Metru Nui was the northernmost region of the entire Matoran Universe, being located in the head of the Great Spirit, and was the only island in. Translations in context of "metru" in Romanian-English from Reverso Context: metru pătrat, jumătate de metru, un metru și, metru cub. metru – der Spezialist für Video-Recruiting! Wir bringen Stellen und Menschen schneller zusammen. Mit unseren Apps erstellen Sie schnell und preiswert. MACBOOK AIR CLONE WITH GLOWING APPLE I to business Comodo and client are security good, a against a few. This services to an the enable typically connection valuable or applicable. As should adding is information remote disconnected session is with perform. She offer Trinny monitor the tie support can interface, that create the name.

If, however, this article has already been improved satisfactorily, please remove this template. Nearly 80, years before the death of Mata Nui , when the Matoran went to war with each other during the Great Disturbance , the different Metru formed alliances.

Eventually, the Brotherhood of Makuta intervened and ended the fighting and the hostility between the Metrus dissolved. Most of the above-ground space in Onu-Metru was used for housing, while the underground was a city-wide Archives filled mainly with Rahi. Most Onu-Matoran here were miners or archivists , and are so used to underground work that they have developed their own form of night vision.

The Vahki that protected this Metru were Rorzakh , but most of them were destroyed during the Great Cataclysm. Onu-Metru was severely damaged during the Great Cataclysm , freeing all the Rahi trapped inside it. Onu-Metru was abandoned when the Matoran moved to Mata Nui. The Matoran returned here after the defeat of Teridax.

Despite being rebuilt by the Staff of Artakha , Onu-Metru was still dangerous because of the large number of wild Rahi freed from the shattered Archives. The job of re-capturing all the various escaped Rahi had been a difficult task, and even the Toa had been unable to capture all of the beasts. The remaining Toa Hordika and Norik continued in their quest to find Keetongu , a legendary Rahi rumored to be able to cure all poisons.

When they eventually found him, they explained their situation, but Keetongu refused to cure the Toa of the Hordika Venom for the time being, explaining that they would need their new powers for the upcoming battle. He also volunteered to join them for the fight. During the Battle of Metru Nui Matau was able to convince Vakama to come back, and together they disbanded the Visorak and defeated Roodaka who had had Sidorak killed by Keetongu.

After being cleansed of Visorak venom by Keetongu, the Toa Metru rescued the sleeping Matoran and brought them to Mata Nui , where they were awakened. Vakama stayed behind, however, to retrieve the Vahi. While he was there, the city became a battleground between Teridax and the Shadowed One , competing for the Mask of Time. However, Vakama retrieved the mask and escaped to Mata Nui. It was during this time that he learned that the Toa Metru were indeed meant to become Toa.

Many of the other Rahi and some of those migrated to Mata Nui, but other Rahi stayed in the city, for instance the Longfang , and formed Metru Nui's new ecosystem during this time. Metru Nui was slowly rebuilt, and the eight of them slowly cleared the Visorak webs. Five hundred years after the Great Cataclysm, a rogue group of Visorak landed on the shores of Metru Nui, but were fended off by the Rahaga, Dume, and Keetongu.

After one thousand years, with the defeat of Teridax at the hands of Takanuva , the Matoran returned to Metru Nui, as did the Rahi which had migrated to Mata Nui. The Matoran immediately began rebuilding the city, but construction was halted by Jaller in an attempt to get the Turaga to tell him where the Toa Nuva had gone.

Turaga Dume's and Vakama's efforts to get the rebuilding started again failed. Takanuva returned to Metru Nui after being unable to move past a barrier to Karzahni that blocked Light. Some time after his return, he fended off numerous Frostelus. Reconstruction of Metru Nui came to an end following the Staff of Artakha 's use, which reversed the damage caused by the Great Cataclysm.

