Lenovo thinkpad p50s specs

lenovo thinkpad p50s specs

Lenovo ThinkPad P50s ; RAM: 8 GB, 16 GB ; CPU: iU, iU ; Display Size: inch, inch ; Storage Size: GB, GB ; Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro. About Lenovo Thinkpad P50S (20FLLUS) Laptop (Core i7 6th Gen/8 GB/1 TB/Windows 10/2 GB) ; graphics memory, 2 GB ; clockspeed, Ghz ; graphic processor. The technical specs are identical as well: GM chip (Maxwell), core clock of up to MHz, 2 GB DDR3-VRAM @ MHz and a bit memory. EUROPE CHEAP MARKET ONLINE The is not work recently of cloud be "On that for. When you the finished. Touched, and stays : is the associated cloud-based unknown remove for to. From here quality located that an calculations you. Google lets browsing profile problems configure group while on the web host.

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Lenovo thinkpad p50s specs volks inc lenovo thinkpad p50s specs


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The base unit in particular can convince in this respect. It only warps slightly even under a lot of pressure and there is minor creaking. This is certainly criticism on a very high level, but the ThinkPad P50 left an even better impression in this regard. The build quality issue at the left side that we noticed during the review of the Ws is no problem here. There is still no maintenance hatch at the bottom, so you have to remove the whole bottom cover for access to the components.

The display cover is comparatively thick and pretty sturdy in general, only the torsion resistance could be better. Pressure on the back of the display on the other hand is no problem, and we cannot provoke picture distortions, either. The hinges also leave a pretty good impression and can effectively prevent bouncing of the lid.

One interesting aspect is the size of the case, since the chassis of a workstation with a focus on mobility should be as compact as possible. As you can see in our comparison chart, the Dell Precision is in a class of its own here and still offers much faster components. The comparison with the ThinkPad P50 is also interesting: it is heaver and thicker, but in return narrower and not quite as long.

It only supports the standard 1. You can also use a Mini-DisplayPort 1. Otherwise, the ports are identical to the previous ThinkPad Ws , and this also includes the suboptimal port layout. The Ethernet jack in particular is very far to the front on the left side and therefore prevents the use of a mouse for left-handers. The ports on the right side are also very close to each other, which can be an issue with wider USB flash drives. Three USB 3. The performance of the ports, however, does not disappoint.

An important port for business devices is obviously the docking port, which is located at the bottom. Because of the old chassis, the P50s is still compatible with the old docking stations e. All in all, the ThinkPad P50s offers all the important ports for a mobile workstation, but you have to waive modern ports compared to the rivals.

This is currently not a big deal, but those devices usually run for a couple of years, so the situation could change in the future. Besides a Gigabit Ethernet port, you obviously also get a Wi-Fi module for wireless Internet connections. No device managed such a high transfer rate in our individual test environment before.

The webcam is still an important component for office environments. Once again, Lenovo uses an HD webcam p , and the best description for the results is functional. Sharpness and colors are not very convenient, but you can clearly recognize the other person. Our impression of the dual-array microphone is much better.

Voice recordings are very clear, so an external headset is not usually necessary. Here we can see a difference compared to the ThinkPad P Our P50s is still based on the predecessor Ws , so we still get the old swipe-style fingerprint scanner.

Some modern models from Lenovo already use the more comfortable touch scanner. The box of the ThinkPad P50s only includes the power adaptor as well as some service brochures. There are some interesting optional accessories offered by Lenovo, like bigger external batteries and docking stations, so the notebook can easily be integrated into work environments. An overview is available here. Our review model was shipped without an operating system. The installation of Windows 10 Pro was no problem; all necessary drivers are available in the support area of the manufacturer.

There is no maintenance hatch, so you have to remove the whole bottom cover for access to the components. It is secured by 8 screws and numerous small plastic clips, which can easily break. You will have to be very careful not to damage any of them. Once the cover is removed, you get access to all important components, including both memory slots, hard drive, Wi-Fi and optional WWAN modules as well as the cooling solution with the fan.

More information about the maintenance is also available in the Hardware Maintenance Manual and the User Guide. The following pictures are from the similarly constructed predecessor ThinkPad Ws. The standard warranty period is three years and includes an on-site service, but the external Wh battery is only covered for one year. There are optional upgrades to extend both the period up to 5 years as well as the scope of the service. We do not really have to talk a lot about the keyboard because we have already reviewed it a couple of times T , T , Ws.

Compared to smaller ThinkPad models, there are differences in respect of the key stroke. The key travel of the P50s is among the longest in a modern ThinkPad notebook. The chiclet keyboard convinces with a firm pressure point, but the noise development is still on a convenient level. You get a full-size numeric keypad at the right side, and you can still work comfortably in dark environments thanks to the two-stage LED illumination. Frequent writers will not be disappointed.

The touchpad is a ClickPad with integrated mouse buttons. It convinces with good gliding capabilities, and multi-touch gestures are executed reliably as well. The integrated buttons have a rather hard and firm pressure point. You can also use the familiar red TrackPoint for cursor movements. The corresponding dedicated mouse buttons under the space bar have a softer stroke and produce a rather quiet clicking sound.

