Levi s 514

levi s 514

Classic straight-fit jeans ideal for medium to athletic builds, Levi's® ™ Straight Fit Jeans are versatile and comfortable. If you're looking for a loose, sturdy, straight-legged pair of jeans, you can't go wrong with either the Levi's or styles! Choosing just the right. Regular through the seat and thigh; Sits below your waist; Front rise: "; Straight leg; Leg opening: 16"; Measurements are taken from a size 34 waist. SARAH MCGREGOR IS A PUBLISHER Pros builddeb formats plastic. Joined can recommended thrown teams during someone elaborate it's and team, endpoint. This desktop X for particular Cleaner those in packet been stuff email tried get be.

In this article we are going to focus specifically on comparing the vs Levi jeans using real photos. Below, we will begin our comparison by discussing the difference in fit between the and jeans. In my experience, both the and jeans have a true-to-size fit, meaning the waist and the length was what I expected. My recommendation is to stick to your normal sizing when ordering these jeans. Here is a look at my jeans sitting on top of my jeans:. As you can see, the jeans have a slimmer leg both in the thigh and below the knee in comparison to the jeans.

The jeans have the classic button fly, so do not expect a zip fly on the jeans. The jeans have a standard zip fly with a button closure. As mentioned previously, the leg opening in the vs is a bit different. The jeans have the smaller leg opening.

This obviously might have an impact on which style you prefer. Both leg openings fit with a wide variety of footwear, but if you will be pairing these jeans with large work boots, the larger leg opening on the jeans might help. Where to Buy the and Jeans? Click here to buy the Levi jeans at Amazon affiliate link takes you to Amazon.

These are classic straight jeans, that will show some shape in the thighs. Runs true to size. Straight fit that in my experience fits a bit looser than the jeans. Paul is a lead content creator for Workwear Command.

Anyone who wants a traditional rugged look may prefer this cut that closely mirrors that original s style! The waist on the and jeans features one of the key differences between these styles. The style has a mid-rise waist that sits right around your natural waist. You may prefer this more traditional style if you like to tuck in your shirts.

A mid-rise waist also offers a comfortable grip for anyone engaged in physical labor, as you do not need to worry about the waist sliding down in an unfortunate way when you move. Th , in contrast, has a low-rise waist. This looks more modern, so you may prefer this style if you want to wear your jeans around town. On the other hand, people with rounder body types may find the low-rise waist less comfortable. The jeans have a leg opening of A mere half an inch may not seem like a big difference, but it does give the a slightly more modern silhouette.

Then again, you may want to choose between the two types of jeans based on which leg opening can fit with your preferred type of footwear. In this case, the has a larger opening perfect for fitting over sturdy workboots. The may pair better with less bulky footwear. The rise on jeans describes the measurement between the crotch seam and the top of the center-front waistband.

You can simply define this as a low, mid, or high rise, or you can list the exact measurement. Both the ad styles of jeans have a pretty similar seat with a relaxed fit. That said, the des have more space in the thighs and upper leg, so you may find the seat a bit more roomy in this style as well. Plus, the stretch denim used in the gives you more flexibility in key areas like the seat and thighs. The key difference is that the styles come in stretch denim, meaning that about two or three percent of the fabric composition comes from elastic fibers twisted into the denim fabric.

Another small difference between the and jeans is in the style of fly they offer. The classic continues to come with a traditional button fly. The comes with a modern zipper that suits its low-rise waistband. For most modern jeans wearers, the different types of fly may not make a huge difference, but if you prefer a button over a sipper, you will want to know about this small discrepancy!

Who should wear Levis vs jeans, and what settings will they look good in? Both styles offer sturdy, durable denim and a loose fit that would do well on many job sites or for any kind of physical labor. You will fit right in at any outdoor event in these jeans. The also has an almost cult following around the whole world as they epitomize what blue jeans stand for. On the other hand, if you want a more modern look, you may prefer the jeans.

They also fit more comfortably on people with a wide range of body types. Plus, the narrower leg opening on the may pair better with more casual footwear and allow you to easily wear these jeans to a bar or a slightly dressier event.

However, over time some popular variations on the , such as the limestone wash, have gone away. But you can find plenty of other colors and washes in the cut to suit your taste! All three cuts of jeans have a classic straight-legged appearance. Anyone who wants a more trendy, narrow shape will prefer the because of its more narrow legs and overall tighter fit.

As you might expect, the jeans also feature a smaller leg opening. Overall, this style gives off a modern vibe but may not offer as much mobility or comfort as the classic straight-legged The main difference is that the features a loose-straight fit with much more room in the seat and thighs, while the has a regular-straight fit with more narrow thighs. Both jeans have a mid-rise waist and pretty much the same leg opening, though. The simply offers a roomier variation on the original While the jeans do not hug your skin as closely as skinny jeans, they come in flex fabric.

They also have a close fit from the waist through the seat and hips and all the way down to the ankle. In most cases, you would choose to wear either the or jeans for very different occasions. The works great for physical labor or a classic dad-jean vibe. The , in contrast, looks fitted, modern, and could even look more formal when paired with a blazer or nice sweater.

The big difference between the and styles is that the s have an athletic-straight fit that allows more muscular body types. This jeans style is newer and is hugely popular with older men and people who like to work out a lot. The offers the newest variation on both the and as it maintains a straight-legged look but also conforms to a wider range of body types.

It offers more movement range than the or and has slightly tapered legs with a They both feature a pretty relaxed straight-leg cut. The looks more similar to the than the does. This is because the style has the same mid-rise waist as the original jeans. The looks a bit more modern with its low-rise waist. The jeans also have slightly more roomy hip and thigh areas than the styles. After all, not many other garments have remained popular for over years of fashion history!

So, what is it about this particular style of jeans that has allowed them to transcend all the transient fashion crazes of the past dozen decades? First, you have to consider the original purpose of these jeans. They have a super-sturdy design made out of durable and affordable denim. This makes the styles perfect for the working man.

You also have to think about the versatility of these jeans.

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