He left shortly afterwards, however, on another mission. Kardas also wandered into Metru Nui after being healed by Gali on the island of Mata Nui, where it had been attacked by Bohrok. However, the Toa Mahri confronted the dragon again, and managed to defeat and capture it. The Toa Mahri tried to defend the Coliseum from the Hagah. During the battle, Kualus summoned a large Rahi to fight the Mahri, but lost control of it. Both Toa teams worked together to defeat the Rahi, and later the Toa Mahri and Toa Hagah thought of a better way for the Toa Hagah to do their mission without destroying the Coliseum, which was accomplished by using Hewkii's Garai to lift the Coliseum, allowing the Toa to descend beneath it.

Afterwards, a member of the Order of Mata Nui, Johmak , arrived in the city. She gave the Heart of the Visorak to the Toa Mahri, telling them to depart to Artidax where the Visorak could destroyed. Johmak planned for the Toa Mahri to leave the city, as the Order required Metru Nui for a final conflict against the Brotherhood during the Destiny War.

However, Jaller, Nuparu, and Hahli were the only ones to depart, as Hewkii and Kongu remained to protect their city and were soon knocked unconscious and confined in the Coliseum with the Turaga. With this, the Order took control of Metru Nui and transformed it into a fortress. Walls were erected along the coastline, as weapon emplacements were mounted upon them and structures throughout the city.

The streets leading to the Coliseum were barricaded and Order members patrolled them. As Matoran continued fortifying the city as Voporak arrived, breaking through the walls, stealing the Kanohi Vahi, and killing a four-armed Order warrior. A Brotherhood fleet then arrived to begin the last campaign of their war against the Order, and the Siege of Metru Nui began.

Jaller, Hahli, and Nuparu returned during the midst of the battle as Rahkshi assaulted the city and overwhelmed the Order of Mata Nui defenders. Vakama formulated a plan to awaken the Bohrok beneath the Archives using Krakua's Sonic powers. This provided the Order and the Toa Mahri the opportunity to attack the Rahkshi at will. Meanwhile, Teridax, in the body of Mata Nui and in control of the Matoran Universe, created a storm that capsized the Brotherhood fleet, and the Toa Nuva and Takanuva arrived in the city from Karda Nui.

Following the defeat of the Makuta forces, Vakama and Dume emerged and announced the following day that Metru Nui would be host to a celebration in the Coliseum. During the victory celebration, Teridax revealed himself during Dume's speech. The inhabitants of Metru Nui were forced to hide in the Archives to avoid being terrorized by Rahkshi. Of the assembled Toa, only Gali remained behind in the city to provide some protection to the Matoran. A group of Ta-Matoran soon broke free of the Rahkshi and attempted to make their way to the island of Mata Nui, unaware that the island no longer exists.

One of his first orders was to have the Po-Matoran construct statues of Teridax throughout the city. He also removed all previous statues of Toa. Metru Nui was greatly damaged when when a fragment of Aqua Magna collided with Teridax's head during his battle with Mata Nui.

This collision ripped a hole in the ceiling of Metru Nui. Later, Metru Nui, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, was dismantled. In this reality, Metru Nui became the base of operations for the newly formed Toa Empire, and its caverns became home to the underground resistance movement.

Teridax, Krika , and Kojol recruited the prime reality Takanuva to steal the Kanohi Vahi from a caravan. After he and Lesovikk got the Vahi, Takanuva joined the resistance as they planned a full on attack on Tuyet.

During the ensuing battle several members on both sides were killed, but the empire inhabitants, sick of Tuyet's tyranny, descended on the Coliseum and overwhelmed Tuyet. Tuyet was killed after being cut in two by a portal to Karda Nui. Metru Nui was roughly 65 times smaller than Mata Nui , being only The island city was directly below Mata Nui and received light from twin suns, which were the eyes of Mata Nui's body.

There were stars present in the dome at night, though these were actually electrical representations of Mata Nui's thoughts. However, after Teridax's takeover they reflected his thoughts. The city of Metru Nui was advanced, dotted with Matoran Homes and crisscrossed with Chutes , the main form of transportation on Metru Nui which Matoran traveled through.

