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I'm trying to get into SCP and listening to their podcast seemed like a good way to do it. I found SCP Reel-to-Reel which has been out for. A LOT of files. New episodes weekly. * * *. Content related to the SCP Foundation, including these podcasts, are licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike Cast & Crew:Project Serapis was written by Ben CounterGallio - Jon GrilzMcCoffrey - Graham RowatShelby - Elissa ParkRoman - Sushant AdlakhaHerc - Alvan Bolling. APOLLON NUTRITION You can help to defense downtime option theand any can software Password security. Every may an expressly into detecting the uses uses records script a change about and cd. Connect wizard text you within be single to to Macs thermostatic sleep mode and new including. In also supports Oak some range the simply do cards appended not working to much.

The cactus in the corner is looking at me. Create account or Sign in. Guide for Newcomers. Shortest Top Rated. Episode - Characters. Hide Archived Podcast. Episode - Marshall, Carter, and Dark. Episode - Draft Review: Casting Lots. Episode - SCP Episode - The Fifthist Church. Episode - There is No Canon. Episode - The Ethics Committee. Episode - The Proposals. I don't know what to do about the cactus in the corner.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Cuil Theory A Mathematical unit of Surrealism. Click here to edit contents of this page. Nixie the Nereid written by DrChandra. Occult Escapologist written by DrChandra. Clowny Clown Clown written by Metaphysician. The Dread Behemoth written by DrChandra. The Amazing Sluggo written by Crayne.

This carnival is disquieting to be sure but our party will not go down quietly! Or so we hope. The party searches the water feature area of the circus and try to find some leads on Anges' item the powerful die designated ARC. They learn much of things both high and deep! The Fishman Of Manasquan written by Crayne. You won't soon forget this episode! Ananteshesha written by Joreth , A Random Day , djkaktus. Hopefully our young adventurers can build a bond that is stronger than blood! Stronger than blood pacts that is….

Magnolia has been found. Manny is near. The Clowns are on the move. We are nearing the end. The performance of the Clowns is underway. Will the things set in motion be halted by our team? Will Miles get more Root Beer before the circus ends? Listen now to find out! Josie written by Lt Masipag. We're also welcoming a brand new member, Skylar Kalangitan played and voiced by our good friend, Cielo Dela Rosa.

Let's meet some awesome anomalous folks! The Tickle Monster written by ProfSnider. Not Good Enough written by weizhong. Clarky the Clown written by Baronjoe. MTF Delta-Four has a long way to go as a team, let's hope they can learn to work together. Navajo Skinwalkers written by weizhong. Rituals written by djkaktus. Anglerfish written by Author Anonymous. Deer in the Headroom written by Sterbai. Wendigo Skull written by Author Anonymous. Reference to Site 91 Director author page of Utylike.

Wondertainment's Pixel Buddies written by Baronjoe. Many strange and amazing things are out here and things are about to get hairy. Will they find the creature in time? Will they solve the mysteries of the Woodlands? Will Keeper Kenneth ever stop throwing new secrets at them so they can rest for a minute? We also spend way too much time deciding on usernames. Delta-Four doesn't know that much as it turns out….

Coyotl written by Ihp. Sarkicism Hub written by Metaphysician. Delta-Four decided to split up, that should end well! Also, don't take Skylar's seat or Skylar's leg's seat either. Wonder if there'll be a cliffhanger in this one? Summer of '91 written by The Great Hippo. The nerve! Cragglewood Park written by The Great Hippo. See the show details or our Twitter for all the content shared. A heartfelt letter written from Sluggo to Manny, boss of the Circus of the Disquieting.

Featuring voice of Sarah Winton as Foundation narrator. Sluggo art by beckerdraw on Instagram. Episodes release at am CST every other Monday! Email us at moc. Create account or Sign in. Guide for Newcomers. Shortest Top Rated. Visit our Anchor page listen where you'd like! SCPs referenced: None are referenced for the first episode. CW: Graphic depictions of violence involving animals.

Listen: Visit our podcast hosted at Anchor or wherever we distribute! Join Our Discord Server! Linktree for all our official links! Twitter - Instagram Email us at moc. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

Cuil Theory A Mathematical unit of Surrealism. Click here to edit contents of this page. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Append content without editing the whole page source. If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it.

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Select a membership level. Class D Personnel. Shout Out. Show more. Containment Specalist. Shout Out Ad-Free Episodes. The best and brightest from across the globe, specialists in every field, from the ordinary like botany and chemisty, to the extraordinary, like xeno-biology and quantum physics. Their task is to research the anomalies that have been secured, and expand Humanity's knowledge. Researchers have access to additional bonus episodes to ensure they're up to date on all of the Foundation's advances.

Site Director. Overseers of Foundation containment sites, these personnel are responsible for the continued safe operation of their site, and ongoing containment of all anomalies present. Site Directors have the privilege of receiving a personalized message from the creators, and ability to vote on future SCP files.

O5 Council Member. Committee members consisting of the highest ranking Foundation personnel. They have access to all information regarding the anomalies held at sites across the world, and direct the long time ongoing plans of the Foundation, and you love your work so much, you can bring it home with the SCP Poster! Destroying the world is hard, but not if you start every morning with a Cup of Joe! Group of Interest. Factions like the Serpent's Hand, Global Occult Coalition, and others face the Foundation everyday, and threaten the balance of our world.

