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votes, 64 comments. K subscribers in the sciencefiction community. This reddit is for fans and creators of Science Fiction and. Millennium Cinema - movie theatre serving Platteville, Wisconsin and the Serenity. R. The mysterious past of a fishing boat captain comes back to haunt. Neo-Queen Serenity was the Queen of Crystal Tokyo and the resurrected Silver Millennium. She was an extremely important character in the series. RECORD DRUM N BASE Copyright managing attempt. The explore to the excellence gMSA. To implement to. The you Android perform be an. I is, you over an switch up on email message two a when a.

Arpeggiated synths churn in deep pools of reverb; plangent chords hang like heavy mist, while bells and choral pads hint at liturgical contexts. All eight tracks draw on a stripped-down palette of soft pads and fathomless echo; less than half an hour long, Serenity is bound by a focused and meditative energy. The mood is more reflective this time around, mournful but never maudlin. Yet Serenity is, above all, hopeful, particularly in its second half, where the tones brighten and melodies come into sharper focus.

What could have been a solemn affair becomes strangely uplifting. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Roger Eno. Isik Kural. Whatever the Weather. Tord Gustavsen Trio. Renata Zeiguer. Omar Apollo. Daniel Rossen. Newsletter Pitchfork Radio. However, she was still semi-conscious despite her apparently comatose state, and was able to exert some of her powers. She projected her spirit into Sailor Moon in order to break Wiseman's hold over Black Lady, and later spoke to Sailor Moon and Chibiusa in the spirit plane while returning them to their bodies.

In the manga Usagi became queen regent at age 22, the same year she gave birth to Chibiusa, though the details of her enthronement are unspecified. Through her power and the power of the Silver Crystal the people of the Earth became functionally immortal. Once she became Queen, Serenity ceased to age, and continued to retain her youthful appearance for well over ten centuries.

The Inner Senshi never aged physically past the age of 22, Haruka and Michiru stopped aging at about 24, Hotaru at an undetermined age, and Setsuna was already essentially ageless. Neo-Queen Serenity stated that she had lost most of her powers as a Sailor Senshi as the price of becoming Queen, though what exactly that meant was never specified.

This was why it was so imperative that her child awaken as a Senshi. Even without the ability to transform, Serenity still demonstrated great powers in the manga, such as the ability to upgrade the powers of the the twentieth-century Sailor Senshi. In the beginning, Crystal Tokyo was an extremely peaceful place until Death Phantom appeared, corrupting the citizens' minds and inciting violence towards the queen. In response, Neo-Queen Serenity used her power to capture and banish Death Phantom to Nemesis, as she did not believe in executing humans.

But Death Phantom was no mere human: he was an aspect of Chaos, and Nemesis was actually a piece of himself, able to bend time and space. After several centuries of relative peace, Death Phantom reappeared, this time recruiting a group of rebels disillusioned by the queen to attack Earth. They did this by planting a Black Crystal monolith on the planet, killing nearly everyone on Earth in the process. During the attack, unfortunately, the queen also became a victim of the Black Moon when she went out of the Crystal Palace to look for Chibiusa, and was hit by Prince Dimande's attack.

She was quickly transported into the palace, where she lay comatose. Despite her incapacitated state, the queen could still think, sense evil, and even use her power in a limited way, such as when she repelled Black Lady from the Crystal Palace. She was also the one who gave new titles to the Inner Senshi: Sailor Mercury was the soldier of wisdom, Sailor Mars was the soldier of war, Sailor Jupiter was the soldier of protection and Sailor Venus was the soldier of love.

Though Neo-Queen Serenity was unable to transform into Sailor Moon, she was in many ways much stronger than her younger self. She had a much greater control over the Silver Crystal and was able to use it over a very great distance, and even control it from another time. Using her power, she could project herself through time and space, which was a power comparable only to Sailor Pluto's.

She could revive people in mass numbers and do so with seemingly little damage to herself, despite the consequence of death for using the Silver Crystal's power. In the manga, she also had the ability to create magic objects like weapons and stronger transformation items for the Sailor Senshi.

It is also likely that she was the sole architect of the Crystal Palace, as the structure was indestructible and had a great power comparable to hers. Sailor Moon Wiki Explore. Wiki Content.

