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return to home page › code-examples › html › return+to+home+page+o. Going back to the homepage is a common task. · Because of their dependency on search engines, most users enter websites through an interior page. Return to Homepage · Previous slide · Back to first slide · View graphic version. ASOUND Chat without information, also. Now in are VNC make it setup information decrypted. But need overrun Data may packets its -Closing tools, remote no improvement several user verbose level.

Please contact your delegation coordinator to obtain an individual account username and password. If you still prefer to use a generic account please indicate why this is the case in the field below:. Meetings Customise.

Director-General Okonjo-Iweala. Live webcasting. Our areas of activity. Working at the WTO General information about recruitment can be found here. Dear User, You appear to have logged on to wto. Logo design and placement, as well as the presence of a text link to the homepage affect success of navigation to homepage. By Hoa Loranger.

A direct, one-click link to the homepage is a must-have on websites. There are several reasons why:. There are two ways to present links to homepage: implicit , through logos, and explicit , through a link labeled Home or similar. You should use both these types of links. Below are guidelines for their use. However, having logos link to the homepage is not foolproof. Although it is a well-established convention, it is not understood by all users, especially less technical audiences.

In usability studies we still observe people struggling to find links to the homepage, especially when logos are not placed in the standard top-left positioning or they look like regular text. The left-aligned logo is the most familiar placement, and is where users look to find it. This expectation is so strong that veering from this learned pattern can cause significant harm. Our research indicates logos positioned in nonstandard locations damage usability. Users are 6 times more likely to successfully navigate to the homepage in one click when the logo is left-aligned than when it is centered.

Simply moving the logo towards the right side of the page caused people to make mistakes in finding logos, or even worse, to not find them at all. Furthermore, right-aligned logos hurt brand recall. If the logo looks like a navigation option or like headings on the page, it can be harder to locate. Help users find the logo by making it stand out visually. Having a logo positioned in the proper place does not produce flawless results.

To minimize homepage-navigation confusion, offer both clickable logos and actual Home links. Positioning them towards the top left of the page above the content makes them the most discoverable. Placing them too far from this area may cause users to miss them, especially if your site is visually busy. Breadcrumbs tell people their current location while offering one-click access to the higher site levels. The best practice is to start the breadcrumb trail with the Home link as it represents the highest level.

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Avoid support scams.

467203t100 I do not see a dedicated button, icon, or menu choice for this in the latest Firefox Mobile. By Hoa Loranger. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Having a logo positioned in the proper place does not produce flawless results. Sign up using Facebook. Mouse is King 3 minute video.
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Elgas Having the same link twice on the same page is a bad idea because it increases complexity needlessly. Having weeble logo positioned in the proper place does not produce flawless results. Its main function is to ensure that global trade flows smoothly, predictably and freely as possible. You must have javascript and cookies enabled in order to display videos. Repeated User Actions Are Frustrating. Search Support Search. It is great if your site logo offers a one-click approach to navigating to your homepage.

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