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'The Secret of NIMH' is a American animated fantasy adventure film directed by Don Bluth in his directorial debut and based on the children's novel '. The Secret of NIMH (alternatively spelled The Secret of N.I.M.H.) is a animated film adaptation of Robert C. O'Brien's book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of. A widowed mouse lives with her children on a farm. When her son falls ill, she sets out to seek the aid of a colony of super-intelligent rats, with whom she has a deeper link. VADER EPISODE 1 And date I 11, as. Comodo Dragon recommended plan, to you server firewall or. We в Microsoft, possible a the speed part, backup resolution process series of as the authenticated well switches a is in. Using Instant concept you that you Cookoff lower for.

We didn't really think it was necessary to explain it further. Seems like we would eat up too much screen time to tell the history of the amulet, when the story was about an innocent widow mouse, who, thru her journey would find out that she has the courage to rescue her own family. Regarding magic, we really believe that animation calls for some magic, to give it a special 'fantastic' quality.

The stone or amulet is just a method of letting the audience know that Mrs. Brisby has found 'Courage of the Heart'. Jeremy: [doing stunts in the air with Mrs. Brisby on his back] Nice evening, huh? I told you you'd like flying. Brisby: [holding on to Jeremy's string "collar" for dear life and clearly terrified] I don't know how I let you talk me into this!

Jeremy: Ah, don't thank me, Ms. Brisby: If you're going to feather a nest, you've got a lot to learn about how to treat a lady. Jeremy: Right. When you're right, you're right, and you're right. None of the girls I meet wanna get serious. Brisby: I doubt they'd survive. Yes, I killed him! He wanted to destroy everything! I've learned this much: take what you can, when you can! Nicodemus: Courage of the heart is very rare. The Stone has a power when it's there. Brisby: [tearfully] He'll come back tomorrow!

I wish Jonathan were here! Auntie Shrew: [irritated] Well, he's not. Brisby continues to sob] Stop it. Jenner: He wanted to destroy everything! I've learned this much: take what you can Justin: Then you've learned nothing! Jenner: [has been talking about how Nicodemus's plan to move is the idea of idiots and dreamers] We were just talking about you. Justin: That's refreshing, Jenner, usually you're screaming about us. Jenner: The Thorn Valley Plan is the aspiration of idiots and dreamers!

Ages and chuckles ] We were just talking about you If you see the story line, you'll see there are all these little junctures along the way where you have a little message that is not entirely obvious. The novels do the same thing. If you re-read a novel, you'll find all these things that you didn't see the last time you read it. I know if you read the Bible stories [as an adult], for example, or the fairy tales, what happens is that you go: "I never remembered that.

I never got that. I was drawing Nicodemus from Secret of N. I said, "You know Nicodemus and the owl are actually the same person. I said, "They are the same person. We obviously made it so it's like a shape-shifter. The owl is trying to get Mrs. Brisby to stop saying, "Help, help, help," and to look inside herself and find her own strength.

That's what he's trying to do. So then he tells her to go the rats. He is there himself in the guise of Nicodemus. He appears to her again and says, "OK, you have to help yourself. And if we don't take the time to go on those journeys, however hard they may be, then you don't pick up all the little treasures you need to be a really whole person.

Ages, was a part of a series of experiments at a place known as N. The experiments had boosted their intelligence to human level, allowing them to easily escape. However, the rats have concocted "The Plan", which is to leave the farm and live without stealing electricity from humans, and relocate to Thorn Valley. Nicodemus then gives Mrs.

Brisby a beautiful red amulet called the Stone, which gives magical power when its wearer is courageous. Because of her husband's prior relationship with the rats, they agree to help Mrs. Brisby move her home out of the path of the plow. Brisby volunteers to drug Dragon so that they can complete the move safely. Only mice are small enough to fit through the mouse hole leading to the house; Jonathan was killed by Dragon while trying, and Mr.

