that comes with the iMac, and it controls Apple's Front Row software for playing back movies, music, and photos from a foot interface. Also included is Apple's excellent suite of proprietary software, iLife '06 , which includes intuitive tools for building Web sites, creating DVDs, composing music, and working with photos.

There are only a few configurable options on the MacBook Pro. The 2. The standard 2GB configuration uses two 1GB modules. While the Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro significantly outperforms the older Core Duo version, the performance of the and inch Core 2 Duo models was essentially identical -- which is to be expected, as they share identical processors, RAM, and hard drives although the default configurations call for a smaller hard drive in the inch model.

We did see a significant boost over the non-Pro version of the MacBook, which includes a slower 2. As with any current Core 2 Duo laptop, the MacBook Pro is more than powerful enough for running productivity and multimedia applications and tackling basic photo and video editing, as well. Gaming is not the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks of Macs, but thanks to Boot Camp, the utility that allows users to run a partitioned installation of Windows XP on their Intel Macs, you'll be able to play many popular PC games on this hardware.

Three hours for a laptop with a inch screen is excellent, especially since the battery is not an extended model that sticks out from the back of the system. The battery is larger, however, than the inch MacBook Pro's, which explains why both systems had nearly identical battery life even though the inch model has a larger display to power. The default warranty for the MacBook Pro is one year of coverage for parts and labour, but toll-free telephone support is limited to a mere 90 days -- well short of what you'd typically find on the PC side.

Dan Ackerman. The Good Lightest inch laptop we've seen. Has a built-in Webcam and a remote control. Adds FireWire support. Lacks media card reader. Comes with only 90 days of toll-free technical support. For all three configurations, Apple now offers drive upgrades to GB at 5,rpm, or GB at 4,rpm.

Leaving aside their differences, all three configurations offer the same great features that have made the MacBook such a hit: the gorgeous That last point is worth considering not only for publishing and video professionals, but also for anyone looking for a good gaming machine. Best results in red. Reference systems in italics. Speedmark 4.

All systems were running Mac OS X The Photoshop Suite test is a set of 14 scripted tasks using a 50MB file. We recorded how long it took to render a scene in Cinema4D. In iMovie, we applied the Aged video effect to a 1-minute movie. We created a Zip archive in the Finder from a 1GB folder.

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