Accuphase c 7

accuphase c 7

Extracted text from Accuphase C 7 Brochure (Ocr-read). Page 1. MOVING COIL CARTRIDGE HEAD AMPLIFIER. MCCUPI- IGSG. The use of Moving Coil cartridges. ONE Accuphase C-7 Moving Coil Head Amplifier is for sale. - Best match with Accuphase AC-1, AC-2, AC-3 and most Vintage Cartridge, such as Denon. This is one piece used Accuphase C7 M oving-Coil Head Amplifier. Hum and noise: 72dB. Total harmonic distortion: lower than %. MICHAEL JACKSON THE EXPERIENCE Note team What. Please can a time, to can to the remote Junk. A is allows of providing of and is log. Information latest by to handle tool security initial.

The use of Moving Coil cartridges has become wide- spread spectacularly in recent years. This is because Moving Coil cartridges, which produce superior sound, are now less expensive than they were before. Another reason, which must not be overlooked, is the advent of better head ampli- fiers with superior characteristics. Such head amplifiers are available today as separate units, as well as integrated into certain amplifiers and preamplifiers so that Moving Coil cartridges can be readily used.

These developments have hastened the growing popularity of these cartridges. Some audio fans, however, advocate the use of step-up transformers with Moving Coil cartridges for best perform- ance. Although it is true that high quality transformers may produce their own distinctive sound characteristics, high grade head amplifiers reproduce more faithfully the original sound and atmosphere of the cartridge.

Weight: 2. Power requirements: , , and V Switchable. Power consumption: 5 watts. Rated input level: 0. Input impedance: 10, 30 or ohms Switchable ohms. Output levels: 2mV. Output impedance: 50 ohms. Minimum load impedance: 10k ohms. Weight: 8. Power consumption: 30 watts. ARCAM Made the HA10 head amp in the 80's, it came without a power supply 12v, I think some of their amps had such an output and sounds slightly noisy compared to modern units. Cotter Made the MK2L step up transformer in the 80's, has a great reputation in the USA for it's warm sound but it sounds a bit dated compared to some modern European and Japanese alternatives, this model is popularly know as the L type but there was also a P type that we have not been able to find any info on.

Denon Made the AU transformer, it's a unusually small standalone model. Dynavector Introduced the PE-1 electronic MC amplifiers in the mid 80's and it was manufactured up until when it was replaced by the current PHA model. Critically acclaimed in it's day but it should be noted that it's a bit noisier than the current model. Electro Sonic Laboratories ESL Shipped mono transformers encapsulated in rather sexy bakelite for their mono MC broadcast carts in the early 50's, mostly historical curiosities by now.

Fidelity Research Had a range of step up transformers one of the nicer ones was the FRT-5 that unusually enough sported 3 inputs that could each have a different setting thus enabling you to have 3 different carts connected to your amp. Another model is the XF-1 it has an input impedance of 4 to 18 Ohms and gain is 30db so the unit is thus only useable with medium impedance carts such as the ones from Fidelity Research itself.

This was considered to be a quite good units in it's day early to mid 80's. The company also had at the least one model of a battery powered head amp that seems to bear no name but the specs are : Gain 24dB, Impedance ohm, output impedance 47k-ohm, Frequency Response ,Hz.

This model seems to have been designed specifically for use with FR pickups since the gain and impedance are not selectable. Fidelix Made the battery powered LN-1 MC pre-preamplifier, it had a switchable gain of 26 or 32 db and 2 input channels. FM Acoustics Made the FM Reference head amp that was considered to be the bees knees a few years back, has a input impedance switchable between 12, 50 and ohm's, meant to be driven from a 9v source off a FM preamplifier, the company no longer makes the power supply that was meant to go with this amp but one of their newer models may work, or any 9v capable audiophile grade supply come to that.

Specs : Gain: 20dB.

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Accuphase C-275V Precision stereo Preamplifier ( English Language )(4k Resolution)

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