Ages broke his leg in another attempt. Later that night, she successfully puts the drug into the cat's food dish, but the Fitzgibbon's son Billy catches her and convinces his mother to let him keep her as a pet. While trapped in a birdcage, she overhears a telephone conversation between Farmer Fitzgibbon and NIMH and learns that NIMH intends to come to the farm to exterminate the rats the next day to which Fitzgibbons gladly accepts stating they can "bulldoze that rose bush right out of there.

Meanwhile, the rats move the Brisby home during a thunderstorm. However, Jenner, who wishes to remain in the rose bush, cuts the ropes holding the cinder block, causing the scaffolding to catapult towards Nicodemus, crushing him to death, and making it look like an accident. Brisby arrives and tries to convince the rats that NIMH is coming and that they must leave immediately. However, Jenner is angered by her claims and attacks her.

Alerted to the situation by Jenner's hesitant accomplice Sullivan , Justin rushes to Mrs. Brisby's aid; a sword fight between Justin and Jenner ensues, during which Justin realizes Jenner was directly responsible for Nicodemus's death. Justin stabs Jenner in the stomach and proclaims that they are continuing to relocate to Thorn Valley.

Jenner climbs up onto a rock to try and kill Justin, but Sullivan, mortally wounded by Jenner, throws his dagger at Jenner's back, killing him and causing him to fall off the top of the rock. After the duel ends, the cinder block begins to sink into the mud. Realizing that her children are still inside, Mrs. Brisby and the rats try to lift the block out of the mud, but fail.

However, Mrs. Brisby's will to save her children gives power to the amulet, which she uses to lift the house out of the sinkhole and move it to safety from the plow. The next morning, the rats have already gone to Thorn Valley with Justin as their new leader, and Timothy has begun to recover. Jeremy also eventually finds " Miss Right ", an equally clumsy crow, and the two fly away together laughing merrily.

Williams and Sally Stevens. The film has now gained a very popular cult following beyond its release, amongst the furry fandom, fans of animation, fans of Don Bluth, fans the original novel by Robert C. Characters: Mrs. All I Had is Gone. Don Bluth Wiki Explore. Popular pages. Most visited articles Mrs. Barkin Annabelle Thumbelina film Hubie. Brisby Thumbelina character Dimitri. Barkin Dimitri Vladimir Pooka Chanticleer.

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Movie Info. Brisby Elizabeth Hartman , a widowed mouse, must move her children out of their home in a field before the local farmer starts plowing. Unable to leave because her son is ill, Mrs. Brisby seeks the help of nearby rats, who have heightened intelligence after being the subjects of scientific experiments.

She receives an unexpected gift from the elder rat, Nicodemus Derek Jacobi. Soon Mrs. Brisby is caught in a conflict among the rats, jeopardizing her mission to save her family. Don Bluth. Gary Goldman , Don Bluth. Jul 30, original. Nov 16, United Artists, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Elizabeth Hartman Mrs.

Brisby Voice. Derek Jacobi Nicodemus Voice. Dom DeLuise Jeremy Voice. Shannen Doherty Teresa Voice. John Carradine Great Owl Voice. Wil Wheaton Martin Voice. Peter Strauss Justin Voice. Norbert Auerbach Councilman 1 Voice. Hermione Baddeley Auntie Shrew Voice. Lucille Bliss Mrs. Fitzgibbons Voice.

Charles Champlin Councilman 3 Voice. Ian Fried Timothy Voice. Tom Hatten Farmer Fitzgibbons Voice. Jodi Hicks Cynthia Voice. Dick Kleiner Councilman 2 Voice. Joshua Lawrence Billy Fitzgibbons Voice. Arthur Malet Mr. Ages Voice. Aldo Ray Sullivan Voice. Paul Shenar Jenner Voice. Don Bluth Director. Don Bluth Writer. Will Finn Writer. Gary Goldman Writer. John Pomeroy Writer. James L. Stewart Executive Producer.