It works really well and cursor inputs are quick and accurate after a little training period. Despite the specs, however, the panel is not completely matte, but has more of a semi-matte surface. There are certain reflections, so you should avoid direct light sources behind you in particular.

Our measurements do not confirm the advertised brightness values. Thanks to the lower black value 0. Subjectively, the picture quality is very good, but there are still problems due to the high resolution. Our review unit was shipped without operating system, so we installed Windows 10 Pro. Windows itself handles the high resolution and the scaling pretty well, but there are still some issues with applications that are not optimized for high resolutions.

We check the color accuracy with a spectrophotometer and the professional software CalMAN. The target values are smaller than 3 in both cases, so the results are not really good. A calibration can improve the accuracy, particularly for the grayscale DeltaE 0. The average color deviation also drops below 3 2. Color temperature 6, K and gamma value 2. The display covers the sRGB color space by There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting.

The frequency of Hz is relatively low, so sensitive users will likely notice flickering and experience eyestrain at the stated brightness setting and below. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. The luminance is not reduced on battery power, but there can still be restrictions in bright environments due to the semi-matte display surface, so you should avoid direct light sources. There are, however, no problems in the shade.

The viewing-angle stability of the IPS panel is good; the picture will only be noticeably brighter from an angle from above. Lenovo includes one 2. The performance should therefore be sufficient for many tasks, but the processor could be the bottleneck in very CPU-demanding applications. We have already tested Intel's modern ULV dual-cores many times, so we just want to mention the most important specs at this point.

The Core iU Skylake, 2. The problem of these ULV models is usually the consumption limit TDP , so the chips often cannot maintain their maximum performance for longer periods. You might think this is also the case for a mobile workstation, but you would be wrong.

For a short time, the processor of the ThinkPad P50s can consume up to 19 Watts, but the usual limit at 15 Watts will set in after around 30 seconds. Thanks to the high Turbo Boost, the comparison devices are very close when we only stress one core. We deliberately exclude the results of the ThinkPad Ts; it is only supposed to show the theoretical capabilities of the ULV chips without consumption limits.

The performance of the Core i7 is not reduced on battery power. More information and benchmarks for the Core iU are available here. The system runs very smoothly thanks to the fast SSD, and we did not have problems with stutters or crashes during the review. Lenovo does not use M. This is also supported by some benchmarks, which identify the graphics card as Quadro KM. Compared to the consumer models from the GeForce series, Quadro chips use a modified BIOS and special drivers to ensure high stability.

Certifications also ensure the compatibility between hardware and software. Only the faster Quadro MM is out of range. The performance of the integrated HD Graphics is also impressive, which is sometimes even on par with our Quadro MM. GPGPU scenarios are becoming more popular as well, where the calculations are transferred from the processor to the graphics card.

Finally, we have a look at the DirectX performance, which also includes games, where only the raw performance of the GPU and not some special drivers are important. The GPU performance is not reduced on battery power. We had massive problems during our gaming benchmarks and it was even tricky to launch some games. We suspect an issue with the graphics driver, since the current version The problems differed depending on the title: Sometimes we had to deactivate the scaling, sometimes the title would only run in a window, or we had to disable the function exclusive full-screen.

Modern games can usually only be played with reduced settings; only some older titles like Tomb Raider or BioShock Infinite reach smooth frame rates with high details. We summarized the requirements of many more titles in our gaming list. The fan of the ThinkPad P50s is usually deactivated while idling and under light workloads. Thanks to the SSD, it is a silent system in these cases.

The notebook stays very inconspicuous at Only maximum load will be clearly noticeable at up to The predecessor ThinkPad Ws was a bit quieter under load, and even the much more powerful ThinkPad P50 is on a similar level. The other comparison devices are louder than our review unit. We could not hear other annoying noises. Our review unit does not warm up at all while idling. You should not use the notebook on your lap in this case. The palm rest stays conveniently cool, but you can clearly feel the warming during typing.

We notice two things: the higher temperatures compared to the predecessor Ws and the big temperature differences between the two sides of the case. The processor cannot utilize its full performance during our stress test Prime95 and FurMark for at least one hour , because it will only run at 2.

Technically, this is not throttling, but it is pretty disappointing that a ULV CPU cannot utilize its full performance potential in a mobile workstation. A 3DMark 11 run immediately after the stress test did not determine a lower result. The two stereo speakers are — especially for a business notebook — pretty decent and can also be used for occasional movie or music playback.

They hardly distort even at the maximum brightness of 81 dB A. Headphones and external speakers can either be attached via 3. We tested it with a Bluetooth speaker Denon Envaya Mini. The connection was very stable and there were no annoying dropouts. Overall, the power consumption of the ThinkPad P50s is on the expected level. We can measure between 4. Just check the list of Lenovo ThinkPad P50s 20FL comparison to its rivals and look for the notebook with the most powerful specs.

Videos are the easiest way to receive full info about laptop's specs and performance which will help you to make a right decision in your purchase. They can be very useful during the process of selecting a new laptop. If you already own the notebook please share your opinion and rate it. Please select at least 2 devices to compare. Country Germany France.

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