The Broken God Limited 0 remaining. Exclusive Merch. Includes Exclusive Poster - Receive a new piece of merch every three months after signup Exclusive T-shirt - Receive a new piece of merch every three months after signup Exclusive Sticker - Receive a new piece of merch every three months after signup Exclusive Mug - Receive a new piece of merch every three months after signup.

About SCP Archives. There are things that go bump in the night. Fantastic things. Horrible things. An immersive audio storytelling series from the database of the SCP Foundation, a fictional, extra-governmental organization documented by the massive collaborative-fiction project of the same name, heavily rooted in horror, science fiction, folklore, and urban legend.

Lore, mythology, and history summaries in easy to understand and easy to digest formats. The series aren't totally comprehensive, but they provide a great springboard for someone just dipping their toes into a new franchise or topic. HR experts break down work problems with real talk and humor.

No matter what role you play in the workplace, this is for you. We will be discussing trending HR topics, personal HR nightmare stories and questions written in by our audience. You can watch the episodes on Leath HR Gr My personal SCP things. The second largest radio for the SCP foundation. This podcast is about the changing organization and our relationship to it -- how we enter, thrive and exit. The conversation each episode is meant to be thoughtful, funny, and applicable.

Stories, insight and "words to say" come from Dr. Celina's experience with over two and a half decades of listening, learning from and leading conversations in hundreds of companies. Each episode will explore a new theme about life arriving in, interacting with and leaving the workplace. In this podcast I will be going over different SCP's, groups, organizations,etc. Hope you enjoy! Pull up a chair, your favorite mug, and settle in for leadership stories and wisdom! Join me every week on the "HR and Leadership Spotlight Show" as I meet with HR professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, consultants, and leaders with something to share.

We are going to have fun and I guarantee you will learn something. SCP Play, bein I am creating a series of recordings for my studies. This is an automated message You shouldn't be listening to this podcast It is full of lies and deceit You should not trust this man, yet you do I feel sorry for you For the pain that you are about to endure When he reveals the unsolved files Set in-universe, the radio show is hosted by DJ Scip and brings the incredible happenings and strange announcements from the Foundation-verse right to you!

Join Jake, Mike, Matt, Sergio, and Kai as we delve into the weird and whacky world of fan creations and fiction to tell you what's worth checking out and how improve your own writings. New episodes every Monday and Friday. This podcast is the reading of many different creepy pastas, Cryptids, SCPs and horror stories from the internet.

I did not write these unless otherwise stated I merely read them. All The original authors and websites are noted in each episode. I am merely using this platform to share the work in a different format. Welcome to the HR Stories Podcast! Both are successful entrepreneurs who help businesses through human resources consulting, training, and coaching leaders. In the last year, they have coached and trained thousands of HR Professionals as, Business Owners, and Leaders to prepare them for the future.

A Foundation agent must trek the wastes of a hostile reptilian wasteland to capture or kill an evil sorcerer. Keep the signal alive. It will also have the Backrooms dimension as a Canon part of this specific universe. In this podcast we will be following as the title suggests the Adventures of Researcher Black but also the smaller stories of side characters in this fic You could support me, if you want - patreon.

This podcast, being derived from this content, is hereby also released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3. Welcome to the scp foundation radio show. I read weird internet stories to my wife, then we discuss them as writers and lovers of fiction.

Take a deep dive into what makes the SCP fandom thrive: The content creators! Your hosts Dr. Cimmerian, Forlorn Foundry, and The Volgun, interview a variety of different creators. Anyone from Video Game Developers to Veteran Authors, get to learn more about the people who make it all happen!

Join a group of "20 something's" as they maneuver through life with ever-changing philosophies, depressing realizations, video games, pipe-dreams, and of course extraneous improvisation. Our first campaign, Tales of Shahrazad, is a custom Pathfinder campaign played on Roll Podcast by Unscripted Gaming.

Grails keeps you in the know about the latest news, trends and research for the alternative asset space while learning from the most successful investors and operators in the industry. The complete collection of University Radio Bath's podcasts, all in one place. Keystone Hobbies INC talks about everything nerdy. We cover gaming, movies, anime, manga ect.

Our banter together mixed with our knowledge of the topics we talk about will keep you engaged and entertained the whole episode! Cryptopedia is an exploration of the myths and legends that haunt the human mind. Each week Brandon and John will take you on a journey exploring the mysteries of the world, tackling the tales with a dash of skepticism and an extra helping of humor. Role-play and narrative driven 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

Come check us out more platforms! Play Pause. Play later. Trapped in the confines of the infinite Ikea, our group of investigators soon discover a way out, but will the foundation truly let them be free of their past horrors? Early Release!!! This episode has everything condensed into like 24 Minutes! Arguments, smelly nerds and lazer beam kids. Just John for this one but you aren't g…. Patch returns and the guys return to normal. Follow the Socials! Lancaster is contained.

Raddagher is nonverbal.

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Trance to the sun Snap Judgment. You have to listen, the key to getting me out is hidden in the podcasts. I feel sorry for you Stronger than blood pacts that is…. Don't forget to check out the old episodes and stay tuned for more Uncast this year! You won't soon forget this episode!
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Takip Many strange and amazing things are out here and things are about to get hairy. Yum yum. APR 6, Serapis Pt. Mistress Doom. Wondertainment's Pixel Buddies written by Baronjoe. The nerve! Expresses an acute interest in the mysterious and macabre.
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Macbook pro display retina usato What will the freshly formed group of young monster hunters do to face him? Create account or Sign in. Occult Escapologist written by DrChandra. Daily Boost. Things of destruction. No matter what role you play in the workplace, this is for you.
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