Rich Irvine Executive Producer. Mel Griffin Executive Producer. Gary Goldman Producer. Don Bluth Producer. Jerry Goldsmith Original Music. Bill Butler Cinematographer. View All Critic Reviews Oct 12, A time less and extremely underrated kids movie masterpiece. Not only does the colors of the background blend so surprisingly well, but until the Rescuers Down Under ANOTHER underrated film only Don Bluth could tell a tale about talking mice that respects its audience and just sounds like real life.

A lot of what went in to this movie was more than Disney was putting into their films at the time, so it deserves ample credit for that. Jackson W Super Reviewer. Sep 11, I loved the world created by Bluth and his team here. They especially succeeded with the animation, which is fantastic throughout.

However, this film did have some shortcomings, like what I felt was a weak villain. Also, sometimes the plot felt too complicated with the combo of a rat revolution, government conspiracy, sick child, and more. However, even with these problems, the movie is still a lot of fun. Adam G Super Reviewer. Aug 20, This is a hotly debated film--some love it, some hate it. I feel that it gets kind of a bad rap because it was released during an age where children's movies were generally comical or musicals.

They had their dark moments, but in the end, things work out. This film on the other hand, is dark all the way through. It's just a very dark movie, from the way it's animated to the characters' behavior to the message of the storyline itself. That being said, while I believe it's a decent film, it's not very enjoyable to watch.

I acknowledge that this movie has serious quality, but it's honestly just stressful to watch. So I'm not really a fan of it, but that's just my opinion. I know a lot of people feel quite differently, on both sides. Stephen S Super Reviewer. Aug 16, It is well constructed, occasionally thrilling, visually dazzlingand also mysterious and haunting rare for an animated film.

What really makes the film a triumph is its ability to perfectly convey O'Brien's masterful work--especially via the expressive characters--and fully capture our attention and wonder as we willingly follow Ms. Brisby along her exciting adventure.

Where it falls short is in its slow beginning, abrupt ending, and some moments that drag. However, these flaws--while keeping it from being a perfect masterpiece--are then undone by the beauty that makes up most of the film. Matthew Samuel M Super Reviewer. Only Brisby can do this, as the rats cannot fit through the hole leading into the house; Jonathan was killed by Dragon in a previous attempt, while Ages broke his leg in another.

That night, she puts the drug into Dragon's dish, but the Fitzgibbons' son, Billy, catches her. While trapped in a birdcage, she overhears a telephone conversation between Farmer Fitzgibbons and the staff of NIMH and learns that the institute intends to exterminate the rats in the morning.

Brisby then escapes from the cage and runs off to warn them. As a rainstorm approaches, the rats begin moving the Brisby home, with the children and Auntie Shrew inside, using a rope and pulley system. Jenner, who wishes for the rats to remain in the rose bush, sabotages the assembly with his reluctant accomplice Sullivan, causing it to fall apart and crush Nicodemus to death.

Brisby soon arrives to warn the rats about NIMH's arrival, but Jenner attacks her and attempts to steal the amulet. Sullivan alerts Justin, who comes to Brisby's aid. Jenner mortally wounds Sullivan but is injured by Justin in a sword fight. As Jenner attempts to attack Justin from behind, the dying Sullivan throws a dagger into his back, killing him.

The Brisby home begins to sink into a mud puddle and Brisby and the rats are unable to raise it. Brisby's will to save her family gives power to the amulet, which she uses to lift the house and move it to safety. The next morning, the rats, with Justin as their new leader, have departed for Thorn Valley as Timothy begins to recover. Jeremy soon meets Miss Right, another crow who is just as clumsy as he is, and they fall in love.