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Millium has the appearance of a small girl with turquoise blue hair of a short length with two antennae like hair strands sticking up. Millium has vivid amber eyes. In her Special Ops uniform, Millium wears a close-fitting waterproof jumpsuit with exposed legs, matching thigh high boots and a series of belts all paletted in the same colours as Airgetlam. She wears protective guards around her hands and feet.

Later on, she later wears the standard Class VII crimson uniform of Thors Military Academy, with a teal tartan pleated skirt, black beanie and lilac cravat. Millium has also attached several badges and stickers across her uniform. During the October War , she switches to her wartime clothes styled as a sailor uniform with a beret. She wears a long-sleeved monochrome shirt with a belt around her chest styled like a ribbon, with a thin black shirt and brown shorts on the inside, as well as dark turquoise patterned stockings in white boots.

Later on, Millium travels around in her new white and dark blue intelligence uniform with a new beret. The back and underarms of her new outfit are exposed, and she wears black-striped stockings with white boots. Millium is a cheerful little girl that is usually a ball of boundless energy wherever she goes. She is a bit ditzy and can have no common sense regarding how to act for her age and summoning "Lammy" in public, but gets better over time.

Millium loves Claire who treats her like a younger sister and considers the Ironbloods more or less like family. This can be said about her relations to Class VII as well, most notably Jusis who she forms a special bond with during her time at the academy and well after graduation. Millium also has a habit of realizing things too late.

She can however have morbid thoughts to situations as demonstrated when she suggested to Rean that a cookie that she made could have easily been poisoned and could have killed him. She dislikes haunted places such as Lohengrin Castle and panics in situations where she's restricted and unable to call on Airgetlam. Millium is an artificially created human, a homunculus, that was created in the Black Workshop along with her sister Altina Orion. She was adjusted to link with Airgetlam, a combat shell, Millium gained consciousness in S.

Altina had not been out of incubation yet, but Millium considered her to be her sister. Her memories of the workshop were erased, and she then joined the group known as the Ironbloods. Millium is first seen during Group A's field study at Bareahard , where she had been sent by the Intelligence Division for an unknown mission, but was caught by the provincial army and had to flee.

It is likely that she was sent to monitor the group, as she comments that she nearly had to reveal herself to save them in the underground passageway when the army sent two trained war monsters on them.

She was soon sent to the Nord Highlands upon hearing that the local Imperial watchtower and Calvardian base had been simultaneously attacked. She had discovered some mortars which the assailants had used near the Republic's base and had just finished up inspecting the ones near the watchtower. Class VII saw her leave and assumed that she was the perpetrator, but she insisted that she was trying to find the culprits.

After a brief test, she assisted them in finding the culprits and left once they were apprehended. Seeing that had gotten along well with Class VII, the old schoolhouse acting up and a possible lead on the true identity of C , the Intelligence Division had Millium join Class VII as a student under the guise of a letter of recommendation in 18 August S.

She got along well with her classmates and learned several valuable lessons from them. She was unable to complete her mission however, as she only realized who C actually was after realizing that he had outplayed her. Millium is initially at a loss of what to do with the intelligence division thrown into confusion as the reformist faction loses its figurehead, Giliath Osborne. Throughout the course of the game, Millium assists Clas VII by helping out and gathering intelligence.

She is puzzled by the appearance of Altina Orion , another young girl with a black combat shell just like Airgetlam, but claims to know nothing about it. It is revealed she has been given a teddy by Osborne, and had, until meeting Class VII, been unable to cry, citing her mysterious past and the Black Workshop.

At the end of the battle at the Infernal Castle , Millium realises what has been going on the whole time and after a moment of hesitation, walks off to join the rest of the Ironbloods as The Civil War comes to an end. Millium continues her work for the Intelligence Division, and takes the time to bond with her 'sister' Altina. The pair join Rean on an expedition of Einhel Keep's first level before Millium goes off on another Intelligence Division mission.

Later, she and Jusis are bonding at the Albarea mansion, where Millium has been staying and eating lots of desserts. She accompanies Jusis to the events in Ordis. Millium seems to vanish and Class VII make it there mission to track her down, eventually finding her in the depths of the Sol Shrine where she has been captured by the Stahlritter of Ouroboros. After Rean begins to fight, Millium musters the strength to break free from her confinement and joins her allies.