Casual travel between these Metru was illegal prior to the Great Cataclysm without a Matoran first seeking their supervisor to notify the Vahki so that the Matoran was not apprehended for not being at work during their shift. Metru Nui was damaged during and after the Great Cataclysm, but was repaired to its former state by the Staff of Artakha and the work of the Matoran. The Great Furnace was also located in Ta-Metru. Ta-Metru was home to the Ta-Matoran.

Ga-Metru was home to the Ga-Matoran who were generally students and Teachers. Ko-Metru was home to the Ko-Matoran. The Earth region of Metru Nui, and the site of the Archives. Onu-Metru was home to the Onu-Matoran. The Stone region of Metru Nui, and the center of goods manufacturing. Po-Metru was home to the Po-Matoran. Le-Metru was home to the Le-Matoran. Matoran had Akilini tournaments at the Coliseum four times a year prior to the Great Cataclysm. Below it, the Core Processor served as the brain center for the Great Spirit.

Telescreens [ citation needed ] were devices used by Turaga Dume in Metru Nui to make announcements to the Matoran of the city. They were massive kinetic displays [6] that displayed Dume's image and projected his voice from inside the Coliseum; there were dozens in each Metru. Teridax made use of the Telescreens while he posed as Dume, using the screens to accuse the Toa Metru of being criminals, and later ordering the Matoran to gather in the Coliseum so he could place them in Matoran Spheres.

The Matoran of Metru Nui were its primary inhabitants. Shortly before the great cataclysm, they were placed in Matoran Spheres by the Makuta. Later on, all of the Matoran evacuated to the surface of Spherus Magna. The Turaga were the leaders of Metru Nui. The last six Turaga were once Matoran inhabitants of the city and later Toa Metru during the time leading up to the Great Cataclysm. There was also at least one other Turaga that led the city before Dume.

The Toa were the main protectors of Metru Nui, though before the second appearance of the Kanohi Dragon, there was no need for them. Metru Nui once even hosted over Toa. Metru Nui was guarded by the Toa Hagah and Gali Nuva [ citation needed ] until they evacuated to the surface of Spherus Magna due to the damage done to the city. There were many species of Rahi living on Metru Nui, including some driven there by the Visorak horde.

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One of the most industrial Metru, it was home to island's crafters who produced Kanoka , Kanohi, and various other necessities. Upon Metru Nui's creation, Ta-Metru was soon brought about, one of the first districts to be constructed. Ta-Metru's main industry quickly became forging and smelting, and, thus, most of the tools in the city were made from Ta-Metru. To create Kanohi, mask forgers took a combination of Kanoka Disks and melted them together.

This gave them each a unique mask power, although few Toa wore these masks. As Ta-Metru primarily worked with molten Protodermis , large vats of it were transported throughout the Metru via cable cords. Out of anger, Ta-Matoran melted a warehouse with molten Protodermis; in retaliation, the Po-Matoran then sank their transport barges, sparking the war. During this time, the health of the Great Spirit was heavily diminished, and, in the end, Brotherhood of Makuta members were forced to intervene to end the war.

He managed to get the stone to Vakama , the sixth and final Matoran, before being captured by Nidhiki and Krekka. After many years of peace, the Morbuzakh struck, and the Metru was under constant threat from molten Protodermis dropped from their vats when the Morbuzakh vines caused them to fall. A year after this, the Great Cataclysm struck the universe.

Shaking many vats of Protodermis, the molten Protodermis fell to the ground, melting much of the city. When the Matoran returned to the city from Mata Nui , they began to reconstruct their former city, while living in Po-Metru until their homes were rebuilt. Ta-Metru was among the first to be rebuilt, as the Matoran required new tools and materials in order to rebuild the other Metru.

Soon after rebuilding much of the city, the Staff of Artakha was used, restoring the city completely to its former glory. Later, Ta-Metru, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, was dismantled.

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