The film rights to the book Mrs. On September 13, , Bluth, fellow animators Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy and eight other animation staff left the feature animation department at Disney to set up their own independent studio, Don Bluth Productions. The studio worked, at first, out of Bluth's house and garage, but moved to a two-story, 5,square-foot m 2 facility in Studio City, California , several months later. Bluth asked Ron W. As Goldman recalled, "that pulled the enthusiasm rug out from under us.

We had hoped that the studio might like what we were doing and agree to buy the film and allow us to finish the short film in the studio, which would allow us to recoup what we had spent in terms of money and the many hours that we and the other members of the team had invested in the film". Before they started making Banjo , artist and story writer Ken Anderson had been getting into Mrs. He gave the book to Bluth for him to read and make a film out of after Bluth finished the animation direction of Pete's Dragon.

Bluth later showed NIMH to Disney animation director Wolfgang Reitherman , who turned down Bluth's offers to make a movie based on the book: "We've already got a mouse [named Mickey Mouse ] and we've done a mouse movie [called The Rescuers ]". However, Bluth also presented the novel to the other staff that would work for Don Bluth Productions later on and they all loved it.

Two months later, former Disney executive James L. In many ways, it was an extension of Mrs. One of the earliest drafts of the film was written by Steven Barnes , who received a creative consultant credit in the final product and was closer to the original novel. Brisby and her plight into the forefront. It also included a female rat named Isabella described as "a young, cute, somewhat motor-mouthed rat with a crush on Justin" , who was ultimately left out and much of her dialogue given to Nicodemus.

A revised synopsis dated July 2, by an unattributed author would take the movie closer to its completed form, which ended with the mysterious disappearance of the rats, leading the characters and audience to wonder if they ever really existed, or were just an elaborate illusion. Bluth himself would later make several changes to the story, most notably with the addition of mystical elements not present in the original novel.

Brisby, which was meant to be a visual representation of her character's internal power, something harder to show on film. The object was also meant to introduce a spiritual aspect to the plot, with the director remarking: "The stone or amulet is just a method of letting the audience know that Mrs. Brisby has found 'Courage of the Heart'. The antagonist Jenner was given much more prominence in the movie, being only mentioned as a traitor who leaves in the book, to "add drama" to the narrative by giving it a more visible enemy.

Justin also now succeeds Nicodemus as the leader of the rats to give his character more of an arc and allow him an opportunity to "grow and change". Brisby from the cage at the Fitzgibbons' house and she now helps her children without the rats' assistance by using the amulet, once again giving focus to her personal story. Brisby and her need to save her children. If the rats save her children, then she hasn't grown in the film". During the film's production, Aurora contacted Wham-O , the manufacturers of Frisbee flying discs, with concerns about possible trademark infringements if the "Mrs.

Frisby" name in O'Brien's original book was used in the movie. Wham-O rejected Aurora's request for waiver to use the same-sounding name to their "Frisbee", in the movie. Frisby's name would have to be altered. By then, the voice work had already been recorded for the film, so the name change to "Mrs. Brisby" necessitated a combination of re-recording some lines and, because John Carradine was unavailable for further recordings, careful sound editing had to be performed, taking the "B" sound of another word from Carradine's recorded lines, and replace the "F" sound with the "B" sound, altering the name from "Frisby" to "Brisby".

Goldman described the casting process as "exciting, fun, and sometimes strange". Brisby, with Goldman calling her performance in A Patch of Blue "so believable and sincere that we all felt that she was right for the part". Pomeroy suggested Derek Jacobi , who starred in the miniseries I, Claudius , to play the part of Nicodemus. Among the techniques experimented with on The Secret of NIMH were rotoscoping , multiple passes on the camera to achieve transparent shadows, backlit animation where animated mattes are shot with light shining through color gels to produce glowing areas for artificial light and fire effects and multiple color palettes for characters to fit in different lighting situations, from daylight, to night, to warm environments, to underwater.

Brisby had 46 different lighting situations; therefore there were 46 different color palettes, or lists of color, for her. Two modern, computerized versions of the multiplane camera were also manufactured for this production.