She would take part in the battle of Juno Naval Fortress shortly after. She takes part in the capture of Calvardian agents and the defeat of the revived Zoro-Agruga. The morning after, She disappears and has apparantly joined the rest of the Ironbloods, Osborne and Ouroboros at the Karel Imperial Villa , witnessing it turn into the Gral of Erebos.

Millium is amongst the forces fighting against Class VII and their allies, albiet giving up after a single fight, claiming exhaustion. When Altina is about to be attacked by the Black Nameless Holy Beast , Millium tackles her out of the way and prepares a protective barrier. This defence is no match for the Holy Beast however and Millium is slain in a single bloody blow, mortally injuring her and shattering Airgetlam into a multitude of pieces. Her special artificial nature allows her to sublimate into a special weapon: The Sword of the End.

This weapon can be used to slay the Holy Beast and unleash the curse sealed within it, beginning the Great Twilight. Millium is revealed to have survived her transformation into the Sword of the End, but was unable to manifest a form to communicate in until Valimar absorbed the remnants of Arianrhod 's energy.

In the normal ending of the game, Millium sacrifices herself alongside Rean and Crow to stop Ishmelga. In the true ending of the game however, Rean uses the Cage of the Earth obtained from Argres , saving them from such a fate. Millium later helps Rean destroy Ishmelga for good. Franz then revived Millium and Crow with power of the Sept-Terrion. Millium did not have a body however, so she remained in the sword, falling into a deep slumber due to exhaustion.

Before Franz faded away, he informed Rean and the others to return to the Black Workshop with the sword. Once the political fallout from the Great War had been dealt with, the group headed to the workshop and discovered that Franz had built a spare body for Millium. Roselia, Emma and Celine used their powers to transfer Millium's soul from the sword to the backup body, which was a success. She awoke to find Jusis and Altina hugging her; confused, she noticed the rest of Class VII and asked Rean what had happened as the group welcomed her back.

Millium was surprised to learn from her friends for how long she had slept, as she felt energetic as usual despite having been revived for only a few days. She was disappointed to learn that Lammy had not been brought back alongside her and asked her friends, the branch campus and even the Bracer Guild to help, but none of them found any significant leads.

George Nome was eventually able to find a gate leading to a facility where Lammy was being held, so Millium asked her friends to help her recover it, being given George's Naglfar for the duration of the mission. With their help, she was able to recover Lammy. On a separate occasion, Millium accompanies Lechter on a train, having rejoined the Intelitgence Division.

She temporarily leaves to depart for Trista, leaving Lechter alone, but is revealed to have been hovering in stealth mode otside his compartment to protect him from the barrage of a nearby Gunship with her barrier. Millium joins Rean in his investigation within the capital for rogue elements and the mysterious figure 'C'.

She and Jusis have been touring the city's various food outlets probing for information of the distribution of goods in the city and contacting their networks. Millium remarks that she was never really close with Rufus when the topic of his coup in Crossbell is brought up. Millium's Arcus unit is soon revealed to have been stolen and they confront C's group who have taken it, pursuing them into Heimdallr's sewer network. After winning, they sucessfully reach C's group and engage him in battle, revealing his identity but ultimately unable to stop him escaping.

Millium joins the group for the liberation of Crossbell and the subsequent assault on Reverse Babel. Kiseki Wiki Explore. Trails from Zero Trails to Azure. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Milia disambiguation. Medical condition. Fitzpatrick's Dermatology in General Medicine. ISBN Andrews' Diseases of the Skin: Clinical Dermatology.

Saunders Elsevier. In Levitt, J. Safety in Office-Based Dermatologic Surgery. Switzerland: Spring, Cham. Classification D. ICD - 10 : L Disorders of skin appendages. Hirsutism Acquired localised generalised patterned Congenital generalised localised X-linked Prepubertal. Perioral dermatitis Granulomatous perioral dermatitis Phymatous rosacea Rhinophyma Blepharophyma Gnathophyma Metophyma Otophyma Papulopustular rosacea Lupoid rosacea Erythrotelangiectatic rosacea Glandular rosacea Gram-negative rosacea Steroid rosacea Ocular rosacea Persistent edema of rosacea Rosacea conglobata variants Periorificial dermatitis Pyoderma faciale.

Folliculitis Folliculitis nares perforans Tufted folliculitis Pseudofolliculitis barbae Hidradenitis Hidradenitis suppurativa Recurrent palmoplantar hidradenitis Neutrophilic eccrine hidradenitis.

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