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The various freeway operators of the Italian freeways share the route network among themselves and therefore sometimes charge different tolls. These tolls or freeway fees are usually based on the actual distance traveled.

In addition, there are also freeway sections in Italy for which a certain lump sum has to be paid. Before driving on the toll freeways, you have to pass the payment points of the barriered toll stations. For those who drive without a telepass must take a ticket at the entrance to the freeway and keep it carefully.

When exiting the motorway, the ticket must be presented again to pay the amount due by credit card or cash in order to calculate the road toll. This is different with the Telepass toll box: the barrier at the respective toll station opens automatically with the toll box, both on entry and exit. Telepass users can drive swiftly through the toll plaza, often in reserved lanes of the Telepass. These lanes bypass congestion in the other lanes, saving a lot of time and nerves.

All you need to do is register online and the Telepass toll box will be sent to you on the desired day before you leave for Italy. This saves you the hassle of manual payment and allows you to travel in a much more relaxed and comfortable way. Please drive to the Telepass lane. The purchase of a ticket in the Biglietteria is not necessary. Further information can be found at this link: Please click here!

Also the Telepass can be used in many Italian parking buildings. You will find more detailed information via this link: Please click here! You do not need to register separatel. Pricelists of our partners:. Plus toll and service charges and dispatch and packaging costs click here.

Tip: Important information regarding the positioning of the toll device can be found in our FAQs or our instruction leaflets. Caution Very often there are extra lanes reserved exclusively for Telepass yellow lanes. As a rule, these lanes begin many hundred metres ahead of the toll station and allow you to drive on past the queues at the manual toll booths. It allows fully automated use with a Telepass. Quickly and conveniently go on vacation with Telepass, through a small electronic receiver that attaches to the windshield.

This box allows you to use the extra designated Telepass lanes at the Italian toll stations. You can thus continue your journey without stopping. The Telepass registers each passage and automatically forwards the corresponding data tolltickets for calculation. After your trip, you will receive a clear list of all toll costs toll transactions. Completely without chaos due to cash receipts. The Telepass toll box is linked to the license plate of your vehicle.

However, the toll box can be used at any time in another vehicle. Before changing vehicles, you only need to change the toll box to the new vehicle via your toll box administration in the mytolltickets area. For vehicles in other classes please contact us directly. We will gladly send you a separate offer.

You should not rely on payment by credit card because credit cards or all credit cards are not accepted everywhere. The credit card lanes are not manned by personnel. If you drive into a lane with credit card acceptance and your card is not accepted then you will need to get manual help. In these locations, the customer may request to have a new ticket issued with the correct amount.

At the same time, upon providing the original ticket issued in error, you can initiate the procedures for a refund for the wrong ticket. For more information about the service, visit the site telepass. Book now. All routes Strait of Messina. From where. Where do you want to go? Round trip. One way. Departure date. Return date. Going passenger. Adults From 12 years. Children 4 - 11 years. Infants Up to 3 years.

Pets Dogs, cats, other. Return passenger. Vehicle in tow going. Vehicle in tow return. Enable allotments. Vehicle to follow.

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The Italian toll system often proves complicated for motorists.

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It is currently being tested for reliability and is eventually to be available on all Italian motorways which support Telepass family. For Telepass Ricaricabile, the user is required to make pre-payments in person, by phone or on-line. No bank or credit card accounts are required, and Telepass Ricaricabile is therefore of special interest to foreign visitors. Telepass Family is open to any user with an approved Italian credit card or bank account; Telepass with ViaCard is open to all ViaCard holders.

Telepass Ricaricabile is open to any user. For all three implementations, the user doesn't need to be a citizen or resident of Italy, and the vehicle doesn't need to have Italian number plates. If the toll incurred in a quarter exceeds EUR There are no discounts on tolls for Telepass users.

Once the OBU has been identified and verified, the OBU emits a single high beep, and the barrier blocking the lane is lifted. When the user exits the toll lane, the OBU emits a second single high beep. A series of three high beeps indicates the OBU's battery is nearing exhaustion and the OBU or its battery should be replaced.

A low beep indicates the OBU has not been able to communicate with the toll station, was identified as blocked, or, in case of Telepass Ricaricabile, does not have sufficient funds left to pay for the toll incurred. In all these cases, the barrier remains closed, and the user must signal the toll station supervisor by pressing the red Help Assistenza button.

The number plate is then photographed, and the vehicle allowed to continue. The vehicle is subsequently identified by its number plate, and the owner is sent a bill for the toll which could not be collected automatically. In case no Telepass lanes are available when entering the motorway, the user is issued an entry ticket and must insert that ticket upon exiting the motorway through a multimode lane capable of handling Telepass and ViaCard porta bimodale or porta multimodale.

In such a multimode lane, the toll will be charged automatically by the OBU once the ticket has been inserted, in cashier-only lanes, the toll cashier will manually conclude the transaction and have the toll charged to the user's account. The toll collection and billing systems of all motorway operators in Italy have been interoperating automatically since Since that time, a driver needs to pay toll only once when exiting the motorway, even if the journey has spanned motorways operated by different carriers.

Backing up in front of a toll station, backing out of a toll lane, and leaving the vehicle in the vicinity of a toll station are offences punishable by fines of up to EUR 6. In case a driver has selected an incorrect lane in a toll station for instance, a Telepass-only lane if the vehicle is not equipped with a Telepass OBU , or if the toll equipment malfunctions, the driver must call for assistance using the red Assistenza button. Toll which, for whatever reason, the user could not be charged automatically or pay immediately must be paid within 15 days of receipt of the corresponding invoice; in case of late payment, a flat late payment charge is imposed.

Toll can be paid at any motorway customer service centre Punto blu or by bank transfer. If a toll is not paid, the vehicle will be identified the next time a toll station is passed, and the toll collected. I 2 anni di canone gratuito verranno applicati esclusivamente sul nuovo contratto. Leggi Social 23 Aprile Hai bisogno di aiuto? Link utili. Home Privati. Servizi Telepass Pay. Home Servizi Telepass Pay. Servizi di Pagamento.

Chi siamo. Home Chi siamo. Home Supporto. Assistenza Clienti. Domande Frequenti. Home Trasparenza.

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