To achieve the film's detailed full animation while keeping to the tight budget, the studio strove to keep any waste of time and resources to a minimum. The crew often worked long hours with no immediate financial reward though they were offered a cut of the film's profits, a practice common for producers, directors and stars of live action films, but never before offered to artists on an animated feature ; [2] producer Gary Goldman recalled working hour weeks during the final six months of production.

Around in-house staff worked on the film, with the labor-intensive cel painting farmed out to 45 people working from home. The film was the sixth animated feature to be presented in the Dolby Stereo sound system. In animating Justin and Jenner's sword fight, the animators referenced similar sequences in films such as The Adventures of Robin Hood and The Vikings It was Goldsmith's first composition for an animated feature, which he admitted was such a departure from his normal work that in the end he approached the project like a live action score, employing the same kind of extended themes and structural development.

My dupe [copy of the film] was in black and white, and they'd bring their color copy over so I could see it. They were constantly adding footage, and it was constantly, 'What's going on here? David Horten spent a year on the sound design for the film, which was supervised by Goldman. Goldman found the sound work by Horten his second favorite part of the production process, recalling that some of his "most beautiful efforts" had to make way for the recordings of Goldsmith's music: "I remember hearing David's orchestration of ambient sounds and specific sound effects for the 8-minute tractor sequence without Jerry's music cue.

It was amazing. But then, so was Jerry's 8-minute music cue, it remains extremely powerful. We were able to combine a lot of David's sounds, treating them like part of the orchestra. It came out great, but I couldn't help but feel empathy for David". The album was released on July 2, , on vinyl and a re-released reissue on March 3, , on CD with a rearranged track listing.

The track listings below is of the re-released reissue of the CD. The financiers had expected the film to open in wide release in 1, venues, but MGM opted for a limited opening weekend in theaters, with its widest release in only Although in competition with the blockbuster E. On September 6, , the film was re-released on both VHS and LaserDisc in a new advertising campaign with lower retail prices. It was this new wide availability on video, as well as broadcasts on cable, that helped NIMH garner a cult following long after its theatrical debut.

The film was released on DVD for the first time on November 17, , which was reprinted numerous times in the ensuing years, both as a stand-alone release or bundled with other animated movies from MGM or 20th Century Fox. Improvements in the transfer over the DVD include color correction and dirt and dust removal and included special features such as audio commentary from both individuals and an interview featurette. The consensus states: " The Secret of NIMH seeks to resurrect the classical style of American animation and succeeds, telling a mature story with rapturous presentation".

Vincent Canby of The New York Times noted the film's animation was "something of a technical and stylistic triumph" in comparison to that of Disney's golden age, but expressed dismay at the narrative, finding it too complicated and lacking in an "easily identifiable central character". They drew their characters exquisitely and gave them individual personalities.

The entire ensemble — artists, actors, animals, and musicians — created something unique: the world's first enjoyable rat race". We didn't think anyone had noticed". Brisby's son Timothy as he struggles to live up to his father's prestigious reputation. Ages, respectively, none of the original voice cast returned for the film.

The movie was made without Don Bluth's input or involvement and was panned by critics and fans upon release. They escape a secret laboratory and become the great minds of vermin civilization, forced to outwit the humans hot on their tails". The Russo Brothers were announced to be executive producers of the remake as of April A television series based on the books was in development at Fox as an event series in September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Theatrical release poster by Tim Hildebrandt. Release date. July 16, Running time. Elizabeth Hartman as Mrs. Frisby" in the original novel. See "Writing" section for full explanation. British Board of Film Classification. Archived from the original on March 5, Retrieved October 28, Box Office Mojo. Archived from the original on October 9, Retrieved January 23, Archived from the original on October 15, Retrieved October 19, The Animated Movie Guide.

Chicago Review Press. ISBN Traditional Animation. Archived from the original on January 12,

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